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México: H. Basilio Rueda, 1924-1996

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21 enero

Santos: Inés, Epifanio
1952, primera fundación marista en Rwanda
1996, muerte del hermano Basilio Rueda, noveno Superior general del Instituto, en Guadalajara (México)

Calendario marista - enero

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Comunidades Internacionales para un Nuevo Comienzo

Europe has two communities governed by Conferencia Europea Marista (CEM) The first is located in Siracusa, Sicily where Br Onorino Rota (Italy), Gabriel Bernardo da Silva (Brazil), Mario Araya (Chile) and Br Ricky Gomez (Venezuela) are all present and working with refugees, mainly from West African countries, who are unaccompanied minors. The second community is in Moinesti, Romania and two members, Br Mario Meuti (Italy) and Br Barsén García (Spain/Peru) are already in residence. A married couple Nanci Prochnow and Francisco Decezaro (Brazil) will join them as soon as their visas are approved.

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