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Italia: Curso para la tercera edad en Manziana

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18 octubre

Santos: Lucas, evangelista, Justo, Lucio

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LaValla200> Asia


Comunidades Internacionales para un Nuevo Comienzo

The vision for Lavalla200> communities called for global availability in every continent, so the Marist movement to Asia was seen as a continuation of the Mission ad Gentes (now Marist District of Asia) initiative started about ten years ago. Br Réal Sauvageau (Canada) has been appointed to the Novitiate in Sri Lanka. Br Larry Lavallee (USA) is in the Postulancy in Davao, Philippines. In Cambodia we find Br John Nyuydine (Cameroon) in Sean Monourom and Br Ricardo Piña (Mexico) in Pailin. Aldo Farias (Brazil) and Laura Miño (Bolivia) are elsewhere in Asia.

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