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The semiology of the logo

The symbolism of the logo alludes to the idea proposed by the sloganNew Hearts for a New World.  With this expression, an attempt is made to associate the heart and the world integrated in single entity.

The encircling form of a heart contains in its interior several hearts, a rising sun and the form of an M (Mary, Marcellin, Marist, mission …).  The color green, in addition to blending with the terrestrial globe, makes an allusion to the bicentenary of the foundation of the Marist Institute (2017) that is glimpsed on the horizon of history.  The blue line, a color associated with the Institute, refers to the Marist presence in the world at the same time it suggests new horizons for the life of the Institute.

The harmonious integration of the logo and the slogan evokes the dynamic of the XXI General Chapter.

Choices made for technical reasons:
The Design

The logo’s design is worked up from the lines that depict a heart, across which run two lines.  One is a curved line, the other horizontal, the lines contrasting in color with the red lines.  Alpha colors and shading were chosen for the place where the horizontal line intersects the heart.

Type faces
The choice was made for two varieties of the group called  Suns: a bold face (SunSans-Heavy) for the motto, and a normal face (SunSans-Regular) for the Chapter number.  The Suns group answers to the type face sans serif which is of a simple and sober character.
Color Choices

XXILinked with the history of the Marist Brothers, the color blue represents the actuality of the Institute and its ongoing dynamism.

XXIThis color reminds us of the human heart, and, at the same time brings with it fresh thoughts of the International Assembly on Marist Mission.

XXIYellow suggests the rising sun which warms the heart as it confronts present day realities.

XXIThis color provokes thoughts of the horizon.  The use of sky blue with “alpha” aims at bringing out more clearly the form of the “M” standing for Marist Brothers.

XXIAn invitation to hope, suggesting a new way of looking at the world, as well as the ecolo-gical dimension so necessary for the continuance of the planet.

Color Chart
Using the logo
Cutting back on the logo’s colors is not advisable.  Better either to use all the colors or black and white.  Otherwise various visual aspects of the design risk being taken out of context.
The printing process CMYK
with screen for separating the
colors or for electronic editing.

The printing process requires colors either
exact or full (serigraph, block print)

Printing in black and white
In choosing from the color chart,
give preference to light colors
Model to be applied against black
backgrounds or preferably darkish ones.
Applying in negatives.

The logo has not been framed with complementary elements such as charts or circles, etc.




The logo contains a non-interference section with other aspects of the design, thus giving it readability and visibility.   This section of the design is not limited by the module X which represents the height of the letter “S”, which can vary according to predetermined proportions.  Thus, one may not introduce other graphic components within the space.

The maximal shrinking of the logo has a limit, beyond which neither readability nor visibility is assured.  The two qualities are in function of the quality of the print and the quality of the paper being used.  The references are given in function of the height of the logo while respecting its proportions.

For printing in seriograph,
photocopy of fax.

Printing with laser or offset.