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21/05/2019: Canada
- Discernment process on the future of the Marist charism in Canada
(FMS Champagnat) With the object of discerning the future of the presence of the Marist charism in Canada, the Marist Province of Canada, the Association of Lay Marists of Canada and the General Government have convoked a Provincial Assembly with the motto "working for life".
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21/05/2019: Lebanon
Re-launch of the European project of Communities on the Net - The European team of Brothers Today meet in Champville
(FMS Champagnat) One of the objectives of this third meeting was to evaluate the course and to revise and formalise the way forward in the triennium 2019-2022, for the animation of the life of the Brothers through formation.
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20/05/2019: General House
Innovation and renewal in education and evangelisation - International NETWORK of Marist Schools
(FMS Champagnat) The first meeting of the Ad Hoc taskforce for launching the project of setting up an International Network of Marist Schools concluded on 10th May at the General House in Rome.
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20/05/2019: General House
20 May - Congratulations, Champagnat!
(FMS Champagnat) Marcellin Champagnat, the ninth of ten children, was born in the hamlet of Le Rosey, France on May 20th, 1789. On this day, we share a text from Brother Manoel Soares, a missionary in Timor Leste.
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19/05/2019: Italy
Silent heroes responding to emerging needs - Marist College of Rome, San Leone Magno,
(FMS Champagnat) On May 14th 2019, the plaque was unveiled identifying the Institute of San Leone Magno as a "House of Life", a tribute from the International Foundation of Raoul Wallenberg.
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18/05/2019: Italy
Towards integration: Photo and documentary exhibition - Lavalla200> community of Syracuse, Sicily
(FMS Champagnat) The International Community Lavalla200> of Syracuse, in Italy, organizes a photographic and documentary exhibition, from May 10 to June 15, called “Towards Integration”.
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17/05/2019: Philippines
Charting Formation Path Towards a “New Beginning” - Formation of Lay Animators
(FMS Champagnat) On May 12-13, 2019, twenty-two lay leaders from the different communities in the Philippine, Province East Asia, gathered at the Mission Center in General Santos City to experience a formation journey that rekindled passion for Marist Lay Life.
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16/05/2019: Italy
Mediterranean Province - Syracuse: encounter of elder brothers
(FMS Champagnat) Twenty-six Brothers over 70 years old have participated to an encounter organized by the Mediterranean ProvinceWe were coming from Spain, Italy and Lebanon. From 2 to 7 May, we have met at Syracuse, in the Italian island of Sicily.
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15/05/2019: Brazil
UMBRASIL promotes the rights of children - Forum of Child Education
(FMS Champagnat) On May 9 the Forum for Child Education was held, being carried out in virtual form and it was directed at the professionals of Child Education for the whole of Marist Brazil. The topic was the rights of the children.
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15/05/2019: Spain
Being a lay Marist in Compostela - Meeting of formators of itineraries concerning Marist Spirituality
(FMS Champagnat) 21 formators of itineraries concerning Marist Spirituality (IDEM), from the Province of Compostela, gathered in Roxos, from the 25th to the 27th of April. The meeting had as its objective a reflection on the mission, fraternity and spirituality.
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14/05/2019: Philippines
“Do Whatever He Tells You” - East Asia Province holds 5th Provincial Chapter
(FMS Champagnat) “Do Whatever He Tells You: Responding Boldly to Emerging Needs as a Global Family in this New Beginning” was the theme of the 5th Provincial Chapter of the East Asia Province held at the newly inaugurated Marist Asia Spirituality Center at Lake Sebu, South Cotabato on April 24-28, 2019.
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13/05/2019: Guatemala
New steps in Mission – education and evangelisation - The 6 Marist Provinces of the Arco Norte Region meet in Guatemala
(FMS Champagnat) From 29 April to 2 May, a meeting was held in Guatemala City on new steps in mission regarding education and evangelisation.
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13/05/2019: Romania
15 years of presence and mission in Bucharest - The Saint Marcellin Champagnat Centre welcomes children at risk of abandonment and social exclusion
(FMS Champagnat) On the 29th of April, the Marist Brothers of Bucharest celebrated 15 years of their presence there, where they work to protect children who have been separated from their parents by the tribunal for safeguarding children, either for a short time or long-term.
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12/05/2019: Brazil
May 18 - Maristas de Brasil promueven campañas contra la explotación de los niños y adolescentes
(FMS Champagnat) Marist institutions in Brazil have been promoting activities and conferences to combat the sexual exploitation of children and adolescents since mid-May, on the occasion of the "National Day to Combat Abuse and Sexual Exploration of Children and Young People", which is celebrated on 18 May in Brazil.
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12/05/2019: Brazil
Brothers of the South America Region Gather in Florianópolis - Over five days, 45 Brothers participated in discussions on spirituality, vocation and the regional mission
(FMS Champagnat) Between April 28 and May 2, the Regional Encounter of 45 Brothers between the ages of 46 and 60 from the five provinces of the Region was held at the Champagnat Retreat House in Florianópolis, Brazil.
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11/05/2019: Chile
The Marists from Chile and Central Mexico took part in the Forum - Economic commission for Latin America and the Caribbean
(FMS Champagnat) Two representatives of the Marists from Chile and Central Mexico took part in the Forum of the Provinces of Latin America and the Caribbean, on the sustainable development that was carried out on April 24 in the headquarters of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (CEPAL) in Santiago, Chile.
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10/05/2019: Guatemala
Meeting of the different communities of Brothers - Commemoration of the XXVIII anniversary of the murder of Bro. Moses Cisneros
(FMS Champagnat) The Marist Brothers from the different communities of Guatemala held a meeting of communities on Sunday April 28, in the Marist College of Chinautla, in Guatemala.
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10/05/2019: General House
Chistian de Chergé and the martyrs of Algeria - A friend of Henri Vergès
(FMS Champagnat) In its pages there are numerous connections with Brother Henri Vergès' writings. Thus we read in his correspondence that he participated in the Ribat-el-Salam, a space of exchange of prayer between Christians and Muslims. Henri himself assumed the responsibility of publishing in El Ribat what was experienced in the meetings of this group.
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10/05/2019: Germany
“Beacon of hope” - Chapter of West-Central Europe Province
(FMS Champagnat) The 7th Provincial Chapter of the West-Central Europe Province took place in Freising, Germany, from 23rd to 26th April. From all parts of the Province – Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands and Great Britain – there we 15 brothers and 12 lay Marists.
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09/05/2019: France
The martyrs are now watching over Algeria - Community of Saint-Paul-Trois-Châteaux celebrates the memory of Bro Henri Vergès
(FMS Champagnat) The brothers of the Community of Saint Paul-Trois-Châteaux of the province of l'Hermitage celebrated on May 8, the 1st Mass in honour of Henri and the other 18 martyrs of Algeria, in Saint Paul-3-Châteaux.
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09/05/2019: General House
Children rights: following the ideals of Marcellin Champagnat - The fight against the physical and psychological abuse of children
(FMS Champagnat) After three years as a joint working group, the end of 2019 will see the first part of the agreement between FMSI, the Papal Catholic University of Paraná (PUC PR) and OEA (the body specializing in childhood for the American Organization of States - OEA) whose objective is to fight child violence.
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08/05/2019: El Salvador
To be attentive to the situations that harm the rights of the children - Marists of Champagnat meet in the house of The Hermitage
(FMS Champagnat) On 27th of April The Brothers and lay Marists of El Salvador took part in a shared community meeting carried out in the house The Hermitage of San Salvador. The meeting had as its objective the sharing of knowledge of the presence of the Brothers and lay Marists among the Salvadoran children and youths who live in situations of vulnerability.
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08/05/2019: General House
May 8 - Liturgical feast of the martyrs of Algeria - Anniversary of the death of Henri Vergès
(FMS Champagnat) Today, May 8, the Church celebrates for the first time the liturgical feast of the martyrs of Algeria. The decree of beatification of Mon. Claverie and 18 of his companions who were martyred, proclaimed during the feast of his beatification - celebrated in Oran on December 8, 2018 -, marks in the universal liturgical calendar on May 8, as the date of the feast of these martyrs. This date coincides with the martyrdom of Brother Henri Vergés, who is part of this group of blessed martyrs.
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07/05/2019: General House
Marist Schools Network Project - The Taskforce meets at the General House
(FMS Champagnat) The Ad Hoc Taskforce appointed to launch the project of an International Marist Schools Network is meeting at the General House from 6 to 10 May.
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07/05/2019: Papua New Guinea
District of Melanesia - Contact visit made by Brothers Ben and Josep María, General Councillors
(FMS Champagnat) From March 29th until April 3rd, 2019, Brothers Ben Consigli and Josep María Soteras, General Councillors, visited the District of Melanesia.
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06/05/2019: Brazil
Rejoice: The Pope’s Message is the Theme of the Directors’ Project - Formation in the Province of Brasil Centro-Sul
(FMS Champagnat) Concluding at the end of Easter Week, the Project had three stages. The first, “Base Camp”, took place in February, with the directors coming together for a day of reflection led by Fathers Joachim Andrade and Vilson Groh.
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04/05/2019: Fiji
Oceania Education Network - Southern Stars Leadership Course
(FMS Champagnat) On Easter Sunday sixteen senior teachers from the Districts of the Pacific and Melanesia gathered at Lomeri. Fiji, for the Southern Stars Leadership Programme designed by the Education Commission of the Oceania Council.
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03/05/2019: Brazil
Marist Union of Brazil - Curriculum Guidelines for Primary Education in Marist colleges
(FMS Champagnat) UMBRASIL has published the Curriculum Guidelines for Basis Education in the colleges of the three Marist Provinces of Brazil: Brazil Centro-Norte, Brazil Centro-Sur and Brazil Sul-Amazonia.
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03/05/2019: Madagascar
Province of Madagascar - Contact Visit of Brothers Oscar and Ken, General Councillors
(FMS Champagnat) Accompanied by Bro. Provincial, Maminiaina Michel, they managed to visit a number of projects and meet several brothers and committed laymen involved in the life and Marist mission of the Province.
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02/05/2019: South Korea
East Asia Province - The Marist Community in Seoul promotes psychological education and assistance
(FMS Champagnat) As part of their ministry in Korea, the brothers of the Seoul community (East Asia Province) enrich their educational efforts by promoting the psychological aspect of their vocational accompaniment of the young brothers. Br. Alfredo Herrera, from one of the two communities in Seoul, reports:
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