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Saint Gregory III, Pope
International Day of Human Rights (UN)
First Marist foundations in Kenya (1984)

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09/12/2019: Cambodia
Building bridges in Takhmao
Opening of the Lavalla Village
07/12/2019: Spain
Community Leaders, Bridge Builders
Formation Program for Community Leaders in Europe
06/12/2019: Spain
“A New Horizon for my Neighbourhood”
Marist social projects celebrate 25 years of work among the poor of Huelva
05/12/2019: Chile
Marist Life in Chile
Faced with a Crisis, Marist Schools Respond
04/12/2019: General House
Coordinators of Province Volunteering
International Network created to promote the Marist Volunteers
03/12/2019: Spain
Looking back the path followed in Marist Zambia
50th anniversary of the Castilla mission in Africa
02/12/2019: Peru
Helping the new “Montagnes” of Fr. Champagnat
Marists promote the construction of schools in the outer suburbs
01/12/2019: Brazil
South America Region
The Regional Communication team met in Puerto Alegre
30/11/2019: Spain
Someone Like You (Alguien Como Tú)
A movie that will help Marists in Spain to promote vocations
29/11/2019: Chile
We share a common dream, that of Marcelin
Encounter Brothers and Laity
27/11/2019: Brazil
Province of Brazil Centro-Norte
Province Policy on Child Protection
26/11/2019: Philippines
Call to form homes that are a beacon of hope in this turbulent world
Asia-Oceania Inter-Region Community Leaders Formation Program
25/11/2019: General House
Appointments of the General Council
Brothers and laity at the service of the Marist charism
24/11/2019: East Timor
Instituto Católico para a Formação de Professores
Saint Marcellin Champagnat in Baucau
23/11/2019: Canada
« Commitment, Fraternity and Life »
Province of Canada Assembly
22/11/2019: General House
United as a Global Charismatic Family
First Gathering of Province Volunteer Coordinators
22/11/2019: Spain
General Design of Marist Formation
Assembly of the Representatives of the Marist Provinces with presence in Spain
21/11/2019: General House
Universal Periodic Review of Bolivia
Marists participate in recommendations on rights addressed to the Bolivian government
21/11/2019: Thailand
Marist District of Asia
Meeting of commission of Marist life and mission
21/11/2019: Syria
The true «peace spring»
Letter from Aleppo No 37
19/11/2019: General House
Project «Stand Up, Speak Up & Act»
Marist Celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child
19/11/2019: El Salvador
Memory and reflection looking to the future
XIV Meeting of Marist Fraternities
18/11/2019: Brazil
The Gaudete Project forms another group of Marist leaders
Brazil Centro-Sul province
18/11/2019: Canada
Marist House of Iberville
Lay Marists Spread Marcellin’s Charism Among Young Adults
16/11/2019: Argentina
A Spirituality with an identity
V Meeting of the Network of Centers of Marist Memory of the Region South America
15/11/2019: Argentina
Province of Cruz del Sur (Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina)
A Marist spirituality project takes its first steps
15/11/2019: General House
Amanecer 2019
The Program of Formation for elderly Brothers ends
14/11/2019: Canada
Working for life
Marists from Canada meet in assembly
14/11/2019: Australia
Commitment to the Environment
“Laudato Si” committee meets to promote the care of our Common Home
14/11/2019: Spain
Marist Europe more united and coordinated
Assembly of Provincial Councils in Valladolid
13/11/2019: Australia
Marist live and mission in Oceania
Oceania Council and College of Leaders Meetings in Brisbane
13/11/2019: Spain
The importance of communication in schools
XVI Marist Educator's Day
12/11/2019: United States
Growing as Arco Norte Region
Regional Assembly of the Provincial Councils
12/11/2019: General House
A blessed time of Sabbath rest
The 2019 English speaking Third Age Course
11/11/2019: Malawi
Responding boldly to the emerging needs
Provincial Chapter of the Province of Southern Africa
10/11/2019: France
Life entirely given as a “prophet of brotherhood”
Commemoration of Br. Henri Vergès, at Matemale
09/11/2019: Italy
International Lavalla200> community of Syracuse
Marist community and the local public administration team up to promote the formation of immigrants
08/11/2019: Brazil
Marist Union of Brazil
The three Provinces of the Country present the activities carried out in 2018
08/11/2019: General House
Brothers Angel Medina Bermúdez and Lindley Halago Sionosa
Appointed New Directors of the Brothers Today Secretariat
07/11/2019: Spain
Enriching Marist internationality
Second week of formation for European leaders
06/11/2019: South Africa
A beacon of hope in Atlantis
Lavalla200> Community Atlantis does activities with women who have experienced domestic violence and their kids
05/11/2019: Mexico
Marist Ministries Rebound from the Ruins
After the earthquake, the Province of Central Mexico describes the reconstruction
05/11/2019: Italy
Boys and girls in the Center of Protection
Presentation of the Book of the Marists, in the Embassy of Spain before the Holy See, on the Protection of Children
04/11/2019: Canada
Responsibility, Transparency and Trust
Meeting of Provincial Bursars from the Arco Norte Region
02/11/2019: General House
Calendar of the General Council and directors of the Secretariats and departments
November - Dicember 2019
01/11/2019: Philippines
Marist Youths in Mission
250 Marist delegates gathered at the national convention
31/10/2019: Guatemala
Being a Christian through Marist life
Oasis in Guatemala
30/10/2019: Vatican
Connection - Optimism - Hope
Brother Joao Gutemburg shares his impressions on the Synod for Amazonia
30/10/2019: Ghana
Marist International Kumasi Novitiate
37 novices in formation to become Marist Brothers
29/10/2019: Portugal
Province of Compostela
Perpetual Profession of Brother Fábio Oliveria
28/10/2019: Brazil
Brasil Sul-Amazônia
Brother José Bittencourt made his perpetual profession
28/10/2019: Greece
« Now … it’s your turn ! »
Marcellin Champagnat Day in Athens
26/10/2019: Nigeria
Ensuring team spirit
The provincial of Nigeria met with the members of the of Marist Schools Management Board
25/10/2019: Argentina
South America Region
Representatives of Provincial Economes Meet in Buenos Aires
25/10/2019: Philippines
A Joint Formation Experience in East Asia
Discovering, dreaming, designing and charting destiny for a revitalized marist life
24/10/2019: Spain
Champagnat College, Guadalajara
Marist College recognised as a reference centre for bilingual teaching
23/10/2019: Spain
Marist Province of Compostela
Community Experience in León
23/10/2019: United States
Marist Youth USA
Young Marists gathered in Esopus
22/10/2019: El Salvador
Putting our faith in the youth
Meeting of Brothers and Laity
22/10/2019: General House
Unions of Men and Women Superiors General (UISG and USG)
8th Seminar on the Formation of Educators
21/10/2019: General House
Communities for a new beginning
Appointments and conclusion of 2019 preparation program
20/10/2019: Philippines
Itineraries for vocations, commitments and joint formation
Meeting of the Enlarged Bureau of the Laity
19/10/2019: Colombia
Continuing and renewing the formation of formators
Meeting of formators of Arco Norte
18/10/2019: South Africa
Provide a great celebration in Christ
Atlantis Community Lavalla200> at the Taizé pilgrimage of trust
18/10/2019: France
Regional Meeting of the Champagnat Movement of the Marist Family
Representatives from six CMMF fraternities meet at La Neylière
17/10/2019: Vatican
Signs of Resistance, Hope and Prophecy
Joaquim Alberto Andrade Silva recounts his experience at the Synod of the Pan-Amazonian Region
17/10/2019: General House
Manu Gómez Cid
New Co-Director of the Secretariat for the Laity
16/10/2019: Chile
Santa Maria de los Andes, Extended Provincial Council
The three sectors of the province meet to deepen existing and generate new links
16/10/2019: Italy
Living together as brothers
The last day of the intercongregational experience "Tutti Fratelli” 2019
15/10/2019: Bolivia
Champagnat Regional Novitiate of Cochabamba
The Brothers distributed food to fire-fighters who came to put out the fire in Tunari Park
15/10/2019: Cambodia
A school that Marcellin Champagnat would be proud of
Around 100 students receive education and medical care at LaValla School
14/10/2019: Spain
Young people... now!
Ist Ibérica Youth Assembly
14/10/2019: Guatemala
Innovation in mission, education and evangelisation
Meeting of the members of the Arco Norte Regional Committee
11/10/2019: Venezuela
The Santa Catalina School
Pastoral Work in the Orinoco Delta, Amazonas State
11/10/2019: Nigeria
Three Brothers from the dioceses of Ogoja, Nsukka and Orlu
Perpetual profession in the Province of Nigeria
10/10/2019: Ecuador
Abya Yala Fisco-Misional Abya Yala Multilingual School
The Marist-Carmelite Community of Sucumbios promotes indigenous intercultural education in the Amazon Region
10/10/2019: Mexico
Marist Spirituality and Charism
The Fraternities of Mexico have celebrated the XXV National Meeting of the MCFM
09/10/2019: Peru
From the heart of Champagnat to the heart of Datem
Project of the Marcellin Champagnat University in favour of the peoples of Amazonia
09/10/2019: General House
The Cause of Brother Basilio advances step by step
09/10/2019: Madagascar
Missionaries of Joy
Five Brothers from the Madagascar province renew their temporary vows during the annual retreat
07/10/2019: General House
Wherever you go: Rule of Life of the Marist Brothers
We live out our consecration, brotherhood and mission, founded on a life-integrating spirituality
06/10/2019: Brazil
An Integral ecological conscience
Marists in Panamazonia and in the context of the Synod
04/10/2019: Colombia
Marist Solidarity
Lay Marists Inspired by Brother Eduardo Botero Arango
03/10/2019: Paraguay
Marist Youth, beacons of hope
70 young people from Marist Centres on the move
02/10/2019: Brazil
New Paths for the Church and for an Integral Ecology
Br. Joao Gutemberg participates in the Synod of Bishops on the Amazon
01/10/2019: General House
What are we doing to share in the care of creation?
Anticipating the Synod for Pan-Amazon
01/10/2019: Paraguay
Strengthening formation and planning of the IV Regional Assembly
Meeting of the Committee and Regional Council of South America
30/09/2019: General House
Open to the Light
Brothers over 70 participate in the
30/09/2019: Brazil
Province of Brasil Sul-Amazônia
Brothers and lay people participate in a joint retreat
29/09/2019: Brazil
Reflecting on the past, building the present and dreaming of the future
More than 1,300 young people take part in the Marist Youth Meeting (EJM) 2019
28/09/2019: Argentina
"Being beacons that illuminate life"
Provincial Meeting of Fraternities
27/09/2019: Germany
Initiatives and vision for the future
Meeting of the European Council of the Marist Mission
26/09/2019: General House
New Paths for the Church and for an Integral Ecology
Two Marists at the Synod of Bishops for the Pan-Amazonian Region 6 - 27 October
25/09/2019: Kenya
Marist International Centre, Nairobi
Post-novitiate formation for Africa and Madagascar
24/09/2019: General House

Final text of the Rule of Life submitted for approval to the Superior General
23/09/2019: Philippines
Postulants of the District of Asia and the Province of Australia
8 postulants from Vietnam and India entered the Davao pre-novitiate
22/09/2019: Greece
New school year in Athens
Three government ministers were present at the beginning of the Lycée Léonin school year
21/09/2019: Singapore
Travelling together as a global family
A camp established to create links between Marist schools in the Region of East Asia
20/09/2019: Italy
Tutti Fratelli 2019
Intercongregational program for Community Animators
19/09/2019: Italy
On the Roads of San Francisco
Pilgrimage of the participants of the formation programme "Horizons"
18/09/2019: Peru
Region of South America
Meeting of the Network of Schools strengthens the development of regional projects
18/09/2019: South Africa
A Place of Mercy and Hope
Infant and Child Care Center in Addo
17/09/2019: Mexico
Promotion of the fame of sanctity of the ex.Superior General of the Institute
Closing of the Diocesan Process of the Cause of Brother Basilio Rueda
17/09/2019: General House
Creating synergies to encourage the global family
Collaborative week of the General Council with the directors of the Secretariats and Departments
16/09/2019: Madagascar
FMSI and Caritas Italy
News desks for 280 students at the Marist school in Antananarivo
14/09/2019: Brazil
Strengthening Marist Volunteering
Br. Valdicer Fachi, director of CMI, visits Marist institutions in Brazil
13/09/2019: Brazil
A century of life and love for his neighbour
100 years of Brother Alfredo Moretti
12/09/2019: Mexico
Enriching the Teaching of Interiority
Interiority Workshops in the Province of México Occidental
12/09/2019: Brazil
Province of Brazil Sul-Amazônia
Provincial Meeting of the Champagnat Movement of the Marist Family
11/09/2019: Spain
Putting children and young people first
800 teachers celebrate the Marist Educator Days in Compostela
11/09/2019: Italy
Journing together as a Global Family
Formation Program for candidates to the international communities
10/09/2019: Brazil
America Sur Region
The regional communications team prepares for the September Committee meeting
10/09/2019: Cameroon
Challenges for the Marist mission
The political situation affects Marist schools in English-speaking regions
09/09/2019: El Salvador
Province of Central America
Meeting of Brothers under 55 years of age
09/09/2019: Brazil
Vocation Promotion in the America Sur Region
Session of theoretical and practical training on vocational culture
07/09/2019: Philippines
Young Brothers among excluded people
Eleven Marist Brothers from MAPAC Lived Three Days of Immersion Experiences
06/09/2019: Mozambique
Interreligious Encounter with Youth
13 advices from Pope Francis to young people
05/09/2019: South Africa
Days of prayer, reflection, silence and communion in Saint Lucia
Retreat of the Marist Youth
05/09/2019: Mozambique
Joining the Pope in Africa
The Pope travels to Mozambique, Madagascar and Mauritius
04/09/2019: General House
September - October 2019
Calendar of the General Council and directors of the Secretariats and departments
03/09/2019: Italy
In Mary’s way
Retreat of Brothers and Lay People
02/09/2019: South Korea
East Asia Province
Final Vows of Br. Moses Cho
02/09/2019: Madagascar
Province of Madagascar
Perpetual profession of Br Jean Baptiste Rakotomahefa
01/09/2019: General House
The global family is growing in Africa
Almost 500 Brothers have committed their lives to the Marist vocation
31/08/2019: Brazil
Children and violence in Latin America
Publication ensuring the rights in the daily lives of children and adolescents
30/08/2019: Sri Lanka
Marist presence in Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka
5th Provincial Chapter of the South Asia Province
30/08/2019: Papua New Guinea
District of Melanesia
Visit of Brothers Libardo Garzón and Carlos Alberto Rojas
29/08/2019: Canada
The Province of Canada celebrates!
50 years profession of Brothers Réal Sauvageau and Yvan Desharnais
27/08/2019: General House
The urgent challenge to protect our common home
Devastating fires have affected more than 2,200 kilometres in the Amazon
27/08/2019: Guatemala
Sharing the Marist vocation
II Intercommunity Meeting of Marist Brothers
26/08/2019: General House
Diocesan Tribunal of Guadalajara
The Cause of Br. Basilio Rueda Advances
26/08/2019: United States
Province of United States
First profession of Br. Luis Ramos
26/08/2019: El Salvador
Breaking the usual routines
The Marist laity of El Salvador gathered for a spirituality journey
23/08/2019: Cambodia
International Marist Volunteering
Kimberly, Philippines volunteer in Pailin
23/08/2019: Argentina
Caring for Growing Life in Cruz del Sur
The team responsible for children's rights renews the province’s commitment
22/08/2019: Brazil
“Our Superior Generals”
The book presents the biographies of the Superiors of the Institute from 1839 to 1993
21/08/2019: South Africa
“A sower went out to sow his seed”
Review of strategic planning of the Atlantis Lavalla200> Community
20/08/2019: El Salvador
Continuing to energise Marist life
Intercommunity Meeting
20/08/2019: Côte dIvoire
Attaining Happiness through focusing on my Vocation
Annual Retreats of the Marist District of West Africa
19/08/2019: Cambodia
Building bridges
Marist District of Asia Chapter and Workshop
19/08/2019: Italy
Looking to the Future as a Global Family
18/08/2019: Argentina
The Feast, Discernment and the Hour
Meeting of the Brothers of the Province of Cruz del Sur
17/08/2019: Canada
Marist Province of Canada
Youth animation in Le Patro of Fort-Coulonge
16/08/2019: Philippines
East Asia Province holds 1st Marist Volunteers Annual Gathering
15/08/2019: General House
Feast of the Assumption of Mary
15 August: Patronal Feast of the Institute
14/08/2019: General House
Weaving life 2019
A global family has been born and is now strengthened
14/08/2019: Mexico
Youth for Service in Central Mexico
Marist Youth Volunteering in Vulnerable Areas
13/08/2019: Brazil
Fraternity and prophecy in today's world
Regional Meeting of the Communities of the Province of Brasil Centro-Norte
09/08/2019: Brazil
Brazil South - Amazonia Province
The Marist Network launches a document to guide the pastoral action towards children
08/08/2019: Syria
Letter from Aleppo N. 36
In the heart of the summer 2019
07/08/2019: Guatemala
Life Project in Fraternity
The Champagnat Movement in the Province of Central America
05/08/2019: Philippines
Province of East Asia
Golden Jubilee of Br. Romulo Porras
04/08/2019: Mozambique
New Horizons Workshop
Improving quality education for children in 21 Marist schools in the 6 countries
03/08/2019: Brazil
Marist Apostolic Spirituality
Retreat for Brothers and Laypeople in the Province of Brazil Centro-Sul
02/08/2019: South Africa
Marist International Community Atlantis – Lavalla200>
Holiday program for children and young people of Atlantis
01/08/2019: Brazil
A program of Education for Solidarity of the Province of Brasil Centro-Sul
More than 500 people participated in the Marist Solidarity Mission, in the month of July
31/07/2019: General House
From the perspective of the Marist Christian charism
European course in accompaniment / mentoring for Vocational Discernment
30/07/2019: Spain
Universal Periodic Review of Spain
Sexual abuse and migrant children: central themes of the Marist report to the United Nations
29/07/2019: Kenya
Sustainability for the Marist life and mission
Meeting of the Administrators of the Administrative Units of Africa
29/07/2019: Uruguay
Province of Cruz del Sur
Meeting of the School Management Team
28/07/2019: El Salvador
Animate, promote and accompany
Meeting of Animators of Fraternities of the CMMF
27/07/2019: France
Opening new, as well as unexplored paths
VIth Chapter of the Province of L'Hermitage
26/07/2019: Uruguay
A new way of embodyingChampagnat's mission
CAIF "a small seed" is a new Project belonging to the Marists of Montevideo
26/07/2019: Kenya
Animation and time of discernment will require the participation of the African AU leaders
Conference of Superiors of the African Continent
25/07/2019: Mexico
Evangelizing through Education
Induction of new executives in Western Mexico
25/07/2019: Italy
Journeyingas a Marist Family
Meeting of the Giugliano Fraternities
24/07/2019: Brazil
Province of Brasil Centro-Norte
Perpetual profession of Brothers Fábio Soares and Dener Rodrigues
24/07/2019: United States
"Wherever we go... Today, tomorrow, together"
Brothers Retreat
23/07/2019: Australia
Laudato Si’
The Province of Australia adopts an ecological policy to care for our “common home”
22/07/2019: General House
July 23: Anniversary of the Fourvière Promise
We irrevocably dedicate ourselves and all our goods to the Society of the blessed Virgin
22/07/2019: Fiji
Preparation for perpetual profession in Lomeri
15 Marist Brothers ready to say “Yes”
21/07/2019: Brazil
Culture of Encounter and Dialogue
Meeting gathering more than 130 professionals in communication
20/07/2019: Australia
Nurturing the Present and Next generation
Each year, more and more young Marists decide to join the Marist family in Australia
19/07/2019: France
When the charism of Saint Marcellin Champagnat touches people's hearts, it changes their lives
Pilgrimage to Marist places
18/07/2019: Guatemala
American Conference of Provincials
II meeting of the Networks of America
17/07/2019: Thailand
We are blessed because the Lord has been good to us
Religious vocations in the Marist District of Asia
16/07/2019: Spain
Widening dreams
More than a hundred SED volunteers working in 17 countries to help those most in need
15/07/2019: Bolivia
Marists who cross borders
Novices from South America start their community experience in the Region
14/07/2019: Papua New Guinea
Protecting children concerns everyone
Marist activities to raise awareness of children's rights in the District of Melanesia
13/07/2019: Spain
Hope is being born again among the ruins
Syria and Lebanon
12/07/2019: General House
Strategic Plan of the General Administration
The Vicar General talks about Animation, Leadership and Governance of the Institute
11/07/2019: Kenya
Promotion of Marist life and mission in Africa
Annual meeting of the African Mission Commission
10/07/2019: Philippines
Marist bursars
Formation program on strategic planning and financial management
09/07/2019: Mozambique
Transforming educational model in Africa
Beginning of the second phase of the New Horizons Project
08/07/2019: East Timor
International Marist Volunteers
Janaíne, a Brazilian volunteer in Baucau
06/07/2019: United States
Thanksgiving event in East Harlem
Five Years of Presence with New York's Latino Community
05/07/2019: Vietnam
Br. Canísio José Willrich
New Superior of the District of Asia
05/07/2019: El Salvador
Celebrate what you live and live what you celebrate
Central American Laity Follow the
04/07/2019: Brazil
Collaboration with the International Mission
Bolivian girl involved in voluntary work in Brasil Centro-Norte
03/07/2019: South Africa
Br. Christopher Zimmerman, Southern Africa
More than two decades helping those most in need in the Eastern Cape Province
02/07/2019: Philippines
Formation for leaders of lay animation
An On-going experience at Notre Dame of Dadiangas University
02/07/2019: Spain
Partnership in Mission
West-Central Europe Province
01/07/2019: Scotland
International solidarity
Schools in Scotland collaborate with the Marists of India
01/07/2019: Spain
After one hundred years of work, Champagnat's dream is still alive
More than 1500 people celebrated the closing of the centenary of the Marist presence in León
28/06/2019: Brazil
Province Brasil Sul-Amazônia
Marist Memories Project: stories of love and life
27/06/2019: Colombia
The reflection of God's face, hands and merciful heart
Marist Centre in Maicao welcomes migrant boys and girls
26/06/2019: Brazil
Provincial Youth Meeting brings together Marists in Brasilia
Reflection, debate and politics involve the youth of Brasil Centro-Norte
26/06/2019: Hungary
Marist Presence in Karcag and Esztergom
Marist Brothers Provide Education for Roma Children
25/06/2019: General House
Brothers and lay people living together in community
A visit to the mixed community of Giugliano
25/06/2019: South Africa
Br. Norbert Mwila
Provincial of Southen Africa
24/06/2019: Italy
Dreaming new ways of collaboration as Marists in the future
Meeting of the 4 branches of the Marist Family in Manziana
23/06/2019: General House
Marist Notebooks 37
International Commission of Spiritual Patrimony
23/06/2019: France
Walking the paths of Champagnat
The Marist group “Amigos del Hispano”
22/06/2019: Spain
Collaboration and connections in Europe
Meeting of the European Council for the Mission
21/06/2019: New Zealand
Br. John Hazelman
New Superior of the Pacific District
21/06/2019: Greece
Marist Educational Mission in Athens
The Marists of Greece celebrate the feast of Saint Marcellin Champagnat and remember Brother Henri Vergès
20/06/2019: Guatemala
100 years!
Brother Zósimo Pérez Mañueco
19/06/2019: General House
June 20: World Day of Refugees and Migrants
The call of the XXII General Chapter asks us to be present among those excluded and displaced
19/06/2019: General House
Working together on strategies for Marist life and mission
The General Council meets with the directors of the Secretariats and Departments of the General Administration
18/06/2019: General House
Br. Ángel Diego García Otaola
Director of the Secretariat of Solidarity
17/06/2019: United States
International Congress of the International Office of Catholic Education (OIEC)
Marist projects and educational works mentioned as an example of best practices
15/06/2019: Cuba
Community Lavalla200> Holguín
The Community "Montagne" takes part in the Course for Inculturation into Cuban life
14/06/2019: Mexico
25 years living in fraternity
CMMF: Champagnat Fraternity of the city of Irapuato
13/06/2019: Argentina
Governance, Management and Pastoral leadership of the Marist Province of Cruz del Sur
Meeting of the Executive team, legal officers and School leaders
12/06/2019: Côte dIvoire
District of West Africa
Marist Cote d’Ivoire celebrates 50 years
11/06/2019: Thailand
Receiving support and inspiration to continue the mission
Marist leaders from 8 countries of the district of Asia met in Bangkok
11/06/2019: Spain
240 Marist educators took part in the formation offered by the Gregorian
Evaluation meeting of the e-learning course for the prevention of sexual abuse
10/06/2019: Vietnam
New Horizons for Disadvantaged Youth
English skills & leadership training for 7,000 children and young people in Quoc Oai
09/06/2019: Peru
Province of Santa María de los Andes
Meeting of Provincial Commissions
08/06/2019: Brazil
Facilitating the process of integration of immigrant children
Marists of Brazil promotes a project to help to the most vulnerable
07/06/2019: Spain
New Provincial Strategic Plan
The Marists of Mediterránea restate their network with eight action scenarios
06/06/2019: Spain
L'Hermitage Province
Four day Provincial Forum
05/06/2019: South Korea
From the Chungju Community in Korea
A House for Mentally Challenged Children and Young People Wishing to Learn a Trade
04/06/2019: United States
Marist Youth Mission Conference 2019
More than 150 young people from the United States, Canada and Mexico gathered in New York
03/06/2019: Brazil
Campaign for Children Reaches 20 million People
Marist video encourages children’s self-defense against sexual violence
03/06/2019: Philippines
Twelve new Brothers will begin their first year of formation in July
MAPAC concluded its year of formation
02/06/2019: Philippines
Marist spirituality in the workplace
A Formation opportunity for Personnel of Notre Dame Kidapawan College
01/06/2019: General House
Why have hundreds of thousands of Christians been persecuted?
The century of martyrs
01/06/2019: General House
June - August 2019
Calendar of the General Council and directors of Secretariats
31/05/2019: Colombia
Charismatic connection of lay Marists
Marist Province of Norandina
31/05/2019: Brazil
“To be the face and hands of your tender mercy”
The Marists of Brazil organise a marian encounter at Veranopolis
30/05/2019: Malaysia
The “Asrama Butitin Project” in Nabawan
Marist Brothers and De la Salle Brothers Together in Ministry
29/05/2019: General House
Beyond geographic and existential walls and borders
Marist International Volunteering
29/05/2019: Malaysia
Spirituality, Laity, and Mission
Asia Commissions aim for regional progress
28/05/2019: General House
Let Mary’s heart beat in us: the great gift that Marcellin left us
Message of Br. Ernesto Sánchez, Superior General, for the Feast of Saint Marcellin Champagnat
27/05/2019: Canada
Getting ourselves ready for the future
Annual General Assembly of the Association of Lay Marists
27/05/2019: Australia
Australian Marists Help Refugees
Forum brought together 119 Marist Brothers
26/05/2019: Malawi
Promoting economic autonomy and sustainability of the Marist Mission
Sustainability Workshop in the Marist Province of Southern Africa
25/05/2019: Mexico
Respecting the planet, water, air and life
Fourth Meeting for Good Living in Central Mexico
24/05/2019: Philippines
Sustainability of the Marist life and mission
Formation course for bursars
23/05/2019: General House
The General House of the Marist Brothers
On May 24, the headquarters of the Government of the Institute transferred officially to Rome
23/05/2019: Brazil
Province of Brazil Centro-Norte
Forum Held in Brazilandia on Consecrated Life and the Laity
22/05/2019: Australia
Champagnat Marists help students re-engage with learning in Sydney
The international Lavalla200> community at Mt Druitt
21/05/2019: Canada
Working for life
Discernment process on the future of the Marist charism in Canada
21/05/2019: Lebanon
Re-launch of the European project of Communities on the Net
The European team of Brothers Today meet in Champville
20/05/2019: General House
Innovation and renewal in education and evangelisation
International NETWORK of Marist Schools
20/05/2019: General House
20 May
Congratulations, Champagnat!
19/05/2019: Italy
Silent heroes responding to emerging needs
Marist College of Rome, San Leone Magno, “House of Life”
18/05/2019: Italy
Towards integration: Photo and documentary exhibition
Lavalla200> community of Syracuse, Sicily
17/05/2019: Philippines
Charting Formation Path Towards a “New Beginning”
Formation of Lay Animators
16/05/2019: Italy
Mediterranean Province
Syracuse: encounter of elder brothers
15/05/2019: Brazil
UMBRASIL promotes the rights of children
Forum of Child Education
15/05/2019: Spain
Being a lay Marist in Compostela
Meeting of formators of itineraries concerning Marist Spirituality
14/05/2019: Philippines
“Do Whatever He Tells You”
East Asia Province holds 5th Provincial Chapter
13/05/2019: Guatemala
New steps in Mission – education and evangelisation
The 6 Marist Provinces of the Arco Norte Region meet in Guatemala
13/05/2019: Romania
15 years of presence and mission in Bucharest
The Saint Marcellin Champagnat Centre welcomes children at risk of abandonment and social exclusion
12/05/2019: Brazil
May 18
Maristas de Brasil promueven campañas contra la explotación de los niños y adolescentes
12/05/2019: Brazil
Brothers of the South America Region Gather in Florianópolis
Over five days, 45 Brothers participated in discussions on spirituality, vocation and the regional mission
11/05/2019: Chile
The Marists from Chile and Central Mexico took part in the Forum
Economic commission for Latin America and the Caribbean
10/05/2019: Guatemala
Meeting of the different communities of Brothers
Commemoration of the XXVIII anniversary of the murder of Bro. Moses Cisneros
10/05/2019: General House
Chistian de Chergé and the martyrs of Algeria
A friend of Henri Vergès
10/05/2019: Germany
“Beacon of hope”
Chapter of West-Central Europe Province
09/05/2019: France
The martyrs are now watching over Algeria
Community of Saint-Paul-Trois-Châteaux celebrates the memory of Bro Henri Vergès
09/05/2019: General House
Children rights: following the ideals of Marcellin Champagnat
The fight against the physical and psychological abuse of children
08/05/2019: El Salvador
To be attentive to the situations that harm the rights of the children
Marists of Champagnat meet in the house of The Hermitage
08/05/2019: General House
May 8 - Liturgical feast of the martyrs of Algeria
Anniversary of the death of Henri Vergès
07/05/2019: General House
Marist Schools Network Project
The Taskforce meets at the General House
07/05/2019: Papua New Guinea
District of Melanesia
Contact visit made by Brothers Ben and Josep María, General Councillors
06/05/2019: Brazil
Rejoice: The Pope’s Message is the Theme of the Directors’ Project
Formation in the Province of Brasil Centro-Sul
04/05/2019: Fiji
Oceania Education Network
Southern Stars Leadership Course
03/05/2019: Brazil
Marist Union of Brazil
Curriculum Guidelines for Primary Education in Marist colleges
03/05/2019: Madagascar
Province of Madagascar
Contact Visit of Brothers Oscar and Ken, General Councillors
02/05/2019: South Korea
East Asia Province
The Marist Community in Seoul promotes psychological education and assistance
02/05/2019: Guatemala
Building homes of light
Meeting of Community Animators 2019
30/04/2019: General House
“You are all brothers” (Matt 23:8)
Religious Brothers Day, May 1
30/04/2019: General House
People are twice as likely to consider religious life if encouraged by somebody
Religious vocation in USA
29/04/2019: Brazil
Human rights: build bridges and strengthen processes
A Young Marist attends the International Civil Society Week in Serbia
29/04/2019: General House
Workshop on a sustainable future for Marist life and mission in Africa and Asia
Attended by around 50 people with leadership responsibilities in Nigeria
27/04/2019: Philippines
National Gathering of Marist Laity
A Week-end Encounter of Deepening Marist Lay Life
26/04/2019: New Zealand
Creating networks and strengthening Marist life
Meeting of the Oceania Council
24/04/2019: General House
To the Marists of Champagnat in Sri Lanka
Message from the Superior General and his Council
23/04/2019: Spain
Breaking the silence: ten faces, ten voices
Working for prevention and protection from school abuse in our Marist education system
23/04/2019: Sri Lanka
Solidarity with Sri Lankan people
Over 310 people are dead and more than 400 injured
22/04/2019: Argentina
Province of Cruz del Sur
Perpetual profession of Brother Darío Melgar
19/04/2019: General House
Mystery of God's immense love for men
Marcellin Champagnat and the Holy Week
18/04/2019: Brazil
The five provinces of the “America South” Region met in Brazil
Participants from seven teams in charge discussed and reflected together
17/04/2019: Spain
Province of Ibérica
Cooperative work and TIC with students and formation centres
16/04/2019: General House
A heart that knows no bounds
20 years since the canonization of Father Champagnat
15/04/2019: General House
Awaken in ourselves and those around us an ecological awareness
Laudado Si'
15/04/2019: East Timor
Marist Brothers: 12 aspirants in Baucau
The Province of Australia inaugurates a new House of formation
12/04/2019: Sri Lanka
“Set them on fire with your love”
First profession at the Tudella Novitiate
11/04/2019: South Korea
Marist Pastoral work in Seoul
Around 7000 people benefit annually from the Marist Educational Centre
11/04/2019: Spain
Marist European Conference
Meeting of the CEM in Alcalá of Henares
10/04/2019: Nigeria
The Role of the Youths in the Church
Marist Province of Nigeria celebrated Marist Youth Festival
09/04/2019: General House
Universal Periodical Examination of Madagascar, Italy, Bolivia and El Salvador
FMSI presents new reports on the human rights of minors and young adults
08/04/2019: South Africa
Floods in Africa
Solidarity with people affected by the floods in Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe
07/04/2019: Peru
VIII Assembly of the Network of Institutions of Higher Education
Closing Day of the Assembly: Future projects and the site of the next meeting of the Universities Network
05/04/2019: Peru
VIII Assembly of the Network of Institutions of Higher Education
The representatives of the Executive Committee of the International Marist Network of Higher Education Institutions elected
05/04/2019: Italy
On-going formation in Manziana
Rereading the personal story in the middle of the path of life
04/04/2019: Peru
The Executive Committee of the International Marist Network of Higher Education Institutions has been elected
Three representatives will continue in office for a period of two years, according to the vote on Thursday
04/04/2019: Guatemala
Workshop on Learning plus Service
Participants from the educational communities of Central America and Central Mexico attended the course
03/04/2019: General House
Agios. Mar
Vigil commemorating our modern-day missionary martyrs
02/04/2019: Peru
VIII Assembly of the International Marist Network of Institutions of Higher Education
After the inauguration, the representatives of the 27 participating institutions began the debate of this edition of the Assembly
02/04/2019: General House
International Commission of Brothers Today 2019:
Marvellous Companions and Mentors
01/04/2019: France
Formation of Marist Leaders in the mission in Europe
Where your gifts and your happiness meet with the needs of the world, the purpose of your life is there
01/04/2019: Argentina
Reflexionar juntos sobre los trabajos realizados
Encuentro de Animadores y Asesores de Fraternidades de la Provincia Cruz del Sur
31/03/2019: General House
Calendar of the General Council and the directors of Secretariats and Departments of the General Administration
April - May 2019
29/03/2019: Brazil
An opportunity to exchange ideas and share experiences
Marist School receives the directors of the South America Region in Brazil
28/03/2019: Canada
The future of the province of Canada
Preliminary meeting of the preparatory committee for the provincial assembly
27/03/2019: Mexico
Province of Western Mexico
Perpetual Profession of Br. Julián Solís Pasos
27/03/2019: Brazil
Province of Brazil South-Amazonia
Formative meeting brings together 540 Marist educators in Porto Alegre
26/03/2019: Spain
Around 100 educators took part to the event promoting children’s rights
Meeting of the 14 Marist social works in Catalonia
25/03/2019: Italy
The captivating experience of being a volunteer
Three2Six: Education for refugee children in South Africa
22/03/2019: Brazil
Regional Joint action strengthens the Marist Life and Mission
Region South America celebrates three years of action
21/03/2019: Fiji
Mission and Marist Life in Oceania
Encounter of the Commission of collaboration of Oceania
21/03/2019: General House
Marist District of Asia
Following in the footsteps of Champagnat in Asia
20/03/2019: South Sudan
31 Religious and Laypeople from 19 congregations and 18 different nationalities
Brohters Christian Mbam and Longinus Uche in special mission in Africa
19/03/2019: General House
Life of The Brothers
The International Commission Brothers Today meets in the General House
17/03/2019: General House
Exercising roles of service as a team
Meeting of new Provincials
15/03/2019: Sri Lanka
Marist Asia Strategic Plan
Community Living Animation Team Meeting of the Asian Region
15/03/2019: Bolivia
Dealing with violence toward children and women
The Marist Sector of Bolivia prepares its Report for the United Nations
14/03/2019: General House
A clearer perception of what it means to be a GLOBAL FAMILY
The end of the meeting of Provincials and District Superiors in the General House
13/03/2019: General House
Secretariat of the Laity
Strategic planning of Marist Life
12/03/2019: East Timor
A future Marist school for the needy people of Lautém, Timor Leste
A gift of land for a Marist work
11/03/2019: Mexico
In depth study of the lay Marist vocation
Meeting of the Animators of the Fraternity in Guadalajara
09/03/2019: United States
Almost 50 years of service to the students in the school
Brother Kevin Handibode is honoured in Miami
08/03/2019: Sri Lanka
Being a Lay Marist
Brothers and Lay Marists share their Marist vocation
07/03/2019: Brazil
Launch or sow seeds from the heart to fertilize the mission
UMBRASIL names a new Board of Directors
06/03/2019: General House
Awaken in ourselves and those around us an ecological awareness
Message of the Holy Father Francisco for Lent 2019
05/03/2019: Mexico
Marist vocation
Two new postulants in the community of Toluca
05/03/2019: General House
“Always and in every case the victims must have priority”
Brother Emili Turú talks about the meeting held in the Vatican on the protection of children
04/03/2019: Australia
Marist Volunteers
The Programme Bridge Builders supports Marist collaboration
04/03/2019: General House
Called to live out “prophetic and servant leadership” co-responsibly and interdependently
Provincial and District Superiors gather in the General House
02/03/2019: Spain
Migration, sexual abuse and the changing climate
Discussion concerning Marists and emerging needs
01/03/2019: Greece
Education to internalization
Marist Formation in Athens
01/03/2019: General House
Memory of Br. Alfano
1873 - 1st March 1943
28/02/2019: General House
The Pope's Call to Protect Minors in the Church
Prevent children from becoming victims of any psychological and physical abuse
28/02/2019: General House
One team, one house, one program
Ongoing formation team and community at Manziana
27/02/2019: Philippines
Family spirit among Marist School
Biennial High School Marist Meet
27/02/2019: General House
Collaborative week
General Council meets with directors of secretariats and departments of the General Administration
26/02/2019: Fiji
District of Pacific
First Professions in Lomeri
26/02/2019: Spain
Sign on for Change
SED and CME launch their campaign for Lent 2019
25/02/2019: Italy
“Marcellino Punto e a Capo”
Marist Formation for Italian Teachers
24/02/2019: Canada
A new beginning in Château-Richer
Elderly Brothers now live in a Lay Residence
22/02/2019: General House
Party time for the General Administration
Celebrating the birthday of Br Ernesto, Superior General
22/02/2019: Syria
Letter from Aleppo No 35
21/02/2019: Italy
International advocacy in Sicily
FMSI goes to the Italian island to promote the rights of migrants
21/02/2019: General House
21 February
Happy Birthday, Brother Ernesto!
21/02/2019: Brazil
Brasil Centro-Sul
New social school is inaugurated in Fazenda Rio Grande, Paraná
20/02/2019: Vatican
Meeting on Child Protection in the Church
The Superior General participates in the meeting convoked by Pope Francis of Bishops from every part of the world
19/02/2019: Bolivia
Novitiate of the Region South America
Eleven new Novices in Bolivia
19/02/2019: General House
Marist Foundation for International Solidarity
The FMSI promoted the collection of humanitarian aid for the Fratelli Project
18/02/2019: General House
Mary the “influencer” of God
Pope Francis invites the young people to imitate Mary
18/02/2019: Spain
Roadmap for the coming years
Meeting of the European team of Brothers Today
15/02/2019: Peru
Charism of Champagnat in the Amazon
Marist Volunteers prepare and qualify teachers of the indigenous communities
14/02/2019: General House
Memorare in the Snow
February 1823
13/02/2019: Philippines
To respond to the call to ‘Come and See’
The Marist School, Marikina, held lay formation for the new lay personnel
13/02/2019: Guatemala
“Tolerance zero” to every type or form of abuse
Workshop Defense and Protection of Minors
12/02/2019: Kenya
Mission, sustainability, formation, community life and communication
Meeting of the Conference of Superiors of the African Continent
11/02/2019: Colombia
Interprovincial Novitiate La Valla
Five new novices in Medellín
09/02/2019: France
Education, prevention of sexual abuse, resilience and incapacity
Meeting of The Marist Foundation with the International Catholic Office for the Child
08/02/2019: Philippines
Mission as Marist Lay: to educate and love the youth
Notre Dame of Cotabato commits to Marist formation
07/02/2019: Cuba
Montagne Community - Lavalla200>
A Marist community has been established in Holguín
06/02/2019: Haiti
Marist schools do marvels with very little
Brothers from Western Mexico visit the Marist Sector of Haiti
05/02/2019: General House
Consolidating our activities and our regional participation
The Committee for the Mission has completed its two year period
05/02/2019: General House
Ten years communicating the Marist life and Mission
Novelty on the sending out of the Marist News
04/02/2019: United States
Seeking the Grace of Encounter
“Encuentro Project” in El Paso
02/02/2019: General House
Consecrated life is for all the baptized
Video with Br. Tony Leon and Mike Greeff
01/02/2019: Malaysia
Br. Anthony Cheng and Br. Paul Ching
50 Years of Profession as Marist Brothers
31/01/2019: Switzerland
Achieve that the human rights of millions of children are guaranteed
The Marist Foundation pleaded in Geneva for the rights of children
30/01/2019: Kenya
International Marist Centre
MIC has opened up its facilities to different religious congregations
29/01/2019: General House
To facilitate thesynergy for the Area of the Mission for the years ahead
Meeting of the Committee for the Mission
28/01/2019: Italy
If everybody helps with prayer, for sure, we will be able to do something beautiful
The Community Lavalla200> has inaugurated a Center for immigrants
27/01/2019: France
The premiere of the play The Fifth Gospel
Work containing texts taken from the writings of Brother Henri Vergès
26/01/2019: Guatemala
International Gathering of Marist Youth
15 – 20 January 2019 - Guatemala
25/01/2019: Spain
Sharing experiences of good practice together
Meeting of the Council of Mission for the European Provinces
24/01/2019: General House
Marist Spiritual Heritage
Appointment of the members of the Spiritual Patrimony Commission
23/01/2019: Sri Lanka
Brother Mervyn Perera
The Provincial of South Asia has been re-elected
22/01/2019: General House
An invitation to strengthen our faith
Anniversary of the death of Brother Francis
21/01/2019: Philippines
Br. Dominador Aquino Santiago
New Provincial of East Asia
20/01/2019: Guatemala
Mission: the weaving continues
International meeting of Youth Sixth day - January 20
20/01/2019: Canada
Environmental Sustainability
The Marists of Canada have published a document in defence of the ecology
19/01/2019: Guatemala
Mission, the weaving continues
International meeting of Young Marists - Fifth day, January 19
19/01/2019: Guatemala
Practising our spirituality and solidarity
International meeting of Young Marists - Third and fourth day, January 17-18
19/01/2019: Brazil
Province of Central South Brazil
The Beatification of Brother Henri Vergès inspired a new Social School
18/01/2019: Guatemala
Living the themes of Spirituality and Solidarity
International Gathering of Marist Youth - Third day, January 17
18/01/2019: General House
Basilio Rueda and Henri Vergés: two of a kind
January 21: an anniversary and two reminiscences
17/01/2019: Guatemala
Day of Community: Weaving together
International Gathering of Marist Youth - Second day, January 16
16/01/2019: Guatemala
Weaving life
International Gathering of Marist Youth - First day, January 15
15/01/2019: Philippines
To assure a better continuity in the different stages of formation
Marist Brothers Asia Formators Convention
14/01/2019: General House
Journey with the children and the Young people
The final document of the Synod of Bishops has been published
11/01/2019: Guatemala
International Gathering of Marist Youth 2019
150 young Marists from all over the world will take part in the International Gathering in Guatemala
10/01/2019: Kenya
67 student Brothers in Nairobi
Workshop on Marist Patrimony in MIC
09/01/2019: Fiji
22 Brothers meet in the Lomeri Novitiate
Gathering of the U/50 brothers of Oceania
08/01/2019: Spain
Evangelize, Marists of Champagnat and Diversity
The Mediterranean Province celebrated its VI Chapter
08/01/2019: France
202 years of the Institute
Feast of January 2, 2019 in LaValla en Gier
07/01/2019: Brazil
The meeting of the Regional Committee looks back on the combined journey and considers more synergistic processes for the future
Provincials and representatives from the Region of America del Sud hold discussions in São Paulo
07/01/2019: Spain
Give Life
Chapter held in the Province of Compostela
05/01/2019: Kenya
All Children deserve to feel safe, happy, secured, loved
Workshop on child rights at MIC
05/01/2019: Brazil
Evangelizing through education
Province of Brasil Centro-Sur expands its network of schools
04/01/2019: Spain
Constructing Bridges
VI Provincial Chapter of the Marists of Ibérica
02/01/2019: General House
January - March 2019
Calendar of the General Council and the Directors of the General Administration
01/01/2019: Côte dIvoire
Final profession in the Institute
Brothers Mbang Abel Nkwain and Kone Bruno
31/12/2018: Rwanda
PACE - VI Provincial Chapter
Marist Province of Africa Centre East (PACE)
29/12/2018: Brazil
United we are both bridge and lighthouse
Provincial Chapter of Brazil Sul-Amazônia
28/12/2018: Brazil
Action for the triennium: commitment to the calls of the General Chapter
Assembly and Chapter of Brasil Centro -Norte
26/12/2018: Mexico
Shaping the future with openness to the new
Meeting of the Inter-American Networks of "Solidarity Heart" and Spirituality
24/12/2018: Algeria
Henri Vergès new Blessed Marist Brother
Echoes from the feast of the Beatification
21/12/2018: France
International Community, Global Family
Brother Luis Carlos at Notre-Dame de l’Hermitage
20/12/2018: Philippines
Marist Youth Servant Leaders: Weaving life, Living life
Marist Youth Festival 2018
19/12/2018: General House
Let God be the first guest of your Heart
Novitiate community of Save - Formation Year 2018-2019
18/12/2018: Bolivia
Novitiate of the Region América Sur
Five new Marist Brothers
17/12/2018: General House
Pierre Claverie and his 18 fellow martyrs
Response of the media to the beatification of the Martyrs in Algeria
17/12/2018: General House
Annual meeting of the group “Tutti Fratelli”
The experience of Brother Ernesto in the Synod on Youth
16/12/2018: Pakistan
Br. Zubair Yaqub
Final vows in Sargodha
14/12/2018: General House
Br. Robert Thunus
New Provincial of West Central Europe
14/12/2018: Switzerland
The situation of children in Chile, Uruguay and Vanuatu
Marists from Uruguay and Chile travel to Genève to present their reports
12/12/2018: General House
A year following the General Chapter
Message of Br. Ernesto Sánchez, Superior General
12/12/2018: South Sudan
Five intercongregational religious communities
The assembly of solidarity commemorates 10 years of religious commitment to the African country
11/12/2018: Italy
Third Age Renewal Session
Manziana - October – December 2018
11/12/2018: Nigeria
A colourful celebration and a joyful day
Celebration of final religious professions and golden jubilees
10/12/2018: General House
December 10, 2018: Seventy years of human rights
Marist young people in the United Nations
08/12/2018: Algeria
Blessed Br. Henri Vergès
Beatification of the martyrs of Algeria
07/12/2018: General House
European Marists
Formation of Marist Leaders for the mission
06/12/2018: East Timor
A Missionary land
Young people are looking for the consecrated Marist life
05/12/2018: France
Preserve and enhance the value of the Marist patrimony
Inauguration of the renewed cemetery of l’Hermitage
04/12/2018: General House
"Father, our lives are already given"
The beatification of the Martyrs of Algeria
02/12/2018: Brazil
Brasil Centro-Sul
Provincial Assembly and visit of the General Councillors
30/11/2018: Chile
Assuming the mission that we inherit from our Founder
Annual Assembly of the Champagnat Movement of the Marist Family
30/11/2018: General House
Monseñor Angelelli el “Romero de Argentina”
Llegan los mártires del Concilio
30/11/2018: Spain
Resilience and young people. A journey of discovery
Formation days for young people with Social Workers, Mediterránea
29/11/2018: Malawi
Marist schools in Africa
New Horizon Marist Schools leadership Project II launched
28/11/2018: Canada
Looking after our Young People
Marist Forum
27/11/2018: Italy
New Executive Council of the USG for the triennium 2018-2021
Brother Ernesto Sánchez is elected member of the Council of the Union of General Superiors
26/11/2018: General House
El Escorial, end of a virtuous cycle
Permanent Formation in the Marist Institute
24/11/2018: Spain
Structures for the mission
Meeting of Representatives of the Spanish Marist Conference
23/11/2018: General House
A light, which enlightens grief
The Martyrs of the Church of Algeria
22/11/2018: Italy
Saint Marcellin Champagnat, a challenge for today's world
Meeting of the Italian Marists of Champagnat in the General House
21/11/2018: Italy
Community Lavalla 200> of Syracuse
Immigrants remember the journey that has brought them to Europe
21/11/2018: General House
Pierre et Mohamedes
El conductor y el obispo
20/11/2018: Spain
Life and mission in Europe
Meeting of the Marist European Conference
19/11/2018: General House
20 November
Universal Children’s Day
19/11/2018: General House
Joining the Communities for a New Beginning
17/11/2018: Spain
Development of the strategic planning of the Institute in the financial field
Meeting of the International Commission of economic affairs in Les Avellanes
16/11/2018: Germany
Since 2013, 29 young were sent for a voluntary mission all over the world
Anniversary of five years of Cmi in Mindelheim
15/11/2018: Chile
Preservation of the historical, spiritual and cultural values of the Institute
4th Meeting of the Network of Memorial Centres in the Marist Region of South America
14/11/2018: General House
Witness of the Church
19 martyrs of the Church of Algeria
13/11/2018: Syria
Letter from Aleppo No. 34 - 4 November 2018
13/11/2018: Peru
Marist International Network of Institutions of Higher Education
Meeting of the Executive Committee of the Network of Marist Universities
12/11/2018: Canada
Arco Norte taking steps together as a global family
Meeting of the Regional committee and of the Provincials of the Arco Norte Region
09/11/2018: Peru
Walking together, we share the vitality of the charism
1st Assembly of Lay Marists of Champagnat
08/11/2018: South Sudan
Solidarity with South Sudan
Brother Christian Mbam shares his experience in an intercongregacional initiative
07/11/2018: Mexico
Witnessing to the God of Love
Gathering of the Marists of Champagnat
07/11/2018: General House
Amanecer Program
Third Age Formation Program (Spanish-Portuguese speakers)
06/11/2018: Lebanon
Project Fratelli begins a new cycle, 2018-2019
Marist Brothers and Lasalians working together in favor of the displaced
05/11/2018: Brazil
Evangelical administration of goods
Formation in the area of economic matters
03/11/2018: Spain
Province of Ibérica
Br Moisés Alonso Pérez appointed Provincial for a second term
02/11/2018: France
Family Spirit
General assembly of the Champagnat Movement of the Marist Family
31/10/2018: Spain
Province of Compostela
Br Tomás Briongos appointed Provincial for a second term
30/10/2018: Kenya
Province East Central Africa
Preparing the VI Provincial Chapter in PACE
29/10/2018: Brazil
Transformative Solidarity
Forum on Volunteering conducted by Marists in Brazil
26/10/2018: Mexico
United by the Charism and our following of Christ
Encounter of Enlarged Secretariat of the Laity
25/10/2018: Switzerland
Universal Periodic Reviewof the United Nations
Information concerning the rights of boys and girls in Mexico
24/10/2018: Colombia
A heart without bounds
The UN collaborating with the Norandina's Province that welcomes Venezuelan refugees
23/10/2018: Portugal
Marist Spirituality Groups
Seventh assembly in the Province of Compostela
22/10/2018: Syria
The Blue Marists
Why Resilience in Aleppo?
20/10/2018: Brazil
Marist Province Brasil Sul-Amazônia
Extension course in Spirituality and Marist Patrimony concludes last module
19/10/2018: France
«We share LIFE, we imagine the FUTURE»
Meeting of the contact people of local Marist teams
18/10/2018: General House
A New Pentecost
Brother Ernesto Sanchez, Superior General, recounts his experience in the Synod on Youth
17/10/2018: Brazil
Together, let us be bridges and beacon of hope
Brasil Sul-Amazônia prepares the Second Provincial Chapter
17/10/2018: Australia
Ensuring vitality and viability of Marist life and mission
Assembly of the Marist Association of St Marcellin Champagnat
16/10/2018: General House
Marists of Champagnat
Logo of the Marist Institute’s General Administration
15/10/2018: General House
Weaving live - Guatemala, 15 - 21 January 2019
Song of the International Gathering of Marist Youth
15/10/2018: Vatican
“Young people, faith and vocational discernment”
Speech of Brother Ernesto Sánchez during the Synod of Bishops
12/10/2018: Switzerland
FMSI submits reports on four countries to the UN
Children’s rights in Portugal, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Ivory Coast
11/10/2018: Brazil
Our brotherhood is a beacon of hope
Brasil Centro-Norte’s Chapter and Assembly to take place in December
10/10/2018: General House
Servant leadership
One-year anniversary since the election of the General Council
09/10/2018: Uruguay
Called to be and promote communities committed to their vitality
Provincial chapter of Cruz del Sur
08/10/2018: Philippines
Workshop for lay formation facilitators in General Santos City
As beacons of hope, we are creative bridge-builders of God’s tender mercy!
07/10/2018: Malawi
Water from the Rock
Retreat for the postulants of Mtendere
05/10/2018: Australia
Future developments in Oceania
Third chapter of the province of Australia
05/10/2018: General House
A visit to the 'Marist places' in Rome
Recalling the 194 days spent by B. François in Rome 1858
03/10/2018: Ireland
Building the future of Marist Europe
Meeting of the European Council of the Mission in Dublin
03/10/2018: General House
Br Ernesto Sánchez and Luis Carlos Gutiérrez
One-year anniversary since the election of the superior and the vicar general
03/10/2018: General House
Council of the Fratelli Project
Three years educating refugee children in Lebanon
02/10/2018: Portugal
Focus. Zoom. Dream.
IV Compostela mission assembly
01/10/2018: Brazil
Brasil Sul-Amazônia province
Perpetual profession of Br Jader Luiz Henz
01/10/2018: General House
October – December 2018
Calendar of the General Council and directors of Secretariats
29/09/2018: General House
New Marist community in Cuba
The Bishop of Holguín visits the General House
28/09/2018: Germany
Marists from Mindelheim in Kenya
Summer camp for children in Orore
27/09/2018: Brazil
Contemplatives in action: Itineraries in search for God
Retreat of brothers and laity in the Sul-Amazonia province
27/09/2018: Kenya
MIC - Marist International Center
44 brothers make their temporary professions
26/09/2018: General House
Blessed and martyr
Br. Henri Vergès
25/09/2018: Mozambique
Gathered around the same table
Meeting with the Lay Marists of Bilene
25/09/2018: Switzerland
Consultation of nearly 2,000 children and youth is released
Day of General Discussion of the United Nations 2018 on child protection and rights
24/09/2018: General House
A prophetic and servant leadership at the service of the global family
Planning of the general council with the secretariats of the general administration
21/09/2018: General House
Brother Ángel Medina
New assistant director of the Brothers Today Secretariat
20/09/2018: Brazil
Brothers and laity of the fraternities of Brazil
National Encounter of Leadership of the MChFM
19/09/2018: Germany
From L’Hermitage to Germany: Studies on the History of the Marist Brothers
Br Augustin Hendlmeier
18/09/2018: Spain
Horizons Group 2018
Formation programme for Brothers aged between 35 – 45 in El Escorial
17/09/2018: General House
‘Youth, faith and vocational discernment’
Superior general Brother Ernesto Sánchez will participate in the Synod of Bishops
16/09/2018: General House
Martyrs of Algeria (1994-1996)
Beatification of Brother Henri Vergès
14/09/2018: Canada
Association of Marist Laity
Canadian government recognises AMDL as on official entity
13/09/2018: Lebanon
21 Marists to form new mixed community
Marist laity and brothers of Champville
12/09/2018: General House
Journeying Together as Global Family!
New organisational chart of the general administration
11/09/2018: General House
Oceania Council holds first meeting via videoconference
Developing 6 initiatives to answer the Calls of the XXII General Chapter
11/09/2018: Guatemala
Provincial Meeting of the Mission of Central America
A high level of leadership in the Institute
11/09/2018: Mexico
Meeting of the provincial commission of the MYM of México Central
Marist Youth: a creative and transforming spirit
10/09/2018: France
Illustrated History of Notre Dame de l’Hermitage
A book by Br Barry Lamb tells the story of the Institute’s mother house
09/09/2018: Brazil
Program Happy Life
Week of the Project of life, which inspires educators to reflect on vocations
07/09/2018: Australia
Province of Australia
Marist Youth Ministry will launch a new programme in 2019
06/09/2018: General House
New personal secretary of the superior general
Br Jesús Alberto Rodríguez Delgado
05/09/2018: Colombia
A global charismatic family, a house of light
Meeting of Brothers and Lay Marists in Ibagué
04/09/2018: Brazil
Fourth Marist Provincial Youth Day
900 young Marists meet in the Brasil Centro-Sul province
03/09/2018: Brazil
Meeting of Young Marists (EJM)
Nearly 2,000 students discuss how to make a difference
03/09/2018: Cambodia
The General Council’s pilgrimage to Asia
Brothers Josep Maria Soteras and Ken McDonald
02/09/2018: Argentina
Cruz del Sur
Provincial meeting of the fraternities of CMMF
01/09/2018: Nigeria
Meeting of the African Mission Commission
Increasing the Marist Vocation and Mission in Africa
31/08/2018: General House
Programme ‘Amanecer’
Aiming towards new horizons
30/08/2018: Fiji
‘Champagnat in the Pacific’ (CITP) course
Empowering local Marist ministries in Oceania
30/08/2018: Bangladesh
From the peripheries to the centre
Brothers Luis Carlos Gutiérrez and João Carlos do Prado visit Bangladesh and India
29/08/2018: Guatemala
Region of Arco Norte
Regional Meeting of Animators of the MCHFM
28/08/2018: Brazil
Province Brasil Sul-Amazônia
Launch of the Marist Centre for the Promotion of the Rights of Children and Adolescents
27/08/2018: El Salvador
The Marist Family in Central America
Intercommunity Meeting of Marist Brothers and Sisters
26/08/2018: Vietnam
From the peripheries to the centre
Brothers Ernesto Sánchez and Sylvain Ramandimbiarisoa visit Vietnam
25/08/2018: Ghana
Seventh chapter of the West Africa district
Finance, community living, leadership and mission
24/08/2018: General House
Abuse is the very antithesis of our Marist values
The Pope invites the universal Church to “prayer and fasting” to ask for forgiveness
23/08/2018: General House
From the peripheries to the centre
Visit of the General Councilors Ben Consigli and Óscar Martín to Thailand and East Timor
22/08/2018: General House
The Laudato Si’ Committee aims at responding Calls of the General Chapter
Environmental sustainability – Laudato si' policy
21/08/2018: Spain
Constructing networks, building bridges
The third meeting of the Network of Marist communities in Europe
20/08/2018: Argentina
“There is life… and it convokes us!”
Mission Assembly of the Province Cruz del Sur
19/08/2018: Spain
“We do not know what we will be able to contribute, but this is the way!”
Retreat of Brothers and Laity in Compostela
18/08/2018: General House
New president of FMSI
Brother Ken McDonald
17/08/2018: Spain
New slogan for the scholastic year 2018 –2019
16/08/2018: Colombia
A heart without borders
Solidarity with the children of Venezuela
15/08/2018: Spain
Secretariat of the Laity
Gathering in Tui
14/08/2018: General House
To strengthen our “Marian identity”, our “Marist identity”
15 August: Patronal Feast of the Institute
13/08/2018: Canada
Province of Canada
Pilgrimage and formation of Marist leaders in Hermitage
12/08/2018: Philippines
Province of East Asia
Gathering of Marist Brothers, parents and affiliates
11/08/2018: Mexico
Province of Mexico Occidental
Loma Bonita: 8 brothers at the service of the Marist mission
10/08/2018: Mexico
Joint formation with an interprovincial character
09/08/2018: Australia
Marist Learning Zone centre is officially launched
Working with disadvantaged young people
08/08/2018: Haiti
Resilience formation is offered to Marist and Lasallian educators
Learning to overcome trauma, sickness and other issues
07/08/2018: General House
The ongoing formation of the ‘Marist Ongoing Formation Programme’
Manziana and El Escorial formators gather in Rome
06/08/2018: General House
Contribution to the strategic planning process
Meeting of the General Mission Committee
05/08/2018: Brazil
Province of Brasil Centro-Norte
Perpetual profession of Br Fabrício Alves da Cruz
04/08/2018: General House
General Council
Contact Visit to the Marist District of Asia and of East Timor
03/08/2018: General House
‘Wherever you go I will go, wherever you lodge I will lodge’
Meeting of the commission for the drafting of the Rule of life of the Marist Brothers
02/08/2018: Mexico
XIX Provincial Chapter of México Occidental
One heart, one spirit
01/08/2018: Brazil
Reflecting on the calls of the XXII General Chapter
Brothers and lay people participate in their 3rd retreat of the Brazil Centro-Sul province
31/07/2018: Mexico
Province of México Occidental
Provincial Assembly
30/07/2018: General House
European team of youth and vocational ministry
First edition of the Accompaniment for Discernment Program
29/07/2018: United States
USA Lay Marist Assembly 2018
28/07/2018: Mexico
Assuming the new life project in a fraternity
Revitalization of the MCHFM in the province of México Central
27/07/2018: Argentina
‘Programme Syria’
Cruz del Sur may collaborate with the Argentinian government to help host refugees
26/07/2018: United States
50 educators from around the province gather for a series of workshops
2018 Marist Leadership Institute
25/07/2018: Ecuador
Nearly 100 brothers and lay people participate in a joint retreat
Norandina: Wake up, it's time to walk!
24/07/2018: General House
Vanuatu, Uruguay and Chile
FMSI submits three new reports to UN on the rights of children
23/07/2018: Kenya
Marist vocation in Africa
Annual meeting of the African Lay and Brothers Commission
21/07/2018: United States
High-level Political Forum 2018
Two Marist youth attend UN talks in New York
20/07/2018: General House
Current Formators Programme
Formators make suggestions for a new formation guide
19/07/2018: Argentina
Br Raúl José Schönfeld Hergenreder
New provincial of Cruz del Sur
19/07/2018: Guatemala
International Gathering of Marist Youth - January 2019
Meeting of the Commission for the preparation of youth encounter
18/07/2018: Nigeria
Safeguarding the Rights Children and Vulnerable People
Child’s right seminar in Orlu
17/07/2018: France
Global family
Volunteer work in N.D. de l’Hermitage
16/07/2018: Mexico
The 17 Sustainable Development Goals
First Inter-American Encounter of Adolescents and Youth on the SDGs
15/07/2018: Spain
Marist Leadership and Spirituality
Formation for leaders in the Compostela Province
14/07/2018: United States
“Open your heart to a new beginning”
International Community Lavalla200> in East Harlem
13/07/2018: Spain
With passion
Assembly of the mission of the Ibérica Province
12/07/2018: Brazil
Dare, boost, revitalise, land, participate and advance
Third assembly of América Sur
12/07/2018: General House
Announcement of the appointments of the new members of the Lavalla200> Initiative
Commissioning of the new members of the International Communities for a New Beginning
11/07/2018: Syria
Letter from Aleppo No 33
The forgotten Syria
10/07/2018: Philippines
Marist Asia Pacific Center (MAPAC)
New formation year stated in Marikina City
10/07/2018: General House
Higher Education with the Charism of Champagnat
Assembly of the Marist Institutions of Higher Education in April 2019
10/07/2018: Nigeria
Reaching out for change
Province of nigeria launched a solidarity foundation
09/07/2018: France
Course for formators
Pilgrimage of the group of formators to Marist places
08/07/2018: Peru
The “Marist Gospel” based on the example of a life made love for neighbor
Marist Laity of Champagnat of Huacho
07/07/2018: Brazil
“The Sense of Life”
The PUCPR carries out an event of the Project Atrium of the Gentiles of the Pontifical Council for Culture
06/07/2018: Australia
Marist Learning Zone participates in Jarara Reconciliation Day
Mount Druitt Lavalla200> community strengthens ties with the aboriginal community
05/07/2018: Spain
The Laity commit themselves to make Jesus Christ known and loved
Lay Linking in the Iberian Province
04/07/2018: Philippines
A joyful celebration and an audacious vision
10 Years as East Asia Province and 70 years of Marist Presence in Philippines
03/07/2018: General House
Collaboration for Mission, International (Cmi)
Br. Valdícer Fachi replaces Br. Chris Wills in the General Administration
02/07/2018: South Africa
International Communities for a new beginning
Community Lavalla200> Atlantis
02/07/2018: Italy
International Communities for a New Beginning
Last week in San Martino a Monte for the third group of the Program Lavalla200>
30/06/2018: General House
July – September 2018
Calendar of the General Council and directors of Secretariats
29/06/2018: General House
Strategic Planning for the animation and Government of the Institute
Week of Integration between the General Council and the Secretariats
28/06/2018: France
BICE: Seventy years of commitment with children
Anniversary of the Catholic International Bureau of Children
27/06/2018: Brazil
America Sur region discusses education
Third meeting of the network of schools in the América Sur region
25/06/2018: South Africa
Impact oriented participatory project management cycle
Inter-congregational workshop on fundraising and project management
23/06/2018: Canada
Br Léopold Charland
“Quebec Volunteer” award goes to a Marist Brother
22/06/2018: General House
Ministry of Education accredits FMSI to offer work experience to students
Six high schools have applied to involve students in FMSI
22/06/2018: General House
Programme for current formators
Highlights of June 4 – 16
22/06/2018: Italy
Lavalla200> | Week6
Interculturality was the theme of the sixth week of formation in Camaldoli
21/06/2018: General House
Marist Spiritual Patrimony
Annual meeting of the Marist Spiritual Patrimony Commission
20/06/2018: Italy
New secretary general of the Union of Superiors General
Br Emili Turú Rofes
19/06/2018: Greece
Feast of Saint Marcellin Champagnat
Greek Marists honour the founder
18/06/2018: General House
Appointments of the General Council
New secretary of the superior general & new director of the 3rd age English language programme
18/06/2018: General House
Mediterranea’s provincial superior is re-elected for a second term
Br Juan Carlos Fuertes Marí
16/06/2018: General House
Discussing the Institute’s animation and government
Meeting of Br Ernesto Sánchez and his council with the former superior and general council
15/06/2018: Brazil
Brasil Sul-Amazônia
Brother Inacio Etges is appointed as provincial for 2019 – 2021
14/06/2018: General House
Celebrating with the former and the current general councils
Institute’s secretary general celebrates 50th jubilee as a Marist Brother
14/06/2018: Italy
‘May their lives become a beautiful song’
Testimony of the Lavalla200> Community in Syracuse
13/06/2018: General House
Persistent, courageous and hopeful
Nearly 1,000 Marist children and youth have their say in a major UN debate
12/06/2018: Philippines
Safeguarding of Children
Seminar for the staff of Notre Dame of Cotabato
12/06/2018: Brazil
Br. Ataide José de Lima
Superior provincial of Brasil Centro-Norte
11/06/2018: Italy
Spirituality and the new relationship of brothers and lay people
Fifth week of the Lavalla200> project’s formation programme
11/06/2018: Lebanon
‘I have to do my part to make this a better world’
Testimony of a volunteer of the Fratelli Project
09/06/2018: Haiti
A wide space to make ‘A new beginning’ a reality
The feast of St Marcellin in Dame Marie
08/06/2018: United States
Sharing life across borders
Youth gather from Mexico, USA and Canada
07/06/2018: General House
The feast of St Marcellin Champagnat
Archbishop Jorge C. Patrón to Marists: ‘Become like children’
07/06/2018: Philippines
All co-responsible for Marist life and mission
Meeting on Marist Lay Vocation
06/06/2018: General House
Institute seeks ties with Andorra’s Open University
Marists and Lasallians aim to strengthen their relationship
05/06/2018: Guatemala
The ‘Volcán de Fuego’
América Central province confirms that Marist institutions are safe
05/06/2018: Italy
Deepening the intercultural experience in fraternity
Fourth week of formation of the candidates for the Lavalla200 Project>
04/06/2018: General House
Sharing life during the current formators course
Chronicle of the second and third week of the Course in Rome
03/06/2018: Argentina
There is life... and it brings us together
Assembly of the Cruz del Sur province
02/06/2018: General House
Evangelical use of goods
A course in October will address Marist economic issues
01/06/2018: Brazil
Strengthening the mission and charisma of Champagnat
Meeting of bursars of the América Sur region
31/05/2018: Romania
The Lavalla200> community of Moinesti
International communities for a new beginning
30/05/2018: General House
Appointment of the Superior of the West Africa district
Br Cyprian Bankakuu Gandeebo
29/05/2018: Philippines
Renewed Marist Servant-Leaders for a New Evangelization
12th Marist Mission Congress
29/05/2018: General House
Laudato Si and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals
The Secretariat of Mission presents an initiative to help raise ecological awareness among youth
28/05/2018: Italy
Lavalla200> 2018 - Week 3
Formation on assertive communication and intercultural experiences
28/05/2018: Brazil
Commitment as consecrated
Br Miguel Fernandes Ribeiro professes his perpetual vows
26/05/2018: General House
Life Project in Fraternity
Champagnat Movement of the Marist Family
25/05/2018: Ecuador
Manabí Marist Project
Norandina delivers 15 homes for families affected by the 2016 earthquake
23/05/2018: Brazil
Mobilisation against child sexual violence
New video of the “Defend yourself” campaign
22/05/2018: General House
May 14-19, 2018
The First Week of the Current Formators Program
22/05/2018: Italy
Lavalla200> - Week 2
Lavalla200> participants receive formation on the enneagram and discernment
21/05/2018: Brazil
Strengthening of the regional unit
Meeting of the communications team of the América Sur region
21/05/2018: Sri Lanka
Seven novices join the International Novitiate of Tudella
The Institute’s second largest novitiate
19/05/2018: Germany
A Marist international youth community in Mindelheim
South African young Marists volunteer in Europe for the first time
18/05/2018: Venezuela
For a child to live with more dignity
The province of Norandina appeals to solidarity
17/05/2018: Brazil
The future of the International Network of Marist Publishing Houses
Fourth assembly of the International Network of Marist Publishing Houses
16/05/2018: Brazil
The MYM retreat for self-knowledge, dialogue and listening
Young Marists of the Brazil Sul-Amazonia province
15/05/2018: Chile
Experiences of internships
Education team and network of Marist schools in América Sur
15/05/2018: General House
Current formators programme
17 formators take a nine-week course to renew their mission
14/05/2018: Peru
Can you live hope behind bars?
Marist life in Sullana
11/05/2018: Germany
Towards a model-structure of the CEM
Encounter of the European Marist Conference in Freising
11/05/2018: General House
Lavalla200> 2018
First formation week of the Lavalla200> programme
11/05/2018: Australia
“A New Beginning: Hope it means something”
Meeting with youth in three different cities
10/05/2018: Nigeria
The “New Horizons” implementation committee adopts three new initiatives
Province of Nigeria
09/05/2018: Philippines
Family day gathers four Marist branches
Marist Family Day
08/05/2018: Brazil
Brasil Centro-Sul province
Perpetual vows of Br Rafael Fagner Ferreira
07/05/2018: General House
May 8
Memory of the martyrdom of Br Henri Vergès and of Sister Paul Hélene
07/05/2018: General House
International communities for a new beginning
Marists of Champagnat are welcomed in the Lavalla200> formation programme
07/05/2018: Spain
Coffee-Colloquium in Palencia
Marists in Compostela deal with the theme of the XXII General Chapter
06/05/2018: Philippines
International Commission of Brothers Today
Visits to formation houses in Asia
05/05/2018: General House
Agios.Mar 21
A consistory in sight
04/05/2018: Guatemala
Vocational processes in América Central
First intercommunity meeting in Guatemala City
04/05/2018: Singapore
Asia will develop greater regional collaboration
Three commissions dedicated to spirituality, mission, and laity
03/05/2018: General House
International Communities for a New Beginning
Lavalla200> Third Preparation Programme
02/05/2018: Spain
‘The Marist family feels called to be beacon of hope in a turbulent world’
Coffee-Colloquium in Orense
01/05/2018: General House
Calendar of the General Council and directors of Secretariats
May – June 2018
30/04/2018: Singapore
Living with greater vitality the charism of St Marcellin
Promoting and nourishing lay Marist life in Asia
30/04/2018: Mexico
Provincial of México Central
Br José Sánchez Bravo is appointed for a second term of three years
28/04/2018: Mexico
Provincial of México Occidental
Br Miguel Ángel Santos Villarreal is appointed for a second term of three years
27/04/2018: France
European Marist Conference
Meeting of the European Council of the Marist Mission in Lyon
26/04/2018: Brazil
Province of Brasil Centro-Sul
Perpetual profession of Br Ronaldo Luzzi
25/04/2018: Australia
Provincial of Australia
Br Peter Gerard Carroll named for a second mandate of three years
24/04/2018: Syria
The situation in Syria is getting worse
FMSI calls for solidarity
23/04/2018: General House
FMS Message 48
22nd General Chapter
21/04/2018: General House
Leaders for a global family
João Carlos do Prado, general councillor
20/04/2018: Lebanon
Two years and a half of the Fratelli Project
Inter-congregational project members share their experience
19/04/2018: Switzerland
Marist Children from 16 countries to participate in major UN debate
FMSI at the forefront of children’s rights to develop their civil and political rights
18/04/2018: France
Following Marcellin, to be contemplative in action
Marist Weekend in Notre Dame de l’Hermitage
18/04/2018: General House
A heart that knows no bounds
18 April 1999: Canonization of Marcellin Champagnat
17/04/2018: Syria
‘We strongly condemn the Western aggression against Syria and the Syrians’
The latest news from the Blue Marists
16/04/2018: General House
Agios.Mar 20
Apostolic Exhortation: Gaudete et exultate
16/04/2018: South Africa
Working in five schools
Marist Schools Council
15/04/2018: Philippines
Notre Dame of Dadiangas University
Personnel gathered for a day of deepening marist life
15/04/2018: Syria
The letters of Aleppo
Blue Marists publish book on Syria
14/04/2018: Brazil
Vocation school in the América Sur region
Encounter of vocation leaders of Brasil Centro-Norte
14/04/2018: Chile
Haitians in Chile
Rafael Ariztía Institute opens its doors to immigrants from Haiti
13/04/2018: General House
Leaders for a global family
Br Óscar Martín, general councillor
12/04/2018: New Zealand
Australia, Melanesia and Pacific
Meeting of Oceania’s Council and College of Leaders
12/04/2018: Sri Lanka
First and final professions in Nebombo
Five new Brothers and final Profession of Br Jiji Dhasan
11/04/2018: Brazil
See, judge and act
Interprovincial meeting of youth commissions
10/04/2018: Brazil
Brasil Sul-Amazonia province
Marist memories project
10/04/2018: General House
Navigating vocational pathways for Marists of Champagnat
New presence community in the Marist District of Asia
09/04/2018: Brazil
Being a lay Marist
Formative meeting of leaders of the MCHFM of the Brasil Centro-Sur province
09/04/2018: Spain
“Being the face and hands of your tender mercy”
Thresholds spirituality course
08/04/2018: General House
Agios.Mar 19
New liturgical feast in the Roman calendar: Mary, Mother of the Church
08/04/2018: Argentina
Province of Cruz del Sur
Encounter of animators of the CMMF fraternities
07/04/2018: General House
Young people, the faith and the discernment of vocation
300 youth draft one of the synod’s instrumentum laboris documents
06/04/2018: Mexico
México Central and Occidental
Report on the rights of children and youth
06/04/2018: United States
Chapter of the United States of America province
New provincial council is installed at the beginning of Holy Week
05/04/2018: El Salvador
“Here I am Lord to do your will”
Perpetual Profession of Br René Montes
05/04/2018: South Africa
‘Coloured’ and mixed-race community
Lavalla200> Atlantis Community will get involved in youth initiatives
04/04/2018: Argentina
FMSI prepares a document on children’s rights
Annual meeting of FMSI Cono Sur
04/04/2018: Philippines
Lay Marists
CMMF formation on mission and generous service
03/04/2018: General House
108 novices in the Institute
Novitiates of the Marist Brothers across the world
03/04/2018: Nigeria
Meeting in Orlu
Marist Youth Commission decides a two-year strategic plan
02/04/2018: Brazil
Strengthening regional identity
América Sur’s regional committee meets in Curitiba
31/03/2018: Switzerland
Children and adolescents, human rights defenders
General Discussion in the UN
30/03/2018: Australia
Calls of Pope Francis, discernment and accompaniment
Community Leaders gather at Mittagong
30/03/2018: General House
Agios.Mar 18
Persecuted Christians: Blood ecumenism
29/03/2018: Greece
Global charismatic family in Athens
Day of reflection on the calls of the 22nd General Chapter
28/03/2018: El Salvador
Joint formation brothers and laity
Lent with our common house: the Earth
28/03/2018: Brazil
Becoming present among the excluded and displaced
Brasil Centro-Norte mobilizes for the cause of the refugees
27/03/2018: Argentina
All Brothers
First inter-congregational meeting of community leaders
27/03/2018: Canada
Montreal, Quebec, Sherbrooke and Drummondville
Four youth communities
26/03/2018: Singapore
Administrative Units intensify collaboration
Meeting of the superiors of Oceania and Asia
26/03/2018: Philippines
Praying for our life’s direction
Lay formation for youth searchers
26/03/2018: General House
Civil and political rights in El Salvador
Marist International Solidarity Foundation
25/03/2018: General House
Leaders for a global family
Br Sylvain Romuald Ramandimbiarisoa
25/03/2018: General House
Marist ONG will offer internships for italian students
FMSI signs deal with the Regional Education Office of Lazio
24/03/2018: Vatican
New paths for the Church and for an integral ecology
Synod for the Pan-Amazonia
23/03/2018: Nigeria
Province of Nigeria
Mission Conference held in Emene
23/03/2018: Mexico
Building bridges with future horizons
Meeting of provincials of Arco Norte
22/03/2018: Solomon Islands
Leaders of Melanesia communities reflect on Chapter message
Communities hope to be more ‘homely’
22/03/2018: General House
Agios.Mar 17
Paul VI and Oscar Romero - Decrees of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints
21/03/2018: General House
Human rights of children in Peru, Argentina and Ghana
21/03/2018: Philippines
Rekindling the passion for Marist lay formation
CMMF Marist School Marikina Experience
20/03/2018: General House
Guatemala 2019: “Weaving Life”
International gathering of Marist youth
19/03/2018: General House
Team Leadership
Official photo of the general government
18/03/2018: Brazil
América Sur Region
Meeting of school education team
18/03/2018: Guatemala
Services for the vulnerable population
América Central’s provincial commission of solidarity
17/03/2018: Spain
“Solidarity is part of the DNA of the Marist charism”
200 people attend the 6th social forum of the Ibérica province
16/03/2018: Brazil
Get going! The new beginning is now
Marist pastoral week of the Brasil Centro-Norte province
16/03/2018: General House
“The war is my childhood destroyed under the ruins and stored in a box”
The diary of Myriam
15/03/2018: General House
Leaders for a global family
Br Ben Consigli
14/03/2018: Vatican
Agios.Mar 16
Young saints and blessed, the Vatican's latest book
13/03/2018: Brazil
Perpetual vows of Brother Alison Furlan
Marist province of Brasil Centro-Sul
11/03/2018: Syria
Blue Marists
Letter from Aleppo No 32 (March 4th, 2018)
11/03/2018: Argentina
There is life ... and it summons us!
Meeting of the areas of provincial animation
10/03/2018: Brazil
Charisma and Commitment in the Brasil Centro-Sul province
Meeting of the Marist lay youth
09/03/2018: Brazil
New Marist community gathers for the first time
Community Lavalla200> Tabatinga
08/03/2018: General House
Br Valdícer Civa Fachi
Appointment for the Collaboration for Mission, International (Cmi) secretariat
07/03/2018: Kiribati
33-year-old makes final vows in the Institute
Perpetual profession of Br Amberoti Nantei
07/03/2018: Guatemala
Weaving Dreams
SED and TVE delegation in América Central
06/03/2018: General House
Agios.Mar 15
Witnesses of the Church of Argelia
05/03/2018: General House
Br Ken McDonald
Leaders for a global family
02/03/2018: Argentina
The Cruz del Sur Province launches a mobile application
«Cruz del Sur» Provincia Marista
02/03/2018: South Sudan
FMSI is donating $ 60,000 for students in South Sudan
German Marists help an Africa's population
01/03/2018: General House
Calendar of the General Council and directors of Secretariats
March – April 2018
01/03/2018: Portugal
Something new has begun
Meeting of the European team of Brothers Today
28/02/2018: General House
Feedback of the XXII General Chapter

Chapter evaluation survey is now available
27/02/2018: Australia
The reality of aboriginal groups is ‘sad and regrettable’
Mount Druitt Lavalla200> strengthens ties with the aboriginal community
27/02/2018: Belgium
A day’s retreat prepares Marists for Lent
‘Recognising the traces of God in the other’
25/02/2018: General House
“Being able to change the railway without stopping the train”
The general council holds a week of talks with the secretariats
24/02/2018: France
Bishop Sylvain Bataille
Visit of the Bishop of Saint-Étienne to the l’Hermitage community
23/02/2018: Bolivia
Like Mary, welcoming experiences from God
Regional Novitiate Champagnat de Cochabamba
23/02/2018: Germany
The solidarity of Marists in Furth
Raising money for Cambodia and refugees in South Africa
22/02/2018: General House
Agios.Mar 14
Recalling those who gave their lives in Algeria in the 1990s
21/02/2018: Fiji
Br Tabunga Etuati
First profession in Lomeri
20/02/2018: General House
General council and Secretariats meet to discern Institute’s future steps
A week of awareness and joint reflection
19/02/2018: Peru
An Amazon mission with Marcellin Champagnat
A teacher for the “Datem”
16/02/2018: Rwanda
Sustainability of the Marist Mission in Africa and Asia
Seminar on the sustainability project for Marist life and mission
16/02/2018: General House
Agios.Mar 13
Inminente canonización de Pablo VI
15/02/2018: Bangladesh
FMSI raises €5,000 euros for Rohingya children in two months
Collaborating with Caritas Bangladesh
15/02/2018: Brazil
Two universities could start forming people involved in the Marist economy
Meeting of the technical team of sustainability of Africa and Asia
14/02/2018: Italy
Two Marists are awarded a diploma in safeguarding children
A new licentiate degree in child protection is now also available
13/02/2018: East Timor
Building a new school
Partnership between Australia and Brazil
12/02/2018: Spain
130 Marists gather from Lebanon, Syria, Spain and Italy
Box of 5 dreams
11/02/2018: General House
Agios.Mar 12
Beatification of 19 martyrs of the Church of Algeria
09/02/2018: Germany
Arquebuse, Hermite and other products from the time of the founder
New book on famous Marist beverages
08/02/2018: Papua New Guinea
Final profession in newly built chapel
Brother Blaise Jai
07/02/2018: General House
Marist Association of St Marcellin launches social media accounts
Social media launch
07/02/2018: Brazil
Project concludes with more than 200 solidarity actions
Networking Marists
06/02/2018: Italy
The General Council community gathers in Nemi
Laying the foundation of an international community
05/02/2018: General House
Fighting sexual abuse
International Catholic Child Bureau (BICE) develops a strategic plan
03/02/2018: General House
Agios.Mar 11
New regulations on relics of saints and blessed
02/02/2018: Brazil
Second edition of Vidamar III
An invitation to leave your comfort zone
01/02/2018: Brazil
Marist Solidarity Mission
Marist students begin the year with solidarity activities
31/01/2018: General House
Ongoing formation programmes for 2018
Brothers Today secretariat to hold five programmes
30/01/2018: Philippines
Draft itineraries are established for all formation stages in Asia
Asia formators meeting
29/01/2018: General House
Agios.Mar 10
The decree of beatification of Brother Henri Vergès has been approved
28/01/2018: United States
Project Lavalla200> - Community of East Harlem
Learning to conjugate these four verbs: welcome, protect, promote and integrate
27/01/2018: Paraguay
Strengthening Religious Vocation
Meeting of Young Brothers of the América Sur Region
26/01/2018: Spain
Towards new action plans in Europe
Second assembly of the councils of mission of Marist Europe
25/01/2018: General House
Message of Brother Ernesto Sánchez
The Superior general’s invitation to realize the construction of a new La Valla
25/01/2018: Venezuela
Celebration of lay bonding with the Marist charism
Thirty lay people publicly confirm their commitment as Marists
24/01/2018: Lebanon
Fratelli Project Council meets for further planning, evaluation
Council to receive a new member
23/01/2018: General House
Marist Solidarity
First assembly of the Marist International Solidarity Network
22/01/2018: United States
Br Patrick McNamara re-elected as provincial
Second term as provincial, from 2018 – 2021
20/01/2018: Mexico
Agios.Mar 9
Brother Basilio Rueda on his way to the altars
19/01/2018: Nigeria
Nigeria’s ninth Provincial Chapter
Br Vincent Abadom takes up office as new provincial
18/01/2018: General House
‘Hello – Goodbye’ at El Escorial
Marist Ongoing Formation Team
17/01/2018: Australia
Lavalla200> Mount Druitt Community
Marist Learning Zone
16/01/2018: Bolivia
Santa María de los Andes holds 6th provincial chapter
Capitulars elect council and choose guidelines for the next three years
15/01/2018: General House
Perpetual profession of Br José Manuel Burmes Rangel
First brother of Machiques de Perijá
15/01/2018: General House
Agios.Mar 8
Cause of Br Henri Vergès: Meeting of commission of cardinals
12/01/2018: General House
Welcoming, protecting, promoting and integrating migrants and refugees
World day of migrants and refugees
12/01/2018: Madagascar
Madagascar’s 15th provincial chapter
Br Michel M. Razafimandimby starts as new provincial
11/01/2018: Canada
Provincial chapter of Canada
“Together, witnesses of the Marist charism”
10/01/2018: General House
Global solidarity
First assembly of the Marist International Solidarity Network
09/01/2018: General House
Agios.Mar 7
Ecclesial interest for the canonical recognition of sanctity
08/01/2018: Spain
Colouring MarCha Compostela
Educating spirituality in youth movements
08/01/2018: General House
January – February 2018
Calendar of the general council and directors of secretariats
05/01/2018: Mexico
Connected with you, Passionate for life
Vocational Year in the Province of Western Mexico
04/01/2018: Philippines
A School and Community Leaders’Collaborative Advocacy
Seminar Workshop on Keeping Children Safe
03/01/2018: Malaysia
East Asia Province
The dawning of Lay Marist life has begun
03/01/2018: General House
201 years of the Institute
The General Administration celebrates the anniversary of the Marist Brothers
01/01/2018: General House
Anniversary of the founding of the Marist Institute
2 January 1817
22/12/2017: General House
Superior general’s message for Christmas and January 2
The first Christmas of the third Marist Century
22/12/2017: Mexico
Two first professions in Mexico City
Brothers José Eduardo Maciel Mota and Miguel Osvaldo Pérez Argüello
21/12/2017: Guatemala
Fourvière Promise
Lay people of the América Central Province
20/12/2017: Venezuela
Sixth Provincial Chapter of Norandina
Superior general: ‘It’s worth living the Marist life today’
19/12/2017: Brazil
Provincial Chapter of Brasil Centro-Sul
Priorities for the coming term
17/12/2017: General House
Agios.Mar 5
Brother Basilio’s cause resumes
14/12/2017: Guatemala
América Central celebrates its 15th Provincial Chapter
The new provincial takes up office
12/12/2017: General House
Agios.Mar 4
What does it mean to canonize someone?
11/12/2017: Spain
Resilience and migrant childhood
A change of perspective
09/12/2017: Spain
Perpetual Profession of Brother Isaac Rodríguez
“I discover myself every day to be a seeker of the authentic Encounter”
08/12/2017: General House
Committee of Mission
Towards new models in the Marist Mission
07/12/2017: Syria
Syrian Brother: Priority of Blue Marists now is to offer a solid formation
Video interview with Br Georges Sabe
06/12/2017: Nigeria
Team management, governance and administration
Workshop on leadership
05/12/2017: Vatican
Agios.Mar 3
New rapporteur of the Sacred Congregation for the Causes of Saints
04/12/2017: General House
The awakening of the laity in the Church and the international Marist communities
International communities for a new beginning
02/12/2017: Italy
Encounter of the Marist European Conference
Superiors of Europe deal with the issue of migration and welcoming
01/12/2017: General House
To victims and survivors of abuse
A statement from the 22nd General Chapter
30/11/2017: Australia
Meetings of Oceania Council and College of Leaders
Exploring new areas of Marist life and mission across Oceania
29/11/2017: El Salvador
We are excited about the future
XI Encounter of Marist Fraternities of América Central
28/11/2017: General House
Official launching of the Chapter’s message
Superior general: ‘I present you all the Chapter document’
27/11/2017: Ghana
20th anniversary of the Marist Preparatory and Junior High School
The school director appeals for government aid
27/11/2017: General House
Cardenal Cisneros University College
Agreement with the Gregorian University for the Protection of Children
24/11/2017: General House
Journeying Together as a Global Family!
Message of the XXII General Chapter
24/11/2017: General House
Defying our usual inertias
Towards a new profile of the Secretariat of the Laity
23/11/2017: General House
Agios.Mar 2
Brother Antonio Martínez Estaún, Postulator general
22/11/2017: Scotland
German Marist coordinators gather for the first time
Keeping the Marist charism alive
21/11/2017: Italy
‘Children on the Move – diritti senza confini’
FMSI marks 10th anniversary appealing for migrant children’s right to education
20/11/2017: Chile
Marist Education Congress
The challenges of Marist education in the country
20/11/2017: Brazil
Each with their own rhythm
Itinerant Retreat of the Young Marist Laity
20/11/2017: General House
November 20
Universal Children’s Day
18/11/2017: Spain
“You feel part of something much bigger, that goes beyond school”
Compostela gathers 100 new educators
17/11/2017: Brazil
Marist Union of Brazil
Marist Brazil launches social report
17/11/2017: Nigeria
Final vows, golden and silver jubilees
Triple celebration in the Province of Nigeria
16/11/2017: Spain
Fourteenth day of the Marist educator
More than 700 professionals gather from the Ibérica province
15/11/2017: Colombia
Building a Culture of Vocation
Vocational colloquium at the Norandina Province
14/11/2017: General House
Marist News
Number 500
14/11/2017: Canada
60th anniversary of Quebec’s Marist Camp
Celebration coincides with 10 years of lay leadership
13/11/2017: Guatemala
Br Hipólito Pérez Gómez
New provincial of América Central
12/11/2017: General House
Agios.Mar 1
General postulation
10/11/2017: Brazil
Br Benê Oliveira
New Provincial of Brasil Centro-Sul
10/11/2017: Vatican
Brothers Ernesto Sánchez and Emili Turú visit the Vatican
Encounter with Cardinal João Braz de Aviz
09/11/2017: General House
The book “Brothers” reaches the community
Fourth volume of the History of the Institute?
08/11/2017: Zambia
Two perpetual professions and a silver jubilee
Brothers Joseph Daka, Davy Mbasela and Patrick Bwalya
07/11/2017: General House
Calendar of the General Council and Directors of Secretariats
November – December 2017
06/11/2017: India
Marist presence in India
Several schools, projects help ‘untouchable’ children out of poverty
03/11/2017: Brazil
Brasil Sul-Amazônia Province
Brothers and Laity cultivate spirituality in a retreat
02/11/2017: Mexico
Elderly Brothers of México Occidental
Br Ernesto Sánchez’s visit to Casa Champagnat
01/11/2017: South Africa
Footsteps through Sacred Heart College
New website explains the College’s Marist history
31/10/2017: Dem. Rep. of the Congo
Brothers of Bugobe killed for refusing to leave their people
Four Spanish Brothers and two Belgian Brothers
30/10/2017: General House
FMSI hosts child rights conference for its 10-year anniversary
‘Children on the Move, diritti senza Confini’ to be held on Nov. 20
27/10/2017: United States
School retreat at Franklin Lakes, New Jersey
Being the Light
26/10/2017: Spain
II Days of the Marist Educator
300 teachers meet in Cartagena, compete at La Valla Awards
25/10/2017: Haiti
Looking for greater self-sustainability
A year after Hurricane Matthew
24/10/2017: General House
English speaking third age programme in Rome
‘You always engage in ministry, you never retire as a Brother’ says director
23/10/2017: Spain
School receives certificate for quality education and social commitment
European Foundation for Quality Management
20/10/2017: Colombia
20th October 2017
Closure of the XXII General Chapter
20/10/2017: Colombia
The New Beginning has already begun
Remarks by Brother Ernesto Sánchez at the closing of the XXII General Chapter
20/10/2017: Spain
Compostela Province
Forming specialists in Marist leadership and spirituality
19/10/2017: Colombia
Thursday, 19th October
Penultimate day of the General Chapter
19/10/2017: General House
Preparation Program for Lavalla200> 2018
The Superior General wants you!
18/10/2017: Colombia
Wednesday, October 18
General Chapter: Voting on the Constitutions
18/10/2017: Brazil
Second National Congress of Marist Youth Ministry
450 youth from all Brazil discuss social issues and the role of PJM
17/10/2017: Colombia
Tuesday, 17th October
General Chapter – Voting on Constitutions and Statutes
17/10/2017: Lebanon
Pilgrimage to the Holy Valley (Ouadi Qadisha)
Marist School Jbeil-Amchit
16/10/2017: Colombia
Monday, 16th October 16
Constitutions and ‘Rule of Life’
16/10/2017: Colombia
Message of the Vicar General
Br. Luis Carlos Gutiérrez
16/10/2017: United States
LaValla Weekend Retreat
Fundraising for earthquake and hurricane victims
14/10/2017: Colombia
Saturday, 14th October (Day 37)
Work on the Constitutions and Statutes, and statement on the Rights of Children
13/10/2017: Colombia
Friday, October 13
Constitutions, Statutes and Rule of Life
13/10/2017: Colombia
Marist International Volunteering in Colombia
Uruguay volunteers tell of experience
12/10/2017: Colombia
Thursday, October 12
Feast of Our Lady of Aparecida and Our Lady of Pilar
12/10/2017: General House
Protection of children in the General Chapter
May Marist works be a safe place for children
12/10/2017: United States
Marists from Cuba celebrate the Institute’s bicentenary in Miami
50th anniversary of alumni
11/10/2017: Colombia
Chapter: Day 34
Presentation of the revised Constitutions and Statutes
11/10/2017: Greece
Nikolas Charikiopoulos
Celebration of an entrance to postulancy in the chapel of Agia Kyriaki
10/10/2017: Colombia
New General Council
Six Brothers form the new General Council with Brothers Ernesto and Luis Carlos
10/10/2017: Colombia
First New General councilors
Elected 4 of the six councilors
10/10/2017: Brazil
2,000 students taking part in Curitiba’s Marist Olympiad
A professional footballer and survivor of airplane crash will light the pyre
09/10/2017: Colombia
Monday, October 9
General Chapter - Moving on
09/10/2017: Colombia
General Chapter Reaching out to show support for migrants
The capitulants participate in the Caritas campaign
08/10/2017: Colombia
Saturday, October 7, 2017
Approval of the Procedure for Election of the General Council
07/10/2017: Colombia
I dream of an Institute ...
Marist Novices in Medellín
07/10/2017: Colombia
Friday, October 6
29th day of the General Chapter
06/10/2017: Fiji
School finishing repairs after last year’s Cyclone
Marist Brothers Primary School (MBPS)
06/10/2017: Colombia
October 5, 2017
Principles and recommendations for action – “New La Valla”
05/10/2017: Mexico
Superiors from México Central share what they learned from the earthquake
‘The reconstruction of the Ixtaltepec house concerns us exclusively’
04/10/2017: Colombia
October 4th: Working on key themes
General Chapter
04/10/2017: Philippines
A committee dedicated to child protection
Educating teachers and student leaders on child rights
04/10/2017: Colombia
Election of the Superior General and Vicar General of the Institute
General Chapter, October 3
03/10/2017: Colombia
Vicar General of the Institute
Brother Luis Carlos Gutiérrez Blanco
03/10/2017: Colombia
Br Ernesto Sánchez
New Superior General of the Marist Brothers
03/10/2017: France
October 1817 - Jeanne-Marie Chavoin and Marie Jotillon
Two hundred years of the Marist Sisters
02/10/2017: Colombia
Monday, October 2
Moment of discernment
02/10/2017: General House
Fr John Larsen
New superior of the Society of Mary
02/10/2017: Colombia
La Valla Interprovincial Novitiate, Medellín
Marist Creed for a New Beginning
02/10/2017: Brazil
In the dance of the mission
Marist Brazil prepares for the 2nd National Congress of Marist Youth Ministry
30/09/2017: Colombia
Saturday, September 30, 2017
Farewell to the lay invitees to the General Chapter
29/09/2017: Colombia
Friday, September 29
XXII General Chapter
29/09/2017: Chile
Education Commission of the América Sur region
Creating a school network and action plan
29/09/2017: Colombia
Thursday, October 28
Presentation of the’ Being Lay Marist’ document and key implications
28/09/2017: General House
Co-creators of a common future
Proposals of the Secretariat of Laity to the capitulants
28/09/2017: Philippines
Final vows coincide with 70th anniversary of Marist presence
One Brother makes perpetual vows, another re-enters the Institute
27/09/2017: Colombia
Wednesday, 27th September
What are the 4 things that God is calling us to for a New Beginning?
27/09/2017: Mexico
Marist works in Mexico after two earthquakes
‘The work of Ixaltepec has been affected in practically everything’
26/09/2017: Colombia
Tuesday, October 26
Hearing God's Calls
26/09/2017: Syria
Letter from Aleppo No 31 (September 24, 2017)
Neither War nor Peace
26/09/2017: Colombia
Monday, September 25
Letting go ... Yesterday, today and tomorrow
25/09/2017: Bangladesh
Institute shows solidarity with the Rohingya
Marist students and Brothers protest in Srimangal
25/09/2017: Italy
FMSI launches new website, Twitter and Instagram accounts
Marist International Solidarity Foundation Onlus For the benefit of children
24/09/2017: Colombia
Saturday, September 23
What we need to leave behind
22/09/2017: Colombia
Friday, September 22
Letting go
22/09/2017: Colombia
Thursday, September 21
Regenerative Dialogue on the Institute
21/09/2017: Colombia
Wednesday, September 20
Intervention of Brother Emili Turú
21/09/2017: Mexico
Educating young victims of violence
Traveling companions of Ciudad Juarez
20/09/2017: Colombia
To the Victims of Hurricanes and Earthquakes in The Americas
Message from the General Chapter
20/09/2017: Colombia
Tuesday, September 19
Lay people and brothers: what the body is telling us
20/09/2017: Italy
Italian town names a street and a bridge after Saint Marcellin Champagnat
50 years of Marist presence in Cesano Maderno
19/09/2017: Rwanda
Brothers visit Kibeho, Shrine of Our Lady of Sorrows
Pilgrimage to Marian shrine commemorates bicentenary
19/09/2017: Colombia
Monday, September 18
Looking within the Institute
18/09/2017: Tanzania
Bicentenary coincides with 25 years of Marist presence in Tanzania
Three brothers left Mexico for the mission in Tanzania
17/09/2017: Colombia
Saturday, September 16
Celebrating the Bicentenary of the Institute
16/09/2017: France
Brothers celebrate jubilees on feast of the nativity of Mary
Six Brothers celebrate 60 years, one Brother celebrates 50 years in the Institute
16/09/2017: Colombia
Friday, September 15
Sensing, making presence, realising
15/09/2017: Colombia
Thursday, September 14
Meeting with young people
15/09/2017: Haiti
Reopening of the Novitiate in Jérémie
Novitiate opens 10 months after hurricane Matthew
14/09/2017: Colombia
Wednesday, September 13
Towards a new land
14/09/2017: South Africa
Three2Six gets long term volunteers from abroad
Volunteering with refugee children from 5 – 12 months
13/09/2017: Mexico
Following earthquake, Marists ask for solidarity
Marist Mexico unites to help earthquake victims
12/09/2017: Colombia
September 12, Feast of the Holy Name of Mary
Discovering the New World and Electing the Facilitation Commission
12/09/2017: Colombia
Monday, September 11
Leave something behind and open up to the world around us
12/09/2017: Cameroon
Marist District of West Africa
Workshops in Ghana and Cameroon
11/09/2017: General House
Brothers continue to train in Safeguarding of Minors
Diploma from the Centre for Child Protection in Rome
11/09/2017: Colombia
Sunday, September 10
Developing an awareness of the role of capitulants
09/09/2017: General House
Saturday, 9th September 2017
Meeting with Pope Francis marks the second day of the Chapter
08/09/2017: Colombia
Afternoon of 8th September 2017
The General Chapter is declared officially opened
08/09/2017: Colombia
A New La Valla
Opening of the 22nd General Chapter
08/09/2017: Colombia
Opening of the 22nd General Chapter
At the edge of waiting - Statement by Br Emili Turú, current superior general
08/09/2017: General House
To seek more intensely the peripheries
Message of Cardinal João Braz de Aviz to the 22nd General Chapter
08/09/2017: Brazil
Improving the flow of communication in the region
The team discusses the communication of the América Sur region
07/09/2017: Colombia
Verification of the election of Delegates
Supervision of the regularity of the elections of the delegates to the 22nd General Chapter
07/09/2017: General House
Proposals to the capitulants
Documents regarding the development of the General Chapter
06/09/2017: Philippines
Superiors gather in General Santos
Discussing future plans of Marist communities
05/09/2017: New Zealand
Oceania Region meets to discuss future plans
‘Our discernment will continue,’ affirms Australia’s provincial
04/09/2017: General House
General Chapter: Hear the voice of the Spirit of God
Interview with the superior general, Brother Emili Turú
02/09/2017: France
Living the Marist charism with the family of origin
Encounter of Brothers and parents at Hermitage
01/09/2017: Madagascar
Revitalizing charism and mission
Brothers and lay in a joint formation in Antsirabe
31/08/2017: Colombia
22nd General Chapter
Preparations begin in Rionegro
30/08/2017: Vatican
Vatican Post office commemorates bicentenary
Vatican to sell postage stamps for Marist bicentenary
30/08/2017: Cuba
‘Whoever does not live to serve, does not serve to live’
Forming 50 youth pastoral animators
29/08/2017: Sri Lanka
Developing Marist spirituality among Brothers and laity
Fifth Meeting of the Asia Laity Commission
28/08/2017: Brazil
To make Marcellin’s dreams come true
Brasil Centro-Norte elects Provincial Youth Commission
28/08/2017: Sri Lanka
Province of South Asia
A Retreat with a different note
26/08/2017: General House
Towards a new beginning
Chapter members are carriers of the fruits of Pre-Capitular process
25/08/2017: Philippines
Gathering of Young Brothers
Temporary Professed Brothers in Active Ministry
25/08/2017: Brazil
Assembly of Brothers and laity in preparation for the 22nd General Chapter
Reflections and convictions of the Brazil Centro-Sur province
24/08/2017: Haiti
Assembly of Haiti’s Marist sector
Forming to transform reality
23/08/2017: General House
New appointments for 2018
Appointments for the Secretariat of the Laity, Cmi and economic issues
22/08/2017: General House
Towards the General Chapter
Proclaiming a New La Valla
22/08/2017: France
A Bridge into the Future
West Central Europe province - Bicentenary Gathering in the Hermitage
21/08/2017: France
Being Brother Today
European Marist Brothers under 50 meet at l´Hermitage
20/08/2017: Italy
Who are the unaccompanied minors?
Marist of Siracusa and the immigration drama in Europe
19/08/2017: General House
The Human Rights Council and the Universal Periodic Review
FMSI is protagonist in the promotion and defense of the rights of children
18/08/2017: Australia
Appealing for volunteers
Marist Youth Ministry’s homework club
17/08/2017: Fiji
Lomeri Novitiate in Lomeri
Br. Anitelea Fidow's First Profession of vows
16/08/2017: Italy
Open up to the light
‘Amanecer’ programme: June 24 – Aug. 24
14/08/2017: Spain
Institute of Marist Studies – Pontifical University of Salamanca
The first course on school bullying, bullying and cyberbullying ends
13/08/2017: East Timor
Instituto Católico para a Formação de Professores
Marist teaching Institute now offers a Bachelor of Education equivalent
11/08/2017: Australia
New mobile app encourages Marian contemplation
Marist Daily Prayer: spiritual formation through your phone
09/08/2017: Kenya
Marist Africa and the new beginning
Meeting of the CSAC in Nariobi
08/08/2017: Kenya
African Marist Formation for a New Beginning
African Marist Gathering on Initial Formation - Nairobi 22-29 July 2017
07/08/2017: South Africa
Sharing our Call
Retreat gathers 45 staff from all South African Marist schools
04/08/2017: Nigeria
Marist Spiritual Patrimony workshop in Orlu
16 first year postulants receive workshop on St Marcellin Champagnat
03/08/2017: Bangladesh
Marists Giasnogor
Marist volunteers in Asia
02/08/2017: El Salvador
Fifth provincial encounter of youth from the América Central province
750 youths gather at the Liceo Salvadoreño
01/08/2017: Papua New Guinea
Chapter of the Melanesia district
Superior starts mandate and new Council is elected
31/07/2017: Brazil
Brasil Centro-Sur Province
The theme of the retreat of brothers and laity is La Valla House of Light
29/07/2017: General House
Commission for the Revision of the Constitutions
Capitulants will soon receive final draft of Constitutions and the draft of the ‘Rule of Life’
28/07/2017: Philippines
The Vocation of the Marist Laity
Brothers convene to discuss laity issues with a Chapter participant
27/07/2017: Brazil
Brasil Sul-Amazônia Province
A preparatory meeting for the 22nd General Chapter gathers brothers and laity
26/07/2017: Bolivia
Santa María de los Andes
Capitulants attend assembly in Cochabamba
25/07/2017: Argentina
Strategic Plan of the America Sur Region
Meeting of the Regional Committee in Buenos Aires
24/07/2017: Kenya
I have carried you up on eagles wings
African Marist formation for a new beginning
23/07/2017: General House
International Communities for a New Beginning
The Lavalla200> 2017 group concludes its programme at L’Hermitage
22/07/2017: Mexico
FMSI takes part in a Global Consultation of Experts
‘Violence against children in mobility: from continuum of violence to continuum of protection’
21/07/2017: Switzerland
Universal Periodic Review before the Human Rights Council of the UN:
FMSI Cono Sur's report for Argentina
19/07/2017: Mexico
A spirituality for a new beginning
11th Meeting of the Inter-American Network of Marist Spirituality
18/07/2017: Canada
Br Gérard Bachand
Provincial superior appointed for second term
17/07/2017: Philippines
Moving towards communion and greater vitality
CMMF Notre Dame Cotabato
17/07/2017: Guatemala
Brother Luis Carlos Gutiérrez Blanco
América Central’s provincial appointed for second term
15/07/2017: Argentina
Cruz del Sur Province
Pre-Chapter Assembly
14/07/2017: Kenya
Province of East Central Africa
Bicentennial celebrations and final vows in Orore
13/07/2017: Australia
250 Marists gathered from across Australia to celebrate the Marist bicentenary
Young Australians ‘Awaken’ at National Marist Youth Festival
13/07/2017: General House
Beginning of the cause of beatification of Brother Moisés Cisneros
The General Council constitutes the cause Actor
13/07/2017: Syria
Let’s choose to build peace!
Letter from Aleppo No 30 (July 9th 2017)
12/07/2017: Sri Lanka
First Marist Novices from Timor Leste
Twelve Novices Initiated into the Novitiate at Tudella
11/07/2017: Bolivia
Br Saturnino Alonso Ortega
Second term for Provincial superior of Santa Maria de los Andes
10/07/2017: Philippines
Coming Together 200 years for a New Beginning
East Asia Province Launching of Marist Bicentenary
10/07/2017: Portugal
First Profession in Vouzela
Br José Luís Rangel Carvalho
08/07/2017: General House
FMSI to receive new staff
Brother Rick Carey, of the United States province
07/07/2017: Italy
Brothers from Africa and Asia receive child protection diploma
The Marist Institute and the Gregorian University’s Centre for Child Protection
06/07/2017: Colombia
Provincial superior of Norandina is elected for second term
Br César Augusto Rojas Carvajal
06/07/2017: United States
USA Provincial Assembly
Discussions include future of province and role of laity
05/07/2017: General House
Calendar of the General Council and Directors of Secretariats
July – September 2017
04/07/2017: Brazil
Vocational culture: a new beginning for Marists of Champagnat
National encounter for vocational animators
03/07/2017: General House
Farewell celebration held in honour of Iolanda Gallo
24 years of service to the Institute
30/06/2017: France
L’Hermitage Province
First religious profession of Brother Than-Laurent Hua
29/06/2017: General House
International Communities for a New Beginning
15 Marists assigned to Cape Town, Tabatinga, East Harlem, Romania and MDA
28/06/2017: Guatemala
Vocational processes
Course for accompaniators
27/06/2017: Ghana
First profession in Kumasi-novitiate
Nine Novices made their First Profession
26/06/2017: General House
Marist Institute’s ‘Fratelli Project’ takes part in photo contest
Winner will receive €460 ($515 USD)
24/06/2017: Rwanda
East Central Africa province
Three Brothers make final vows during bicentenary feast
23/06/2017: Brazil
Marist Union of Brazil
Meeting on being a lay Marist
23/06/2017: Netherlands
West Central Europe gets new Mission Council
Members include three Brothers and three laity
22/06/2017: Angola
Br Lourenço Sapalo
Perpetual profession in Southern Africa province
21/06/2017: Germany
FMSI attends ‘Global Conference on Children on the Move’
Reflecting with UN members on ways of improving children’s rights
21/06/2017: France
Pilgrimage to Marist places
Brothers and Laity of the General Administration visit L’Hermitage
20/06/2017: Canada
Province of Canada
Extended provincial council discusses challenges
20/06/2017: Spain
Marist Lay Vocation
Ceremony of connection to the Marist charism
19/06/2017: Madagascar
Br Michel Maminiaina Razafimandimby
Madagascar’s new provincial superior
17/06/2017: Chile
Marist Model of Evangelisation
Provincial Strategic Project of Santa María de los Andes
16/06/2017: General House
Keeping Alive the Institute’s Heritage
Annual meeting of the Institute’s Patrimony Commission
15/06/2017: Chile
Annual meeting of the FMSI Cono Sur Office
Taking on new challenges
15/06/2017: Greece
Memory of St Marcellin Champagnat
Greece’s Marist Family celebrates the Bicentenary
14/06/2017: General House
Marist International Solidarity Foundation Onlus
FMSI launches “Rights without borders. Marist initiatives for the care of Migrants and Refugees”
13/06/2017: Cambodia
Marist District of Asia
Champagnat Day in Pailin
13/06/2017: Argentina
The life of religious Brothers
Encounter of Brothers in Lujan
12/06/2017: General House
Marist Charism in the Social Media
12/06/2017: Portugal
Marist Experience in Fatima
Celebration of the Golden Jubilee of the Bairo group of 1966
11/06/2017: Philippines
Revitalizing shared charism and mission
Joint Formation exploring the new relationship of Brothers and Lay
10/06/2017: General House
General administration celebrates Bicentenary on feast of St Marcellin
Guests include Cardinal João Braz de Aviz and two Bishops
09/06/2017: Kenya
Together, towards a common future
Extended Secretariat of Laity Meeting
08/06/2017: General House
To embark in the history and seriously commit oneself to it
Presentation of the “History of the Institute”
07/06/2017: General House
A look at the Marist Life during the Institute’s Bicentenary
Photographic exhibition on the life of the Marist Brothers
06/06/2017: General House
A Marist heart for children and youths
Brothers Today Secretariat’s project to commemorate the Bicentenary
05/06/2017: Brazil
Fostering communion in the American continent
Interamerican Conference of Provincials
04/06/2017: General House
Feast of Saint Marcellin
Feast of the Bicentenary at the General House
02/06/2017: United States
'Burn like A Star'
Marist Youth Gathering in Poughkeepsie
01/06/2017: General House
Appeal for Marist of Champagnat to share the Charism
31/05/2017: Italy
International communities for a new beginning
Formation of the candidates according to the Program Lavalla200>
30/05/2017: General House
Taking a very important turn in our lives
Message for the feast of Saint Marcellin Champagnat 2017
30/05/2017: Brazil
New relationship of communion
Joint Formation of Brothers and Lay Marists of Champagnat
29/05/2017: General House
Making the Journey Together
Report of the Superior General and his Council to the 22nd General Chapter
27/05/2017: Canada
News of the Marist charism, around the same table and thanksgiving
The province of Canada celebrates the 200th anniversary of the Institute
26/05/2017: Philippines
East Asia Province
Seven Brothers make their profession in Cotabato
26/05/2017: General House
Implementing a culture of communication
Communication Committee reflects on formation and institutional image
25/05/2017: General House
Authentic and Transformative Leadership for a New Africa
Second phase of the New Horizons Project
24/05/2017: General House
HUMANITY – To be human with human beings
FMSI continues to support the Blue Marists in Aleppo and the Fratelli Project
24/05/2017: South Africa
‘Three2Six’ programme
Marists educate nearly 300 refugee children in Johannesburg
22/05/2017: Spain
“Senderos” spiritual formation course
FMSI Course on the Rights of the Child in El Escorial
21/05/2017: Canada
Les Trois Violettes, Montréal, Desbiens and Château-Richer
Provincial retreats in 2017
20/05/2017: General House
A great spirit without cultural barriers
Groups of permanent formation visit Marist places
19/05/2017: Philippines
Marist Community Living Experience
Vocational meeting in General Santos City
18/05/2017: Brazil
Brother João Carlos do Prado
New Provincial of Brasil Centro-Sul
17/05/2017: Spain
Mediterranean Marist Province
3rd Assembly of the Fraternities of the Champagnat Movement
16/05/2017: South Africa
150th anniversary of the arrival of the Brothers in Cape Town
Saint Aloysius’ School, first Marist school outside Europe
16/05/2017: Lebanon
Testimonies of the Syrian tragedy
Marists continue to support Syrians
15/05/2017: Brazil
Being a lay Marist
The Secretariat of the laity reflects on a document it will present at the General Chapter
12/05/2017: Spain
To see him pray, it was a school of how to become face to face with God
Ex-General Councillor Br Fabián Javier García Terradillos passes away, aged 97
11/05/2017: France
Marists share time at The Hermitage
Marists from all five continents in the Marist Places
11/05/2017: Romania
Brothers without Frontiers
the Marist Brothers of Bucharest and the De La Salle Brothers came together
10/05/2017: Brazil
Provincial Assemblies in Curitiba
The Marist Province of Brasil Centro-Sul inaugurates the Marist Memorial and gathers Marists of Champagnat
09/05/2017: Nigeria
‘God accompanies a task with the appropriate grace’
Br Vincent Uchenna Abadom, new Provincial of Nigeria
09/05/2017: General House
Universal Periodic Review before the UN Human Rights Council
FMSI’s submissions for Ghana and Zambia
08/05/2017: Spain
Marists of Champagnat
Encounter of Brothers and Laity in Roxos
06/05/2017: General House
Authentic testimony of the love of Christ
8 May: 23rd anniversary of Brother Henri Vergès’ assassination
05/05/2017: Brazil
Marist family: promise, fidelity and commitment
National encounter of the Marist family
04/05/2017: Mexico
Perpetual vows of Brother Adán Cantú Solís
Indigenous ritual for a profession in the Mexico Central province
03/05/2017: Italy
Project Lavalla200>
International Community in Siracusa
02/05/2017: General House
May - June 2017
Calendar of the General Council and Directors of Secretariats
01/05/2017: Spain
“A Marist network in Europe today”
Meeting of the Marist Europe in Alcala De Henares
30/04/2017: Philippines
The Spirituality of St Marcellin Champagnat
51 Brothers gather for annual retreat
28/04/2017: General House
Second Lavalla200> formation programme
First week of orientation will begin April 30
28/04/2017: Brazil
Marist Youth Ministry
The Youth Formation Meeting beats the record of participants
27/04/2017: South Korea
Final vows
Br. Paul Won, Seoul
27/04/2017: Argentina
Walking together towards the 22nd General Chapter
Marist educational communities of Rosario
26/04/2017: General House
Process of coordination among Marist entities of solidarity
Encounter of the Marist NGO’s in Rome
25/04/2017: Spain
Excouncillor and econome general
Brother Ezequiel Vaquerín Fernández passes away
24/04/2017: General House
A New La Valla
Guests of the 22nd General Chapter
23/04/2017: Mexico
Youth for Service programme
Youth prepare themselves for Marist volunteering
22/04/2017: Cuba
The charism of Champagnat inspires Cuban educators
Workshop for educators in Cienfuegos
21/04/2017: General House
Marist International Solidarity Foundation
Micro-Projects approved by FMSI
21/04/2017: General House
The world's biggest challenges, according to the youth
Videos prepare youth that will participate in the General Chapter
20/04/2017: France
‘La Valla, the paths of a dream’
Provincial Encounter of Mediterranea in Hermitage
19/04/2017: General House
“Conversations that transform”
Dialogue of the Secretariat with teams and lay commissions
17/04/2017: General House
Pope invites to find new places and ways of educating, and to be close to children and youth
Br Emili Turú speaks about his encounter with Pope Francis
15/04/2017: Brazil
More than 42% of Brazilian children and youth live in poverty
Marist publication highlights social conditions of child-youth population
14/04/2017: Spain
New inter-congregational community
Marists and Lasallians stretch hands again
13/04/2017: Nigeria
Commitment to Religious Life: Renewed Heart for a New Beginning
Provincial Assembly of Nigeria
12/04/2017: General House
Marist International Solidarity Foundation
FMSI is looking for an International Fundraising and Projects Coordinator
12/04/2017: Australia
Meeting of the Oceania Council
Region of Oceania
11/04/2017: Papua New Guinea
Br Jean Marie Batick
Superior of Marist District of Melanesia appointed for second term
10/04/2017: Vatican
Pontiff acknowledges 200 years of Marist mission and life
Brother Emili Turú received by Pope Francis
10/04/2017: Switzerland
Institute attends UN Human rights Council
Children’s rights
08/04/2017: Mozambique
24 novices in Matola
11 new novices in the province of Southern Africa
07/04/2017: United States
‘La Valla Weekend’ retreat encourages students to service
Students hear testimonies of refugees, have a simulation experience
06/04/2017: Madagascar
To facilitate communication and enhance efficiency
African Mission Commission meeting
05/04/2017: Spain
300 youths celebrate bicentenary
Compostela Province
04/04/2017: Uruguay
America Sur Region
America Sur’s implementation team meets with provincial councils
03/04/2017: New Zealand
Mass of Thanksgiving in Auckland
Marists of Pacific celebrate the Bicentenary of the foundation of the Institute
02/04/2017: Spain
Joint Celebration of Marist Fathers and Brothers
Marist Bicentenary in Leon
31/03/2017: General House
Encounter of provincial and district administrators
The goods of the Institute at the service of Marist life and mission
31/03/2017: Philippines
Champagnat Marists walking together
The Philippine Sector Laity
30/03/2017: General House
Lavalla200> Formation Program
The second program of Lavalla200> formation is about to begin!
30/03/2017: Portugal
Active members of the new La Valla
Bicentenary celebration in Carcavelos
29/03/2017: Brazil
Brasil Centro-Sul Province
Assembly of the Marist youth laity
28/03/2017: Ireland
Students celebrate Bicentenary
Young Marist leaders stress importance in leadership training
27/03/2017: General House
La Valla: The Lighthouse
Letter of Brother Emili Turú - 25 March 2017
25/03/2017: Italy
President of Anti-corruption National Authority attends Marist celebration
Discussing honesty during a school’s 50th anniversary
24/03/2017: Italy
Permanent Formation for middle-aged Brothers
“Senderos” programme in Manziana
23/03/2017: Syria
Letter from Aleppo No 29
March 15: the sad 6th anniversary of the beginning of the war
23/03/2017: Spain
Nearly 1,000 celebrate Bicentenary in Granada
'Bringing children close to God is an exciting responsibility,' says Superior General
22/03/2017: Mexico
The Provinces of Mexico celebrate 200 years of the Institute
Marist Bicentenary in la Chona
21/03/2017: Rwanda
Second Workshop for the Sustainability of PACE
‘The Marist mission is in our hand’
20/03/2017: Nigeria
Province of Nigeria promotes educative programme
Schools gather to discuss successes, challenges of New Horizons programme
16/03/2017: France
Province L’Hermitage
The Animation Team of MChFM
15/03/2017: Australia
To ensure co-responsibility
Oceania Partnership Commission
14/03/2017: General House
Revision of the Constitutions
Second Draft of the Constitutions available online
13/03/2017: Colombia
Marist youth ‘row into the deep’
REMAR celebrates its 40th anniversary this year
10/03/2017: General House
International communities for a new beginning
Accompanying Lavalla200> in Asia and Australia
09/03/2017: Argentina
Provincial encounter of animators
Animators of Cruz del Sur Province gather to analyse their path
08/03/2017: United States
Lavalla200> in New York
Last member arrives to the new East Harlem Community
07/03/2017: East Timor
First Lady of East Timor addresses, encourages students at their graduation
Students graduate from country’s sole international primary teacher college
06/03/2017: General House
Marist Lives through the Lens
A book of living Marist portraits to be published in September
04/03/2017: Ghana
Marist District of West Africa
Second workshop on Sustainability of the Mission in Africa and Asia
03/03/2017: General House
New models of animation, government and management
Meeting of the Mission Committee
02/03/2017: General House
Marist International Solidarity Foundation
FMSI - Board meeting
01/03/2017: Philippines
A Marist organisation helps integrate children back into society
The Marcellin Foundation helps give children a better future
28/02/2017: Uruguay
Former Marist student Servant of God
Isidro Alonso, of the Santa María School of Montevideo
24/02/2017: General House
March – April 2017
Calendar of the General Council and Directors of Secretariats
24/02/2017: Kiribati
In the Pacific, Bicentenary celebrations continue
New grotto of Our Lady inaugurated in bicentenary celebration
23/02/2017: Spain
SED to release a CD to fundraise for educational projects in Ghana
Marist NGO SED launches a CD on its 25th anniversary
22/02/2017: Scotland
“Global Citizenship Project” 10th Anniversary
Care for mothers and children suffering from HIV
21/02/2017: Spain
Dreaming of the future school
More than 500 gather in Barcelona
21/02/2017: Brazil
13th Ordinary general assembly
20/02/2017: Spain
Hermitage, School for Educators
Formation for 29 educators of Compostela
18/02/2017: General House
General House starts planning Bicentenary celebration held on June 6
Preparing June’s celebration of Father Champagnat
17/02/2017: General House
8-14 February 2017
Meeting of the International Commission of Brothers Today
17/02/2017: Colombia
Provincial to new novitiates: ‘fall in love with Jesus’
Official entry to the interprovincial novitiate La Valla, Medellin
16/02/2017: Canada
Collaboration for mission, international (Cmi)
Province of Canada prepares Marist volunteers
16/02/2017: Bolivia
New hearts for a new beginning
Formative itinerary of preparation for perpetual profession
14/02/2017: General House
To enter together in the territory of the new
Proposed workshop by the Secretariat of Laity in 2017
14/02/2017: Peru
Marist education towards a new beginning
Encounter of Educators in Lima
13/02/2017: Italy
Lavalla200> in Syracuse
New way to share life with Laypeople and Brothers
11/02/2017: Greece
Marist mission marked by ecumenism
The president of Greece participates in bicentenary celebrations in Athens
10/02/2017: Italy
Online child protection programme to be introduced
Institute starts a new collaboration with Rome’s Centre for Child Protection
09/02/2017: El Salvador
A new beginning. A new experience…
Community of Santa Ana receives two young lay people
08/02/2017: Malaysia
New Mission in Kuching
East Asia Province launches new school
07/02/2017: General House
International Gathering of Marist Youth
Marist family begin the way to Panana 2019
06/02/2017: General House
International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation
Institute promotes education of human rights to eradicate such practices
06/02/2017: Italy
President of Italy thanks Marists for “preparing one for life”
Sergio Mattarella attends bicentenary celebration
04/02/2017: Australia
Bicentennial Salve Regina
Marists worldwide participate in a special video to commemorate Bicentenary
03/02/2017: South Sudan
Over 5,000 seek refuge in Solidarity with South Sudan compound to escape death
One Marist Brother and three sisters live at the location
02/02/2017: General House
The Pope to Religious: “No to the culture of the provisional”
The Superior General participates in an encounter at the Vatican
02/02/2017: General House
Perpetual Professions
Marists consecrate for life at the West Africa District and México Central Province
01/02/2017: Greece
Spaniards spend Christmas holidays in Greek refugee camp
Spending Christmas with over 2,000 refugees
31/01/2017: General House
They are just children, not slaves
Feb. 8: International Day of Prayer and Awareness Against Human Trafficking
31/01/2017: General House
Marcellin Champagnat
A cartoon video on the history of the Marist charism
30/01/2017: Portugal
Hearts that are open to helping and welcoming
Marists of Lisbon welcome refugees
29/01/2017: Spain
European network for the Marist mission
First Assembly of the mission councils of Marist Europe
28/01/2017: Mexico
Have you lived? Have you loved?
Experiential workshop of interiority
27/01/2017: Philippines
Take Heart. Towards a New Beginning
Perpetual profession of Brother Jonnel M. Sisneros
26/01/2017: Philippines
‘John brings international Marist involvement and perspective’
MAPAC gets new rector: Brother John Hazelman
25/01/2017: Chad
Celebrating Marist mission in the District of West Africa
Marists of Koumra Community celebrate the Bicentenry
24/01/2017: Haiti
A new beginning
Dame-Marie, three months after the hurricane Matthew
24/01/2017: General House
1955 - 2017
The Institute Celebrates the Superior’s Birthday
23/01/2017: Sri Lanka
Lavalla200> in Asia
Br Réal Sauvageau: “Our Call” lived in the International Tudella Novitiate
19/01/2017: General House
Sustainability of the Mission in Africa in Asia
Glogal team work on successes and challenges to the Marist mission
18/01/2017: General House
“Sorry for all the times we have been the object of scandal”
The Church and the fight on paedophilia: the experience of the Marist Brothers - Br Emili Turú
17/01/2017: Brazil
I want to see justice surge like water, and goodness like an unfailing stream
The Marist Solidarity Network holds a mystagogical encounter
16/01/2017: Spain
Feeling like a family around the same table
Formation of Marist animators in Compostela
15/01/2017: South Africa
Marist-Mercy Summer Camp in Addo Valley
Marist Brothers and Mercy Sisters with the poor children
13/01/2017: General House
Child Migrants, the Vulnerable and the Voiceless
World Day of Migrants and Refugees - Lavalla200> Siracusa
13/01/2017: Argentina
Celebrating the Institute’s bicentenary in Lujan
Br Víctor Preciado participates in the celebration at the Cruz del Sur Province
12/01/2017: General House
XXII General Chapter
Letter concerning the pre-chapter process
11/01/2017: Canada
“Dare to dream a new beginning”
Marist Forum 2016
11/01/2017: Kenya
Marist International Center (MIC), Nairobi
The Bicentenary Celebration in Marist Africa
10/01/2017: France
The Bicentenary at the cradle of the Institute
Celebration of the Bicentenary at La Valla and at Our Lady of l’Hermitage
09/01/2017: Kenya
To deepen, share and celebrate
Enlarged General Council in Africa
09/01/2017: Bangladesh
“The Periphery is today the center of the Marist world”
Brother Emili inaugurates the Marist School in Giasnogor
07/01/2017: Kenya
African Patrimony Commission
Workshop on Marist Spiritual patrimony at MIC
06/01/2017: General House
A New La Valla
Participants in the 22nd General Chapter
05/01/2017: Philippines
Marist Formation in an Intercultural Community
Asia Region Initial Formation Colloquium
04/01/2017: General House
The Marist Bicentenary celebration begins
Marists of Champagnat remember the founding of the Institute at La Valla
03/01/2017: Haiti
International Marist solidarity
Réginald Sauvageau - lay Canadian Marist
02/01/2017: General House
Calendar of the General Council and Directors of Secretariats
January – February 2017
30/12/2016: Uruguay
Welcoming Syrian refugees
Marist Experience of attention to the migrant population
29/12/2016: Italy
Project Lavalla200>
An intercultural and international in Siracusa
27/12/2016: Australia
Marist Association of St Marcellin Champagnat holds regional meetings
Videos released to help prepare members
26/12/2016: General House
Marist Vocation Animators for a New Beginning
Testimonies of the Marist Vocation Animators encounter
23/12/2016: Brazil
International Communities for a New Beginning – Lavalla200>
Brothers Jeff Crowe and Ángel Medina visit the community in Tabatinga
21/12/2016: Haiti
Marist works resume activities
Marist students return to classrooms
20/12/2016: General House
Gratitude, forgiveness, commitment
Message of the Superior general for the Marist Bicentenary
19/12/2016: General House
Being light in the world
Closure of ‘Marist Vocation Animators for a New Beginning’
17/12/2016: Italy
‘Take in the beauty,’ Br Stefano tells participants
Perpetual profession of Br Stefano Divina in Giugliano
16/12/2016: Syria
Moving Forward
Letter from Aleppo No 28 (December 12th 2016)
15/12/2016: Mexico
“Be firm and steadfast, for God is with you wherever you” (Joshua 1: 9)
Perpetual profession of Br Antonio Isidro Peralta Aragón
15/12/2016: Spain
‘First Day of the Marist Educator’ in the Mediterranea Province
Over 450 teachers participate in a meeting in Alicante and Cordoba
14/12/2016: General House
New Communication Committee of the Institute
Implementing a culture of communication
13/12/2016: General House
A new Marist Dawn, a new Beginning
Prayer for the 2nd January
13/12/2016: General House
Commission for the Review of the Constitutions and Statutes
Constitutions and Statues and Rule of Life
12/12/2016: Italy
3rd Age Program for English Speakers
19 October - 16 December
10/12/2016: General House
Human Rights Day
Marists commit to promoting and defending children’s rights
09/12/2016: Mozambique
We are Marist Brothers for the most disadvantaged
Religious professions in Mozambique
08/12/2016: Mexico
Marist Experiences of attention to the Migrant population
Marist Support Center for the Migrant in Querétaro
07/12/2016: General House
Being marist spreads, but in community
Marist Vocation Animators for a new beginning (28 November - 4 December)
06/12/2016: General House
A Path to Education and Maturity in Faith
The Mystique of Marist Youth Ministry
05/12/2016: Spain
The Marists are recognized for their work rendering attention to the victims of a war
The Blue Marists receive the International Award Navarra to Solidarity 2016
05/12/2016: Ecuador
We made our roadway, as we walk
Meeting of the coordinators of the Lay Commissions of the Americas on 23-27 November
04/12/2016: Colombia
“We are born of Solidarity, and we will be born again for Solidarity”
Encounter of directors and animators of the community of the Norandina Province
02/12/2016: General House
There is a flower ... I think it has tamed me ...
Marist Vocation Program 2016 - Week 3
01/12/2016: General House
Bicentenary of the Institute
30/11/2016: Brazil
Solidarity with the victims of the plane crash
15 students are children or grandchildren of Colombia's plane crash vicitims
30/11/2016: Pakistan
Golden Marist Presence in Pakistan
Visit of Brothers Emili Turu and Michael De Waas
29/11/2016: Nigeria
Professions in Nigeria Province
Three Brothers promise to follow the dream of Marcellin Champagnat in perpetuity
28/11/2016: Vietnam
A new Champagnat!
A sign of a “New Beginning”
28/11/2016: Malawi
Province of Southern Africa
Four Brothers commit their lives to God for life
27/11/2016: Mexico
Mexico Occidental Province
Formation itinerary for spiritual companions
26/11/2016: Italy
Marist Brother wins honorific Italian prize for outstanding social work
Br Vasco Santi campaigned for blood donation for several decades
25/11/2016: General House
“it is no longer enough to reform consecrated life; it has to be reformatted”
Br Emili took part in the Assembly of the Union of Superiors General
24/11/2016: General House
General Center for Marist Mission
Proposal of the Operational New Model for Marist Mission
22/11/2016: General House
Mobile App “Maristas”
New Mobile App enables fast access to Marist world news and pictures
22/11/2016: General House
Wake and Listen
Marist Vocation Animators Program 2
21/11/2016: Mexico
Contemplatives in action like Mary
Nartional Encounter of the Marist fraternities of Mexico 2016
20/11/2016: General House
November 20
Universal Children’s Day
19/11/2016: Guatemala
A sign of hope for our Marist future
100 years old: Br Alberto Castrillo Tablado
18/11/2016: General House
Global “photograph” of the Marist Mission
Module Missio of the Marist System for Data Management
18/11/2016: Philippines
Telling and listening to heart-warming stories
Temporary Professed Brothers in Active Ministry
17/11/2016: New Zealand
Marists are safe despite earthquake and tsunami
Schools have not been affected
16/11/2016: General House
Marists committed to the vocational future!
Programme of Marist Vocation Animators
16/11/2016: Kenya
Study and analysis of New Models for Africa
The Commission draws up a 6-year strategic plan to address crucial issues
15/11/2016: General House
Course “Amanecer” (Dawn or Daybreak) in Rome
The course of Spanish and Portuguese language for the Third Age has come to an end
15/11/2016: Haiti
The island is experiencing the worst humanitarian crisis since the earthquake of 2010
How is the island a month after hurricane Matthew?
13/11/2016: Spain
“Belonging to a global body”
Meeting of the Marist European Conference (CEM)
11/11/2016: Australia
Australian Marist Solidarity
Christmas campaign will help Timor Leste
11/11/2016: General House
Br Eugène Kabanguka returns to the General House after months in hospital
“I live in a big and good family,” says the Brother
10/11/2016: Brazil
One prayer at every impulse!
Brasil Centro-Sul launches videos to animate daily activities
10/11/2016: Italy
Charismatic families on their way
Religious institutes are invited to value the experiences of the laity
09/11/2016: Brazil
“Look now at the skies and count the stars”
I Interamerican Encounter of Marist Formators
08/11/2016: Spain
200 and +… On the way to a new beginning
Extended General Council of Europe
07/11/2016: General House
Universal Children’s Day - November 20
FMSI launches an initiative to call attention on the rights of infancy
06/11/2016: Honduras
Transforming dreams into realities
Marist life and mission in Honduras
04/11/2016: Brazil
A new beginning: Discipleship, mysticism and mission
Pastoral Assembly of the Marist Province of Brazil Centro-Sul
03/11/2016: Syria
Who is my neighbour?
Situation in Aleppo – 30 October
03/11/2016: United States
Staff of seven Marist schools take part in a retreat
Marist Brothers Center at Esopus gathers teachers and staff
02/11/2016: Australia
What is Marist Solidarity
Meeting of NGOs of the Marist region of Asia and the Oceania
01/11/2016: Brazil
Marist Brazil debates quality education
5th International Congress of Marist Education
31/10/2016: Chile
Showing solidarity with ‘Villa Hermano Fernando de la Fuente’
Marists evangelise a peripheral neighbourhood in Rancagua
30/10/2016: General House
November – December 2016
Calendar of the General Council and Directors of Secretariats
29/10/2016: Australia
New beginning in Oceania
New Models Project Meeting
28/10/2016: General House
Marist Vocation Animators for a New Beginning
Institute will hold an important vocational encounter for brothers and laity
27/10/2016: Thailand
Common Vision for Marist Life and Mission in Asia
Meeting about the New Models
27/10/2016: Ireland
Gratitude to those many Marist educators
The Marist schools of ‘The Emerald Isle’ celebrated Marist week
26/10/2016: General House
Martyrs of Bugobe - 31 October 1996
20th anniversary of the tragic death of the Brothers Servando, Julio, Miguel Ángel and Fernando
24/10/2016: Australia
Extended General Council in Oceania
Gathering of the General Council with the 3 Councils of the Oceania Region
24/10/2016: Thailand
District of Asia receives five new missionaries
Destination countries include Philippines, Sri Lanka and Cambodia
21/10/2016: Guatemala
Being a Brother: The biome of fraternity
4th Seminary of the Latin American and Caribbean Confederation of Religious – CLAR
20/10/2016: Rwanda
1,000 participants attend the Eucharistic celebration
Br Félix Banam makes final vows in Rwanda
20/10/2016: Haiti
The hurricane’s big destruction
The population of Haiti bears the consequences of hurricane Matthew
19/10/2016: Australia
Old Boy of Marist Brothers High School in Suva
Fijian Prime Minister visits Parramatta Marist High School
19/10/2016: Brazil
New management at PUCRS
Brother Evilázio Teixeira appoitned as new Rector
18/10/2016: General House
Living experience at Manziana
Thresholds program
17/10/2016: Brazil
Nearly 2,000 objects & 24,000 photographs in Champagnat memorial
Revitalizing work continues in Brasil Sul-Amazonia’s museum
15/10/2016: Argentina
Need to dream together
Cruz del Sur Province now includes Paraguay District
14/10/2016: General House
Marist Missionary Sisters
Former superior general, Sister Patricia Stowers, passes away
13/10/2016: Brazil
LaValla200> Project
International Community of Tabatinga
13/10/2016: Haiti
Emergency Haiti
How to help the affected population
12/10/2016: United States
FMSI visits the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General on Violence against Children
Brother Álvaro Sepúlveda meets with Marta Santos Pais
11/10/2016: Haiti
Much destruction also in Dame-Marie
Schools could reopen within a month and a half
11/10/2016: Thailand
The vocation of a brother and the new beginning
Extended General Council of Asia in Bangkok
10/10/2016: Syria
Renowned Spanish prize awarded to the Marists of Aleppo
Blue Marists will donate their 15,000 Euros to humanitarian aid and education
09/10/2016: France
Last day of the Laity Continental Commissions Meeting
Saturday, October 8
08/10/2016: France
Fifth day of the Laity Continental Commissions Meeting
Friday, October 7
08/10/2016: France
Fourth day of the Laity Continental Commissions Meeting
Thursday, October 6
08/10/2016: Haiti
Haitians affected again
Marist mission hit by a strong hurricane
08/10/2016: Lebanon
Youth from a Lebanese Marist School volunteer with the Fratelli Project
Students vist 150 children and their families
07/10/2016: Australia
New national director for Marist Schools Australia
Frank Malloy
06/10/2016: France
3rd day of the Laity Continental Commissions Meeting
Wednesday, 5 October
06/10/2016: Greece
Spanish youth visit refugee camp
Filippiada, the home of 500 refugees
05/10/2016: France
2nd day of the Laity Continental Commissions Meeting
Tuesday, October 4
04/10/2016: Spain
160 people listen to testimonies, address the future of youth ministry
Provincial encounter of youth ministry in Lardero
04/10/2016: France
1st day of the Laity Continental Commissions Meeting
Monday, October 3
03/10/2016: General House
Preparatory Commission sends document to all Marists of Champagnat
Pre-Chapter Process
03/10/2016: France
Meeting of the Continental Commissions Meeting
50 participants discuss the new relationship between brothers and laity
01/10/2016: Ireland
Irish Marist Schools
Marist Student Leadership Training
30/09/2016: Australia
Mother of Cmi director passes away
Institute offers deepest condolences to Brother Chris Wills
29/09/2016: United States
Fraternity, Mission and Spirituality
Encounter of Canadian and American Marist Youth
28/09/2016: General House
Thresholds and Amanecer
Formation courses now taking place in Italy and in Spain
27/09/2016: General House
Revision of the Constitutions
Provinces & districts asked to answer the 1st part of the consultation
26/09/2016: France
Islamic-Christian day in Lyon
Commemoration of the martyrdom of Brother Henri Vergès
26/09/2016: New Zealand
Brother David McDonald
Pacific district superior will serve a second term
25/09/2016: Brazil
Brasil Sul-Amazônia Provine
Fraternity is theme of the retreat for brothers and laity
24/09/2016: Philippines
East Asia Province receives three new postulants
Three Filipinos discerning to become Brothers
23/09/2016: General House
Young People Explain the Marist Charism in New Video
Youth say Marist Charism is to ‘Love Jesus and Talk in the Way of Mary’
23/09/2016: France
L’Hermitage Province
Champagnat Marists of Lagny
22/09/2016: Guatemala
New communities for new times
8th Marist Provincial Assembly, América Central
21/09/2016: Syria
Revolt and Compassion
Letter from Aleppo No 27
21/09/2016: Spain
“Shall we dream…?”
II European encounter of animation teams of the Champagnat Movement
20/09/2016: General House
4th meeting of the Preparatory Commission for the 22nd General Chapter
Commission meets to complete material to help brothers & laity prepare for Chapter
20/09/2016: South Africa
Marist Lay Leader Formation
Encounter of 13 Marist lay leaders in Johannesburg
19/09/2016: Spain
Education structure in Catalonia could change by 2018
800 Marist teachers attend education conference in Gerona
16/09/2016: France
Musical “With you Marcellin”
Converting boys and girls in protagonists of their personal and social story
16/09/2016: General House
General councillor shows signs of recovery
Three months after incident, Br Eugène Kabanguka continues to improve
15/09/2016: Brazil
LaValla200> Project
The first international community is born in Brazil
14/09/2016: General House
Revision of the Constitutions
Provinces and districts reminded to send consultation by Sept. 30
14/09/2016: Sri Lanka
Dream Together for a New Beginning
Fourth Provincial Chapter of the South Asia Province
13/09/2016: Brazil
Evangelising Education
Meeting of the Subcommittee on Education of America in Brasilia
12/09/2016: Australia
Oceania Council and College of Leaders
Talks include new International Community, New Models Project
12/09/2016: General House
Marial Spirit
Mary's name
11/09/2016: Brazil
América Sur Region
Encounter of the implementation team
10/09/2016: Spain
Mediterranea Province
Retreat for Brothers and laity
09/09/2016: Malawi
Province of Southern Africa
7th Provincial Chapter
08/09/2016: United States
Brother Brian Poulin Celebrates his Final Profession
United States Province
08/09/2016: General House
A New La Valla
Convocation of the 22nd General Chapter - Letter of the Br Emili Turú
07/09/2016: General House
Meeting of the network of bursars’s offices of América Sur
Encounter of the Administrators of five Provinces
06/09/2016: Cuba
60 youth gather to learn about leadership
Young Cubans attend ‘School for Leaders’
04/09/2016: General House
September – October 2016
Calendar of the General Council and Directors of Secretariats
03/09/2016: Spain
First exercises for the Marist family
Marist Fathers, Brothers, Sisters and Laity participate in prayer exercises
02/09/2016: Netherlands
Marist Education
Launch of the new Marist Curriculum in West Central Europe
30/08/2016: Peru
Investigations of Marist documents on our origins
Diploma in Marist Spiritual Patrimony for the Peru sector
29/08/2016: General House
Kate Fogarty
New co-director of the Secretariat of the laity
28/08/2016: General House
On the way to the Hermitage
Meeting of the Continental Commissions of laity
27/08/2016: Cuba
“That Cuba opens itself to the world, that the world opens itself to Cuba”
History of the Marist presence in Cuba
26/08/2016: Guatemala
Province of Central America
Program OASIS
25/08/2016: Lebanon
The Crisis of the Refugees in Lebanon
Letter from one in charge of the Project ‘Fratelli’
24/08/2016: Spain
A Factory of Dreams
The School of A Second Opportunity is born in Malaga
23/08/2016: Brazil
Marist Union of Brazil - UMBRASIL
5th International Marist Congress on Education
22/08/2016: Colombia
Joint-formation experience
Laity and brothers gathered in Cuenca (Ecuador) and Armenia (Colombia)
21/08/2016: Spain
Together to transform education
Edelvives Group and Google
20/08/2016: General House
Focus on Fourvière
Marist Notebooks 34
19/08/2016: France
“The Fifth Gospel”
Theatre play on Brother Henri Vergès
18/08/2016: Haiti
Live Marcellin’s dream today!
Marist Postulants have an apostolic experience
17/08/2016: Rwanda
Thinking of alternatives for cooperation within the African region
Encounter of provincial administrators of Africa
16/08/2016: France
Continuing a history that has come a long way!
The fifth Chapter of the Hermitage Province, Aug. 1 – 5
15/08/2016: General House
Towards a New Beginning
FMS Mensaje 46 - Year XXX
14/08/2016: Guatemala
“Christ invites us to welcome the Father’s loving project in our life”
School for leaders 2016
13/08/2016: Papua New Guinea
District of Melanesia
Brothers’ Assembly in Port Moresby
12/08/2016: Brazil
New Life
Brasil Centro-Sul Province organises the first retreat for Brothers and laity
11/08/2016: Philippines
“Towards a new beginning, as mystics and prophets in communion”
East Asia Province holds 4th Provincial Chapter
10/08/2016: General House
New video on Marists’ work for children’s rights
Short film shows Institute’s work involving Child Protection
09/08/2016: Brazil
Representatives of América Sur gather in Brasilia
América Sur region establishes a communication plan
08/08/2016: Brazil
Provincial encounter of MChFM
Brasil Centro-Sul Province
06/08/2016: Mexico
Province México Occidental
Second session of the 18th Provincial Chapter
05/08/2016: General House
Marist Foundation for International Solidarity
FMSI’s new board begins its new journey
04/08/2016: United States
We are one Marist Family!
USA Province Celebrating Good Times and a New Beginning!
03/08/2016: Cambodia
Spirit of sorority
Marist District of Asia Chapter
02/08/2016: Colombia
Vocational ministry: commitment of the Marists of Champagnat
Third Formation Experience jointly for Brothers and lay Marists
02/08/2016: Rwanda
United in a common mission
Second session of the provincial chapter of the East Central Africa Province
01/08/2016: United States
Institutions of Higher Education
VII Assembly of the Marist International Network of Institutions of Higher Education
29/07/2016: Australia
Mount Druitt Community
27/07/2016: General House
General Council appoints new directors for the Secretariat of Mission
General administration to receive new Secretariat of Mission
26/07/2016: France
1,000 gather for 200th anniversary of Fourvière Promise
Basilica of Fourvière Mass included over 400 Marist youths
25/07/2016: Colombia
New Models of Animation, Government and Management
Team meeting implementation of the Arco Norte region
23/07/2016: France
International Gathering of Marist Youth
Chronicle DARE TO DREAM – Friday July 22
23/07/2016: France
International Gathering of Marist Youth
Chronical DARE TO DREAM – Thursday, July 21
22/07/2016: General House
Br Eugène Kabanguka
Process of rehabilitation
22/07/2016: France
International Gathering of Marist Youth
Dare to Dream chronicle – Wednesday, 20 July 2016
21/07/2016: France
International Meeting of Young Marists
Tuesday, July 19 – Drink at the source
20/07/2016: France
Dare to Dream – International Meeting of Marist Youth
EIJM – Report of July 18
20/07/2016: General House
General Administration
Appointments of the General Council
18/07/2016: General House
23 July 1816
Foundation of the Society of Mary
16/07/2016: Guatemala
Arco Norte
Course for accompaniators of vocational processes
15/07/2016: France
International Marist Youth Encounter begins this Sunday
Volunteers arrived early to Lyon to prepare ‘Dare to Dream’
14/07/2016: Argentina
Cruz del Sur Province
Second session of Fifth Provincial Chapter
13/07/2016: Italy
New website for Vatican document on Brother’s Identity
Tutti Fratelli group launches resources for further reflection
12/07/2016: Argentina
FMSI Cono Sur
Put an end to violence against children
11/07/2016: Bangladesh
Moulovibazar Project
Marist publishers offer scholarships for tea garden children
10/07/2016: Ghana
Internacional Novitiate
First religious profession in Kumasi
08/07/2016: Pakistan
Newness in “Gathered around the Same Table”
Conference at Marist School of Sargodha
07/07/2016: General House
International Communities for a New Beginning
Marists sent in mission by the Superior General
06/07/2016: Sri Lanka
Workshops held in Asia as part of the ‘Mission Sustainability Project’
Sustainability workshops give tools to help Province’s sustainability of the Marist Mission
05/07/2016: General House
Institute’s New Postulator General
Brother Antonio Martínez Estaún
04/07/2016: Syria
War invades us…
Letter from Alep Nº 26 (June 27, 2016)
02/07/2016: France
Commissioning and Pledge at Fourvière on June 28 and 29
01/07/2016: General House
General House welcomes refugees
Three immigrants from Ivory Coast arrive to General House
29/06/2016: General House
On the way to the XXII General Chapter
Integration days of the General Council and of the Secretariats
28/06/2016: Italy
Lavalla 200>
Chronicle of the sixth and seventh weeks of formation in Camaldoli (June 13 - 25)
27/06/2016: General House
Session of the International Commission of Marist Spiritual Patrimony
Commission meeting with the Secretariat Brothers Today
25/06/2016: Canada
Canadian Bishop credits Marists for his vocation
New bishop of Montreal acknowledges the Marist Brothers for his faith
24/06/2016: Haiti
Marist Noviciate of Jérémie
First profession of three brothers
23/06/2016: General House
We remain in communion with Brother Eugène
General councillor Brother Eugène Kabanguka
23/06/2016: General House
From Marlhes to the world (1789-1907)
Publication of the Institute’s History
22/06/2016: General House
New Models of Animation, Government and Management
Project Team meets with representatives of Regions
21/06/2016: Brazil
Brasil Sul-Amazônia Province
Perpetual Profession of Brothers Roger Perius and Ricardo Fermo
21/06/2016: General House
New Commission members officially take up office
The International Commission of Brothers Today meets to discuss upcoming activities
20/06/2016: Italy
Lavalla 200> A heart without frontiers
Chronicle of the fifth week of formation in Camaldoli (June 6 - 12)
20/06/2016: Syria
Syrian children hope to play despite bombs
Marist Brothers build children’s playground in Aleppo
18/06/2016: Kenya
“I am a lay Marist”
Secretariat of the Laity visits the East Central Africa Province
17/06/2016: General House
First draft and consultation form of the revision of the Constitutions
Provinces and districts to send consultation by September
17/06/2016: General House
Cerebrovascular accident (CVA)
General councillor Brother Eugène Kabanguka
16/06/2016: Guatemala
The Provincials of Arco Norte invite to face new challenges
Open Letter of the Provincials of Arco Norte: Advancing on the journey
15/06/2016: Spain
Journeying the Marist way
Provincial Gathering – West Central Europe
14/06/2016: Fiji
Four teachers to join Marist school for children with learning disabilities
Marist Champagnat Institute
13/06/2016: General House
Fourvière: the revolution of tenderness
Letter of the Superior General
13/06/2016: France
Attention to partnerships
International Assembly of Marist Publishers
10/06/2016: United States
Marist Youth Gathering 2016: Let Me Dream
Weekend with 15 Marist schools of the US, Canada and Mexico
10/06/2016: Italy
International Communities for a New Beginning
Chronicle of the 4th week in San Martino a Monte - From May 30 to June 5, 2016
09/06/2016: Fiji
Marcellin celebrated in the Pacific
Bicentenary of the Marist Brothers was also launched in Suva
08/06/2016: Brazil
Marists of Champagnat in the Shrine of Aparecida
Renewing the Promise of Fourvière at the National Shrine of Aparecida
08/06/2016: General House
Horizons programme - Brothers aged 35 – 45
Seven-week programme focuses on Marist vocation at midlife
07/06/2016: South Africa
Seeing new visions, dreaming new dreams
Marist Leaders of South African schools meet
06/06/2016: Portugal
Marist Europe grows as a Region
Encounter of the Marist European Conference
04/06/2016: Argentina
América Sur Region
Project for a new interprovincial novitiate
03/06/2016: General House
LaValla200> Life together
Chronicle of the 3rd week in San Martino a Monte - From May 22 to May 29, 2016
02/06/2016: Philippines
Asian Marist Conference
Meeting of the Commission of Mission of Asia
01/06/2016: General House
June – August 2016
Calendar of the General Council and Directors of Secretariats
31/05/2016: General House
Mercy, the foundation of life and mission
Message for the feast of St Marcellin Champagnat
31/05/2016: Philippines
East Asia Province
11th Marist Mission Congress
30/05/2016: General House
Marist Evangelization in America
Encounter and Dialogue of the Interamerican Subcommittee of Evangelization
28/05/2016: Mexico
American Encounter of Synergy
Continental Commissions and Permanent Council of the CIAP
27/05/2016: Italy
La Valla 200>
New keys on the project 'international communities for a new beginning'
26/05/2016: Guatemala
Living committed to the future
Fourth Provincial Encounter of School Counsellors
25/05/2016: Philippines
I have loved you and you are mine
First professions in Tamontaka
24/05/2016: Colombia
Radically following Marcellin Champagnat
Perpetual profession of Brother Juan Pablo Gaviria Chindoy
24/05/2016: Ireland
Province of West Central Europe
Marist Student leadership Programme has been launched!
23/05/2016: Mexico
México Central Province
Provincial Assembly of Young Marists
22/05/2016: Spain
Number of participants of annual Marist walk ‘exceeds expectations’
3,000 gather for Marist pilgrimage on the top of Montserrat mountain
22/05/2016: Brazil
Co-nourishers of the Charism: Marist laity
Article on the lay experience of the Marist charism
21/05/2016: Philippines
East Asia Province
New novices in the Immaculate Conception novitiate in Cotabato
20/05/2016: Italy
La Valla 200>
First week of the formation program in Camaldoli
19/05/2016: General House
20th May 1789 - Rosey
20 May - Birthday of Saint Marcellin Champagnat
19/05/2016: Argentina
Video message for the Champagnat Movement of the Marist Family
Nearly 60 participants of 13 fraternities gather in Cruz del Sur
17/05/2016: Chile
New Marist region América Sur
First meeting of implementation of the new region
17/05/2016: Sri Lanka
Young Vine and Branches Growing into the Light
Seven new novices in Tudella
15/05/2016: Canada
Being a Marist Today
Provincial Assembly of Canada
13/05/2016: Thailand
Marist Asia Conference
5th Annual General Meeting of the Asia Region
12/05/2016: Paraguay
Cruz del Sur, Santa María de los Andes and Paraguay
Fourth Encounter of perpetual Brothers under the age of 57
11/05/2016: France
The Promise and Commitment
Marist weekend in Notre Dame de l’Hermitage
10/05/2016: General House
Dare to Dream: International Marist Youth Meeting
Online preparation for youth to celebrate Fourvière promise
09/05/2016: General House
‘Beyond Fourvière… Reflections from Young Marists’
Book released by young members of the Marist Family’s four branches
06/05/2016: General House
Martyr in Algiers
May 8, 2016, 22nd anniversary of the death of Brother Henri Vergès
06/05/2016: Spain
Second celebration of Lay Linking to the Marist Charism
Ibérica Province
05/05/2016: Brazil
Pastoral coordinators reflect on priorities for the triennium and on the Fourvière Year
Priorities of the Brasil Centro-Norte Province
03/05/2016: General House
Lavalla200> Formation Programme begins in Rome
Formation begins for international communities
03/05/2016: Nigeria
Lay woman of the Philippines leads workshop for Brothers and Laity in Africa
Brothers and laity ‘in search of greater vitality’ for the mission in Nigeria
02/05/2016: South Africa
Sixty-five brothers and laity gather to discuss leadership in Africa
Second Encounter of the New Horizons Formation Programme of Leadership
29/04/2016: General House
New images promote Vatican document on the identity of the brother
The Secretariat Brothers Today and the Tutti Fratelli group design new resources
28/04/2016: Vatican
Vatican could open cause of future Marist saint within days
Marists request Vatican to investigate Basilio Rueda’s cause for sainthood
27/04/2016: France
Laity and brothers receive joint formation in Hermitage
Participants finish formation programme 'with great satisfaction’
26/04/2016: Brazil
Marist Youth Laity is born in the Brasil Centro-Sul Province
Over 70 youth meet in Curitiba to reflect and commit to a Marist proposal
23/04/2016: Italy
Sharing Marist Life
Encounter of Laity and brothers of Italy
22/04/2016: United States
Coming to Understand our Role as Marists
Marist Educators and Camp Councilors come together
21/04/2016: General House
Member of the Vatican’s Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors encourages Marists
Nearly 70 participants gather at Marist child protection conference
20/04/2016: Philippines
Vitality of Marist Life in Asia Region
Meeting of the Laity Commission
19/04/2016: Germany
A tandem journey into the future
Provincial Chapter of West Central Europe
18/04/2016: Ecuador
Earthquake hits north coast of Ecuador
Over 570 deaths and 4,000 injured
17/04/2016: Colombia
Statue of Our Lady of Fourvière travelling from Ecuador to Colombia
Norandina Celebrates the Fourvière Year with Our Lady
16/04/2016: Peru
Evangelising through education
School directors of the Americas gather for third encounter
15/04/2016: Greece
‘Greek brothers and laity feel immense joy’ because of the Pope’s visit
Pope’s visit is an ecumenical message of unity, says Greek Marist
15/04/2016: Vatican
Jubilee Year of Mercy
Pilgrimage of New Provincials and General Council to the Holy Door of St. Peter's Basilica
14/04/2016: Spain
Promotion and defense of children’s rights and dignity
Marists of Catalonia form a team of care for victims of sexual abuse
13/04/2016: Rwanda
Africa Central-East
The Workshop of Young Brothers Preparing for Final Vows
13/04/2016: General House
New Provincials meet with general administration
Participants gather with members of the general council
12/04/2016: Sri Lanka
International Novitiate of Tudella
Marist Brothers make their first profession of vows
12/04/2016: General House
Superior General expresses gratitude in a Spanish Magazine
'Vida Religiosa' publishes Br Emili's thank you list
11/04/2016: Germany
Together we go further
Meeting of the European Lay Commission in Freising
09/04/2016: Philippines
What is the Marist Asia Pacific Center?
Interview with the rector of MAPAC, Br Peter Rodney
08/04/2016: Greece
Ecumenical Life in Athens
Affiliation of M. Nicolas Dessypris to the Institute of Marist Brothers
08/04/2016: General House
Three Superiors nominated for another term
West Central Europe and East Asia Provinces, as well as Asia District leaders re-nominated
07/04/2016: Brazil
Assembly establishes new region’s governance and finance model
New region of ‘América Sur’ officially inaugurated
06/04/2016: General House
First of a kind encounter for leaders comes to an end
20 Brothers and Lay gather for final week of formation
05/04/2016: Venezuela
Fourvière Experience
Joint formation with a missionary colour
05/04/2016: Australia
Improving the mission in the Institute
Meeting of the International Mission Commission
04/04/2016: United States
Growing in identity as Marist Educators
Meeting of faculty and staff members of the Marist Schools
03/04/2016: Australia
Supporting the vitality and growth of Marist Life in Oceania
Meeting of the Oceania Council and College of leaders
02/04/2016: Germany
Brother passes down Arquebuse de l’Hermitage secret recipe
Former Marist student appointed as new distiller in Bavaria
01/04/2016: General House
April – May 2016
Calendar of the General Council and Directors of Secretariats
31/03/2016: General House
La Valla 200>
International Communities for a New Beginning
30/03/2016: Spain
New provincial takes up office, new council elected
The province of Compostela celebrates its fifth chapter
29/03/2016: Spain
‘Coffee talks’ on Marist life held in schools in Oviedo and Valencia
The University of Salamanca’s Institute of Marist Studies
28/03/2016: General House
Community Animators participate in 2 month Formation Programme
17 Spanish and Portuguese speaking brothers in El Escorial
25/03/2016: General House
Keeping Children and Young People Safe
70 People to Gather for Conference on Child Protection in April
24/03/2016: Vanuatu
Marist presence grows in Melanesia
Perpetual profession of Br Elie Sangul
22/03/2016: General House
New Models Project
Implementation of Mission Organization
21/03/2016: Spain
Authority in the service of communion and mission
CONFER publishes full speech of Superior General
21/03/2016: General House
Being a brother today: a story of grace
10 Congregations of ‘Tutti Fratelli’ gather to discuss Vatican document
19/03/2016: Brazil
Communication and mission
New website of the Brasil Centro-Sul Marist Province
18/03/2016: Syria
What is that Hope that you proclaim?
Blue Marists - Letter from Aleppo 25
17/03/2016: General House
Community animators gather to learn from each other’s experiences
Brothers meet in Manziana and El Escorial for two months
16/03/2016: Italy
Superior speaks with Pope Francis just days earlier
Marist Missionary Sisters hold 10th General Chapter
16/03/2016: Kenya
Sustainability of the Mission in Africa
Workshops aim to help Africa move towards self-sustenance
15/03/2016: Nigeria
48 Brothers from 13 communities gather in Orlu
Nigeria Province celebrates end of Year of Consecrated Life
14/03/2016: Ecuador
Encouraging co-responsibility
The last two days of the Extended General Council in Arco Norte
14/03/2016: General House
Marist Religious Leadership Teams, Rome
Marist Response to Laudato Si
13/03/2016: General House
General Administration
News of the week
12/03/2016: Ecuador
Meeting of the Extended General Council
Account of the lived experience during March 9, 2016
11/03/2016: Spain
‘Syria, Life in Hell’
Spanish programme will reveal Marist work in Lebanon this Sunday, 11:30am
11/03/2016: General House
Preparing the XXII General Chapter
Second encounter of the Preparatory Commission
10/03/2016: Ecuador
“Being Brothers Today: a story of grace”
Opening of the Extended General Council with Arco Norte in Quito
09/03/2016: Brazil
Brazil and Cono Sur (América Sur)
Chronicle of the last two days of the Extended General Council
09/03/2016: South Africa
Southern Africa’s new provincial: Brother Norbert Mwila
‘I hope to share my knowledge, understanding, experience of life as a formator’
08/03/2016: Australia
Growth and formation of Marists in Oceania
Oceania Partnership Commission Meeting
07/03/2016: Bolivia
Champagnat Movement of the Marist Family
Encounter of Animators of MChFM
07/03/2016: East Timor
East Timor focuses on improving education
46 new graduates from the only teaching college
05/03/2016: General House
General Administration
News of the week
04/03/2016: Brazil
Brazil and Cono Sur
Chronicles of the second and third days of the Extended General Council
04/03/2016: General House
A bifocal gaze
Meeting of the Secretariat of the Laity
02/03/2016: Brazil
Being a bridge towards a new beginning
Extended General Council for the Region of Brazil and Cono Sur
02/03/2016: Scotland
Film to be made about Irish Marist Brother
Founder of Glasgow Celtic Football Club will hit the screens
01/03/2016: General House
We’ve prepared a varied programme and we hope it’s very appealing
Preparations continue for International Gathering of Marist Youth in Lyon
01/03/2016: General House
The first Italian Marist Brother
Memory of Br. Alfano
29/02/2016: Brazil
Marist Union of Brasil
The ordinary assembly elects new posts
27/02/2016: Brazil
Ministry in a parish
La Valla Fraternity of MChFM of Florianópolis, Santa Catarina
26/02/2016: General House
General Administration
News of the week
26/02/2016: Lebanon
Fratelli Project Council meets to finalise groundwork
Preparations finish for two socio-educative projects for displaced children in Lebanon
25/02/2016: Brazil
Br João Paulo Aranhaga Vargas
Perpetual profession in Tabatinga
24/02/2016: Philippines
Eight Brothers discuss formation programmes
East Asia Province holds Annual Formators’ Forum to stay updated
23/02/2016: Kenya
Collaboration between administrative units for mission in Africa
The African Mission Commission meets with CSAC for first time
23/02/2016: General House
Revision of the Constitutions
Communication from Marist International Commission for the Revision of the Constitutions
22/02/2016: Fiji
Brothers confirm they are safe after Cyclone
Category 5 cyclone hits the Pacific District
21/02/2016: Guatemala
‘It’s an oasis to continue serving joyfully’
Provincial Encounter of Community Animators 2016
20/02/2016: General House
General Administration
News of the week
19/02/2016: Greece
350 lay Marists reflect with the Brothers
The current evangelising mission of the Marist Institution
18/02/2016: General House
Teachers gather to promote innovative Marist educational style
Encounter of Marist Educators in Cruz del Sur
17/02/2016: Spain
Compostela receives new Provincial
Brother Tomás Briongos Rica
16/02/2016: Kenya
Paths of Marist life in Africa
Yearly assembly of the CSAC
16/02/2016: General House
The Memorare in the Snow
February 1823
15/02/2016: General House
Commission hopes to finish first draft of revision by end of February
International Commission for the Revision of the Constitutions meet in Rome
14/02/2016: Colombia
Medellín group “Mother of the bare feet”
Official entrance to the interprovincial novitiate “La Valla”
12/02/2016: General House
Brothers Today looks at Colloquium results and prepares future work
Encounter of International Commission of Brothers Today
11/02/2016: Argentina
Brothers for our times
Brothers Today Interamerican Subcommission
10/02/2016: Cambodia
Communities should ‘favour life and support formators’
Formators of district of Asia meet in Phnom Penh
09/02/2016: Brazil
Marist Solidarity Mission
Education for solidarity
09/02/2016: General House
Secretariat of Mission receives new staff
New Liaison for Secretariat of Mission’s projects
08/02/2016: Sri Lanka
South Asia receives new Provincial
Brother Mervyn Perera to begin term in August
05/02/2016: Spain
Champagnat Movement of the Marist Family
Fraternities Champagnat, Rosey and Saint Fermin Fraternity
04/02/2016: General House
“We are present where people have open wounds”
Br Emili participates in a panel on Consecrated Life
03/02/2016: General House
Children in Latin America
FMSI Cono Sur
01/02/2016: Vatican
Marists join 5,000 for closure of Year of Consecrated Life
Brothers attend seminars on consecrated life and an audience with Pope Francis
01/02/2016: Madagascar
Fourvière Year
Encounter of the branches of the Marist family
30/01/2016: Peru
Preparing the III Continental Encounter of Marista Education
The Americas will further elaborate plan for evangelizing education in April
29/01/2016: Brazil
Debate on vocational ministry
Third vocational Marist school
28/01/2016: Argentina
Raising awareness for the need of child protection
Brothers of Cruz del Sur look at the effects of abuse on victims
27/01/2016: General House
Marist International Solidarity Foundation
FMSI thanks its donors
26/01/2016: Mexico
Arco Norte commission meets in Guadalajara
Work tool for March meeting in Quito on its way
25/01/2016: General House
Traveling in religious life
Published book reveals conversation with Br Emili Turú
24/01/2016: General House
The Institute Celebrates Superior’s Birthday
Superior General turns 61
22/01/2016: Philippines
East Asia holds Second Province Assembly
65 Brothers and Laity gather from across Asia
22/01/2016: General House
22 January
Anniversary of the death of Brother François Rivat
21/01/2016: France
New Provincial of L’Hermitage due to start in August
Brother Pere Ferré reflects on the paths of the Province
20/01/2016: Mexico
Brother Basilio Rueda on his way to Sainthood
Diocesan process ends and his canonization cause is passed to the Vatican
20/01/2016: New Zealand
Alternative education centre
Champagnat Marist Community of Kaikohe – Northland
19/01/2016: General House
January - March 2016
Calendar of the General Council and Directors of Secretariats
18/01/2016: Italy
Year Fourvière
Annual Meeting of the General Councils of the Marist Family
16/01/2016: Brazil
Champagnat Movement of the Marist Family
Fraternity Nossa Senhora da Assunção – Fortaleza
15/01/2016: Peru
Province Santa María de los Andes
Lay men and women go into the deepening stage
14/01/2016: Australia
Superior General: ‘If not you, who? If not now, when?’
Brothers gather in Australia to discuss Oceania Region challenges
13/01/2016: Spain
5th Provincial Chapter of Mediterránea
12/01/2016: Kenya
Gathered as a Family around Our Lady of Fourvière
The Chapter of the Province Africa Centre East
11/01/2016: Spain
“Passionate for the mission”
Ibérica province holds its fifth chapter
09/01/2016: Bolivia
Two Brothers make religious professions on Institute’s 199 anniversary
Santa María de los Andes Province receives first and final vows
08/01/2016: Brazil
10 representatives of different sectors contribute
Laity in the First Provincial Chapter of Brasil Sul-Amazônia
08/01/2016: Rwanda
Province of East Central Africa
Workshop for administrators from communities and schools
05/01/2016: General House
Two new bulletins on the New Models Project
International Assembly and roadmap for a new dawn of the Marist mission
04/01/2016: Mexico
To Bloom anticipating Spring
Provincial Chapter of Western Mexico
02/01/2016: General House
New Video explains four branches of the Marist Family
The Family will celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Fourvière Pledge in July
01/01/2016: Chile
Champagnat Movement of the Marist Family
Fraternity Gregorio Pastor - La Negra de Alto Hospicio
30/12/2015: General House
Renewed webpages section
Brothers Today Secretariat
28/12/2015: Brazil
Course Charisma and Marist educational principles
Marist education course offered to the entire Institute by PUCPR
26/12/2015: Italy
Solidarity: breakfast on the road
Istituto Fratelli Maristi Giugliano
24/12/2015: General House
Participants express gratitude, encouragement after two-month programme
Third age Marist and Marianist Brothers gathered from 11 countries
23/12/2015: Sri Lanka
Asia Marists meet in first regional assembly
First Asian Mission Assembly takes place in Negombo
22/12/2015: General House
The Vatican publishes a document on the identity of the Religious Brother
The former secretary of the Superior General feels ‘greatly satisfied’
21/12/2015: Brazil
Look at the past with gratitude, the present with passion and the future with hope…
Provincial Assembly of Brothers and Laity of 'Brasil Centro-Sul'
19/12/2015: Colombia
Norandina Province
Profession of Br. Héctor Xavier Colala Troya
18/12/2015: Brazil
Building a New Beginning
First provincial chapter of the Brasil Sul-Amazonia
17/12/2015: Vatican
Discussion on ‘Identity and Mission of the Religious Brother in the Church’
Vatican Radio interviews superior general on new Vatican document
17/12/2015: Spain
'Blue Marist' sheds light on Aleppo situation during provincial assembly
Mediterránea assembly focuses on history, identity, and communion
16/12/2015: Vatican
Church recognizes the identity of the religious Brother in a publication
Religious Brother is defined in writing for first time in Church history
15/12/2015: Spain
Be Passionate, Consecrated Life!
Encounter of young religious in Salamanca, in the Year of Consecrated Life
15/12/2015: Brazil
New provincial begins his triennial term
Brasil Centro-Norte holds assembly and fifth provincial chapter
14/12/2015: Brazil
Towards the creation of the Brasil-Cono Sur region
The reflection team of Brasil-Cono Sur gathers
12/12/2015: Italy
A new model for community and mission
General Assembly of Solidarity with South Sudan
11/12/2015: Mozambique
Marist charisma grows in Africa
Southern Africa: First Profession of Nine Novices
11/12/2015: Syria
To accept the risk of waiting…
Blue Marists - Letter from Aleppo 24
10/12/2015: General House
Do not be afraid!
Christmas Message 2015 of the Brother Superior General
09/12/2015: Brazil
Foundation of the Province South Brazil-Amazonia
The day of the Immaculate marks the beginning of the new Administrative Unity of the Institute
09/12/2015: General House
International Communities for a New Beginning
08/12/2015: Colombia
Perpetual profession in the Norandina Province
Br Hugo Alexander Tapia Bolaños makes his final vows
07/12/2015: Greece
Lycée Léonin de Néa Smyrn
Ceremony in honour of the Archbishop of Athens and primate of the Orthodox Church of Greece
05/12/2015: Australia
Over 45,000 march in Sydney
Brothers and youth take to the streets for climate issues
04/12/2015: General House
General house bids farewell to Brother Pietro Bettin in celebration
New and former superiors of general house community
04/12/2015: Netherlands
Promoting Marist characteristic spirit in schools
West Central Europe creates director of Marist Education position
02/12/2015: Argentina
A new experience. A challenge. A Gift of vitality
Shared Community in the Neighborhood San Jorge, Luján
02/12/2015: Spain
Marists, Laity, Brothers and Fathers meet to celebrate unity
Celebration of the Fourvière Year in Leon
01/12/2015: Australia
A common vision for Marist life and mission across Oceania
Oceania Council Meeting in Brisbane
30/11/2015: General House
Revision of the Constitutions
Communication from Marist International Commission for the Revision of the Constitutions
30/11/2015: Central African Republic
The Jubilee of mercy begins in Africa
Three interviews reveal the nation’s reality
27/11/2015: Spain
Spanish Marist Conference focuses on formation
Assembly of representatives of Conference gather in Madrid
26/11/2015: Mexico
New México Central provincial: ‘religious should awaken the world’
Superior general asks provincial chapter participants to work as a global institute
25/11/2015: General House
Jubilee of Mercy begins in Africa
Pope visits African soil shaken by violence
24/11/2015: Brazil
1,000 Marist youth meet for annual assembly
Youth meet under the theme ‘Love that Transforms’
24/11/2015: General House
Preparations for 2017 underway
Preparatory Commission of the General Chapter meets for the first time
23/11/2015: General House
The Problem of Refugees and Displace People in Europe
Declaration of the Marist European Conference
21/11/2015: General House
‘New Models’ project seeks to reform the general administration
Organisers hold first meeting with a new project team
20/11/2015: General House
Third term for West Central Europe provincial
Belgium, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands and Great Britain leader to stay
20/11/2015: General House
Number 400
Marist News is renewed
19/11/2015: Brazil
New relationship between Brothers and Laity
Retreat of Brothers and Laity in Rio Grande do Sul
19/11/2015: General House
“Educating today and tomorrow. A renewing passion”
About 30 Marist are participating in the congress promoted by the Vatican
18/11/2015: General House
Marist “foundation places”
English 3rd Age Pilgrimage to France
17/11/2015: Tanzania
Seeking a new beginning
Meeting of the Superiors of the Communities of the Province of Central-East Africa
16/11/2015: Italy
Charismatic Families in dialogue
Encounter of 70 Religious Congregations, representing 52 charismatic families
14/11/2015: Brazil
The lord is my shepherd, there is nothing I shall want
Brother Geandir Wermann makes his perpetual profession
13/11/2015: South Africa
International Council of Economic Affairs meeting reveals positive results
ICEA holds encounter in Johannesburg
13/11/2015: Australia
Growing openness to the laity
Oceania Marist Animator’s Course
12/11/2015: Brazil
Keep the flame burning
Assembly of the MChFM of Central-North Brazil
11/11/2015: Nigeria
Final vows in Nteje
Three Brothers made their Final Profession
10/11/2015: Australia
Creating spaces of dialogue on lay vocation
Meeting of the Extended Secretariat of laity in Sydney
09/11/2015: General House
November 20th
FMSI invites the Marist world to prepare the Universal Children’s Day
09/11/2015: Argentina
Cruz del Sur province holds fifth chapter
New provincial takes up office
06/11/2015: General House
One month ago…
Marist International Colloquium on Initial Formation
06/11/2015: Mexico
13 Marist fraternities of the ChMMF commemorate ‘Fourvière Year’
Superior general sends a video message to the ChMMF focusing on two aspects
05/11/2015: Greece
Europe organizes itself to create a Marist network of schools
European Mission Team
05/11/2015: General House
Process of conversion and renewal of our religious life
Commission of revision of the Constitutions
04/11/2015: Solomon Islands
“Sharing Stories”
Secretariat of the Laity – visit to Melanesia
03/11/2015: Greece
Building networks, building the future
Meeting of the CEM in Athens
02/11/2015: Madagascar
Involvement of all the vital forces of the Administrative Units
Meeting of the Commission for the sustainability of the Mission in Africa and Asia
01/11/2015: General House
November – December 2015
Calendar of the General Council and Directors of Secretariats
30/10/2015: General House
Brothers of Bugobe were killed 19 years ago
Four Brothers from Spain who refused to leave their people
30/10/2015: Guatemala
41 participate in the first Assembly of the Marist Life and Mission
Participant labels it a ‘very important moment’ for the Institute
29/10/2015: Italy
Wherever consecrated persons are, there must always be joy
Encounter of Religious Brothers in Rome
28/10/2015: Cameroon
2,000 gather for 50th anniversary celebration of Marist presence
Eucharistic celebration included six perpetual professions
27/10/2015: General House
Leaders of the New Models of Animation, Government and Management project gather
Further steps taken after Institute’s regions make progress
26/10/2015: Brazil
10 years of Marist Union of Brazil
Common tools launched for the educational units of Marist Brasil
23/10/2015: General House
A Team for International Communities for a New Beginning
Project plans move forward with more details on formation for candidates
22/10/2015: Madagascar
Mission Assembly in Madagascar
Strengthening communion and promoting a new relationship between brothers and laity
20/10/2015: Germany
“Being spiritual – being human”
West Central Europe Province Workshop
19/10/2015: France
Results of meeting on initial formation for Brothers will be published within a month
International Colloquium ends in France with final recommendations
18/10/2015: India
Final Profession of Brother Malangmei
Talit, West Bengal
17/10/2015: Italy
‘Presence of the Holy Spirit would be lost if elderly Brothers are forgotten’
Course for elderly Spanish and Portuguese speaking Brother ends
16/10/2015: General House
Marists and Marianists gather for a course dedicated to elderly Brothers
An Australian brother based in Algeria is leading the programme
15/10/2015: Spain
New provincial of Ibérica: Christian Marist communities as benchmark are ‘a challenge and a hope’
A brief look at the biography of Brother Moisés Alonso Pérez
14/10/2015: General House
Marist NGOs could have a worldwide network by 2016
European NGOs meet for the first time
13/10/2015: General House
43 youths were arrested and forcibly disappeared in 2014
FMSI calls on the Mexican authorities to make a general reassessment of the investigation
12/10/2015: France
Post-noviciate director: results of the colloquium ‘depends on the openness of participants’
75 Marists in last days of encounter, discussing changes on initial formation for Brothers
12/10/2015: Angola
Passed away an hour after being taken to hospital
Two Brothers die in car accident in Angola
11/10/2015: Madagascar
We are bold Marists of Champagnat
Encounter of lay leaders in Fianarantsoa
10/10/2015: Spain
Youth and the Fourvière Promise
Encounter of animators of Pastoral Youth of Ibérica
09/10/2015: Spain
‘We want to opt for the strengthening of the Marist identity’
Brother António Leal, new Provincial of Compostela
08/10/2015: Australia
Australia Chapter addresses possibility of creating Marist ‘villages’
New provincial and council take up office
07/10/2015: Guatemala
Meeting promoted multiculturalism, internationality
39 Brothers and Laity gather for the ‘Inter-American Encounter of Vocational Animation’
06/10/2015: General House
New internet application for international collaboration
Secretariat Collaboration for mission international
05/10/2015: Pakistan
Province of South Asia
Final Profession of Br. Farancis King
04/10/2015: Spain
90 participants gather at the ‘III Province Mission Assembly’ in Valladolid
Discussions focused on the Marist identity and communion between Brothers and Lay People
02/10/2015: France
Dare to Dream
International Encounter of Marist Youth (EIJM)
01/10/2015: Lebanon
Patriarch Bechara Boutros Rai: ‘Thank you for your presence’
Two congregations launch documentary on refugee project in Lebanon
30/09/2015: General House
Meeting of Marist NGO's of Europe
Fondazione Marista per la Solidarietà Internazionale (FMS)
30/09/2015: France
75 Marists are gathering to discuss changes on formation of Brothers
‘We want to see updates,’ says one of the organisers
29/09/2015: Vatican
“Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy” (Mt 5:7)
Message of Pope Francis for the XXXI World Youth Day 2016
29/09/2015: Spain
Marists are helping youths have greater emotional intelligence
José Antonio Rosa obtains PhD with highest mark on the subject
28/09/2015: Cuba
As a Marist community we have intensely lived the “hurricane Francis”
Impressions of the community of Cienfuegos on the visit of the Pope
27/09/2015: Cameroon
New Marist Community at Yassa-Douala
Brothers teach in a diocesan coeducational bilingual boarding secondary school
25/09/2015: Brazil
Arco Norte and Brasil-Cono Sur will become America’s two Marist regions
Conference of provincials of Americas wants more unity
24/09/2015: United States
Leader hopes his visit will change U.S. policies on immigration
Pope visiting Marist-led community on Friday in East Harlem
23/09/2015: General House
‘Post Perpetual Gier Programme’ leaves Marists renewed, stronger
Programme for middle-aged Marists finishes with positive feedback
22/09/2015: Lebanon
How Br Miquel Cubeles went from Spain to Lebanon
One of the Fratelli Project leaders tells his story
22/09/2015: Dem. Rep. of the Congo
Losing everything in order to gain Christ
Brother Basile Buunda Rutsuba makes perpetual profession
21/09/2015: Lebanon
Syrian Marists inspire prominent psychologist
Dr Robert J. Wicks writes about key ways to resist trauma
18/09/2015: Cuba
Pope will have lunch with the Bishop of Holguín, affiliated with the Institute
‘I’m sure he’ll leave a seed that will produce fruits in relation to other nations,’ says Bishop
18/09/2015: Nigeria
Annual Retreat in Nigeria was ‘very unique’
42 participants evaluate lives, discuss challenges
17/09/2015: Brazil
Superior General focuses on role of the laity in video message
Provincials meeting in Curitiba for the third Inter American Conference of Provincials
16/09/2015: Syria
Trivializing the horror
23rd Letter from Aleppo
16/09/2015: France
Beginning after beginning, ceaselessly beginning
Encounter of young religious in Taizé
15/09/2015: Haiti
Brothers consecrate themselves permanently to children & youth evangelisation
Perpetual Profession of Brothers Wilguins and Jean Mance
14/09/2015: Argentina
First youth assembly of Cruz del Sur province
Superior General sends video message to youth
14/09/2015: South Korea
Province of East Asia
Br. Il Nam makes final vows
12/09/2015: Italy
The Feast of Mary. A Family Feast
Celebration in the house of the Marist Missionary Sisters
11/09/2015: Lebanon
The human and spiritual quality of these Marists has impressed me
Br Emili Turú, Superior General, organises encounter with ‘Blue Marists’
10/09/2015: Madagascar
Provincia marista de Madagascar
Revision of the Constitutions and Statutes
10/09/2015: General House
General House of Marist Brothers offers to take in refugees
Superior General appeals to European Provincials to do the same
09/09/2015: Lebanon
A Marist and a La Salle Brother arrive to Lebanon to help displaced children
A new inter-congregational community begins Fratelli Project
09/09/2015: Guatemala
Fondazione Marista per la Solidarietà Internazionale
FMSI has found the Marist Organizations of Solidarity of the American Continent
08/09/2015: Italy
Marist Sisters celebrate Anniversary of their Founding
Feast of the Nativity of Mary coincides with birth of Marist branch 192 years ago
07/09/2015: France
The Brothers lived an intense time of fraternal life in L’Hermitage
Encounter of community Superiors of the Province of L’Hermitage
07/09/2015: Guatemala
Marist laity in the Americas
America Lay subcommittee holds annual meeting
05/09/2015: Samoa
Marist presence in Pacific
Retreat for Brothers and Lay Champagnat Marists
04/09/2015: General House
September – October 2015
Calendar of the General Council and Directors of Secretariats
03/09/2015: Australia
Australian Marists ‘rejoice’ at first profession of 2 brothers
Over 100 people gathered at the ceremony in Sydney
02/09/2015: Australia
First Assembly of Marist Association of St Marcellin
Over 500 people have already joined
01/09/2015: Italy
17 elderly Brothers meet in Italy
Brothers participate in the course ‘Amanecer 2015’ in Manziana
31/08/2015: Philippines
Be joyful witnesses to the Gospel
Meeting of the Brothers in temporary profession
29/08/2015: Mexico
Preparing the American Encounter of Marist Education
Meeting of the Sub-Commission of Education of CIAP
28/08/2015: General House
Programme for middle-aged Marists aims at ‘re-enchanting their calling,’ says coordinator
Post Perpetual Gier Program seeks to encourage Brothers
26/08/2015: Peru
Marist University grants title of ‘Doctor Honoris Causa’ to theologian
Priest receives award for his theological contribution to the Church
25/08/2015: Malawi
Vows and Silver Jubilee on the Feast of the Assumption
A Brother makes perpetual vows, 3 others renew temporary vows
24/08/2015: Ghana
West Africa district celebrates its chapter
The district is on the move
23/08/2015: Cuba
Marist Brothers help in the formation of the Young
Youth Pastoral Ministry in the Diocese of Cienfuegos
21/08/2015: Nigeria
Sustaining and Transmitting our Marist Pedagogy
Seminar for Brothers working in schools
20/08/2015: General House
Laity lovers of the Marist Charism
Meeting of the International Commission of Revitalization of the MChFM
18/08/2015: Spain
Embrace the Future with Hope
Encounter of Brothers & Laity of the network of Europe’s communities
17/08/2015: Ghana
Eight Brothers ready for their final commitment
Preparation for Final Vows
16/08/2015: Philippines
Filipino Brothers celebrate perpetual profession and silver jubilee
Final commitment made to live as Marist Brothers for the rest of their life
14/08/2015: General House
Patronal feast of the Institute
15 august - Assumption
13/08/2015: South Sudan
Three Marist Brothers in collaborative and inter-cultural ministry
Solidarity with South Sudan
12/08/2015: Kenya
Evangelization of children and youth by means of education
New horizons: authentic and transforming leadership for a new Africa
10/08/2015: South Africa
Together we are moving forward and we will go far
African Lay and Brothers Commission
08/08/2015: Vatican
Educating Today and Tomorrow. A renewing passion
World Congress promoted by the Congregation for Catholic Education
07/08/2015: Canada
A new way of being a Brother today
Inter-provincial renewal course in Rawdon
05/08/2015: General House
23 young brothers will participate in programme to continue formation
Post Perpetual Gier Program will run from Aug. 13 – Sept. 20
04/08/2015: Colombia
Marist Communities of Champagnat open to dialogue
Experience of joint formation of Brothers and Laity
03/08/2015: Chile
Laity using Jesuit teaching in Spiritual Accompaniment
Lay Marists receive diploma in Ignatian Spiritual Exercises
03/08/2015: General House
FMSI invites the Marist NGO’s of the American continent
Objectives include the rights of children
30/07/2015: General House
Colombia will be the headquarters of the 2017 Chapter
The XXII General Chapter will be celebrated in Rionegro
28/07/2015: Syria
Aleppo has water again, confirms Syrian Marist
City suffers one month without water
28/07/2015: Australia
Heads of 53 Marist schools in Australia gather in big event
Nearly 200 lay Marists are expected to be participating
27/07/2015: Kenya
24 young African brothers meet for the first time
Encounter in Kenya aims at preparing brothers for a new beginning
24/07/2015: Argentina
New provincial of Cruz del Sur expresses a ‘heartfelt’ thanks
Cruz del Sur gets new provincial
23/07/2015: Australia
100 members of the Marist Family commemorate Fourvière
Marist Brothers officially begin the ‘Fourvière Year’ on July 23
22/07/2015: Spain
21 lay people make official promise to follow Marist charism
Vocation of lay Marists recognized and welcomed in Spain
21/07/2015: General House
Fourvière Year
Combined letter from the Superior of the four branches of the Marist Family
20/07/2015: Brazil
Name released of new Brasil Centro-Norte Provincial Superior
Brother Ataíde José de Lima will take up office in December
17/07/2015: General House
Associates for the mission
Fourvière Year - July 23, 2015 – July 23, 2016
16/07/2015: Bangladesh
Marists seek to raise awareness on child protection
Workshop held in Dhaka for Catholic institutions
15/07/2015: General House
‘New Models’ meeting comes to an end commemorating Fourvière
Final day of encounter was like a Eucharist, says organiser
14/07/2015: Brazil
Heirs of a Promise, heirs of a prophecy
Marist Encounter of Young Brothers
13/07/2015: General House
Institute changes expected within 5 years
Marists gathered on third day of discussions on ‘New Models’ Project
13/07/2015: Madagascar
A new Brother in Madagascar
First Religious Profession of Brother Lantohery Angelin Rasandratriniaina
11/07/2015: Brazil
With Champagnat we go to the encounter of the Montagne Youth
The Province of North Central Brazil carries out the provincial encounter of PJM
10/07/2015: General House
Superior General appeals for a change of heart and mentality
International Marist encounter with 85 participants begins
10/07/2015: Bolivia
Pope Francis’ last days of trip to Latin America
Norandina provincial affirms Pope’s visit gives encouragement
09/07/2015: General House
Encounter could lead to possible changes
General Council meets with representatives of administrative units
09/07/2015: General House
‘Searching together a new way of being brothers’
Formators meet to discuss upcoming programmes
08/07/2015: Ghana
Eleven new Marist Brothers in Africa
First Religious Profession in Kumasi
07/07/2015: Sri Lanka
Marists in Asia: Our progress in brothers-laity communion is our gift to the Church
Asia Laity Commission meets in Sri Lanka
06/07/2015: Kenya
Authentic, transformational leaders for a new Africa
Marist Africa invests in leaders
04/07/2015: Argentina
Echoes from Nairobi in Cruz del Sur
Zonal Assemblies of Marist Mission in Buenos Aires and Montevideo
03/07/2015: General House
What wineskins do we want for the new wine?
New Models of Animation, Governance and Management
02/07/2015: General House
The Marist Spiritual Patrimony Commission
Annual session at the General House
01/07/2015: France
Brothers between 40 and 55 years of age
Program of Permanent Formation
01/07/2015: France
A great international radiance
The Province of the Hermitage leaves the house of Varennes-sur-Allier
30/06/2015: Mexico
New Provincial of Central Mexico
Br José Sánchez Bravo
29/06/2015: Chile
Open Letter to Pope Francis
FMSI Cono Sur
27/06/2015: General House
New Superior of the Community of the General House
Br Antonio Sancamillo
26/06/2015: Syria
Our hope will not falter!
The Blue Marists - Letter from Aleppo No 22
25/06/2015: Kenya
New Provincial of East Central Africa
Br. Théoneste Kalisa
25/06/2015: Paraguay
Paraguay Marists follow up on Nairobi meeting
The country holds its II Marist Mission Assembly
24/06/2015: United States
U.S. Provincial Chapter Invites Lay People for First Time
Participant Labels the Gathering as ‘Historic’
23/06/2015: General House
The State of the World’s Children 2015
Reimagine the Future: Innovation for every child
23/06/2015: Syria
Doctor, a lay Marist, tells about testimony of a Syrian woman
Doctor, from the Blue Marists’ group, reveals drama in Aleppo
22/06/2015: Brazil
A new provincial for a new province
Br Inácio Nestor Etges will lead Brasil Sul-Amazônia
19/06/2015: Italy
Pope receives over 1,000 testimonies of Latin American children and youth
Marists give Francis a book aimed at promoting rights of children and adolescents
18/06/2015: General House
Two close Institutes meet to discuss common objectives
The Marist and De La Salle Brothers meet to share experiences
17/06/2015: Spain
New provincial of Mediterránea: I feel greatly appreciated
Br Juan Carlos Fuertes Marí will start his role on January 2
16/06/2015: General House
Names revealed of the next general chapter’s preparatory commission
11 Members chosen to prepare the general chapter in 2017
15/06/2015: Mexico
New provincial of México Occidental feels ‘unarmed, unworthy’
Brother Miguel Ángel Santos Villarreal talks about his new role
12/06/2015: General House
June 12
World day against child labour
11/06/2015: Brazil
Rooted in Christ Jesus for a new beginning
Marist National Seminar on Consecrated Life
10/06/2015: Venezuela
New secretary of superior general ‘surprised’ at his appointment
‘I am happy to return to Rome,’ says brother Pau Fornells
09/06/2015: Brazil
Reflections of Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul
15 years of personnel closeness to the Marist culture
08/06/2015: Kiribati
Marists meet in Fiji Islands and in Kiribati
Retreats in the District of the Pacific
06/06/2015: Paraguay
Meeting for leaders of youth held in Paraguay
Members of youth ministry learn to lead a movement for teenagers
05/06/2015: South Sudan
‘Solidarity with South Sudan’ director: We pray fighting ends
Three Marists involved in the project live in South Sudan
04/06/2015: General House
55 lay Marists from around the world finish two week formation course in Rome
Lay Marists express greater awareness of their mission
03/06/2015: General House
Proposals for the future
New Models of Animation, Government and Management
03/06/2015: Argentina
Lay Marists discuss their role in Argentina
Meeting of Fraternities Highlight Laity Tasks
03/06/2015: Colombia
Colombian Marists revise Constitutions
First meetings held in Ibagué, Armenia, Chachaguí
01/06/2015: General House
Superior General Challenges Marists to Leave Comfort Zone
Syrian Marists Give Testimonies in Video Message for Feast of St. Marcellin
01/06/2015: General House
June - August 2015
Calendar of the General Council and Directors of Secretariats
29/05/2015: South Africa
Volunteers Needed for August in Johannesburg
College Helps Refugee Children survive Xenophobia in South Africa
28/05/2015: Bolivia
We give meaning to the experience of life
Meeting of Brothers aged up to 57 years (Cono Sur)
27/05/2015: Argentina
Publishers will raise funds for Marist initiatives
Marist Publishers to contribute to Institute’s Projects
26/05/2015: Central African Republic
Gold and diamonds in CAR fuelled 2 years of terror
Marists continue work in a destroyed Central African Republic
25/05/2015: Brazil
Marist Centre for Child Protection of the Marist Solidarity Network
Campaign to defend the rights of children and adolescents receives Award
25/05/2015: General House
Participant says laity course is wonderful, perfect
Positive response after first week of Marist gathering
23/05/2015: Philippines
Marist Education: A Mission
Marist Administrators’ Formation Program
22/05/2015: General House
‘Beatification of Oscar Romero fills us with joy,’ say his Marist friends
Friends of martyr greatly pleased with his beatification
21/05/2015: New Caledonia
A Man like Champagnat
A Farewell to Br Georges Pitiot
21/05/2015: Spain
Walking on “footpaths” of life as Marist Brothers
Formation Course “Senderos” in El Escorial
20/05/2015: General House
Woman ‘impressed’ with first ever formation course for laity
Gathering teaches Marist laity how to form others worldwide
19/05/2015: General House
20 May
Birthday of Marcellin Champagnat
19/05/2015: Brazil
Brasil Centro-Norte Province
Meeting of the Leaders of the Champagnat Movement
17/05/2015: Sri Lanka
Large Asian Conference confirmed for December
Asia’s Marist International Mission Assembly to be held in Sri Lanka
15/05/2015: Guatemala
Marists, passionate for the mission!
Provincial Meeting of Marist Directors 2015
14/05/2015: Lebanon
Maronite Church Leader guides Marists of Europe, Syria, Lebanon
Syrian Marists ask Lebanese Patriarch to help obtain peace
13/05/2015: General House
Econome General: I hope to add my little grain of sand
The Institute Reflects on its Finances
12/05/2015: Lebanon
Syrian Brothers to speak at Marist European Conference
20 Brothers gather at Marist European Conference in Lebanon
11/05/2015: Spain
Vatican official praises Marists work with Laity
Cardinal João Braz de Aviz lauds Champagnat Followers
10/05/2015: Spain
New Marists in Mission!
5th Cycle of IEM Coffee Talks
09/05/2015: Italy
‘It’s fantastic, enriching, challenging,’ says Philippine Marist
Asian, African and Polynesian Marists gather in Italy
08/05/2015: General House
‘Children need us’ says Lay Marist
Marists seek new ways of Evangelizing Youth
08/05/2015: General House
21st Anniversary of the death of Br Henri Vergès
Brother Henri Vergès and Consecrated Life
07/05/2015: Brazil
600 people gather from Brasil Centro-Sul
Marist youth ministry celebrates 10th Anniversary
06/05/2015: Papua New Guinea
A Time of Personal Encounter with Jesus
A Retreat in the District of Melanesia
05/05/2015: General House
Marist International Solidarity Foundation
FMSI hopes evaluation team will help its work with children’s right
04/05/2015: Syria
Latest bombings in Aleppo
Blue Marists continue work in Syria
04/05/2015: Brazil
New Province Brasil Sul-Amazônia
Provinces of Rio Grande do Sul and the district of Amazonia unite
03/05/2015: Guatemala
Assembly of the Province of Central America
Central American Province revises Constitution
01/05/2015: Spain
Encouraging us in our faithfulness to the Marist project
European encounter of elderly brothers
30/04/2015: General House
Team releases global diagnosis of Marist Institute
Analysis of improving the Institute worldwide ends after 1 Year
29/04/2015: General House
Without Limits
Diary of the martyr Brother Miguel Ángel Isla, killed in Bugobe
28/04/2015: Australia
Australian Brothers Gather to Revise the Constitutions
120 Brothers meet in Australia
28/04/2015: Brazil
With Mary towards a new beginning
Meeting of the Inter-American Network of the Marist Apostolic Spirituality
27/04/2015: General House
Saint Peter Chanel
Marist Father, first martyr of Oceania
27/04/2015: France
Second European Assembly of the Marist Mission
Interviewe with Brother Javier Gragera
27/04/2015: Spain
Brothers Antonio Ramalho and Ernesto Sánchez
General Councillors visit the Province of Compostela
26/04/2015: Philippines
Stories of the Journey – Philippine Context
Retreat and review of Constitutions
25/04/2015: Spain
Opening “paths” in midlife
Spirituality Course “Paths” (Senderos)
24/04/2015: Fiji
District of the Pacific
New Era Leadership Programme
24/04/2015: Vatican
We need not confuse the crisis of quantity with the more serious crisis of quality
International Congress for Formators to Consecrated Life
23/04/2015: France
European Assembly of the Marist Mission
Day 4, April 16 - The day of communion
23/04/2015: General House
Co-responsibility in a new beginning for the Institute
Course for lay leaders of the Secretariat of the Laity
22/04/2015: Bolivia
Superior Encourages New Marists
Br Emili Visits 15 New Marists Ahead of Final Vows
22/04/2015: Belgium
Called to bear fruit
Marist gathering in Brussels
21/04/2015: Philippines
Province of East Asia
On-Going Formation in Philippine Sector
20/04/2015: Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka December 2015
20/04/2015: France
Second European Assembly of the Marist Mission
Day 4 April 16 - Closing Word
18/04/2015: France
Second European Assembly of the Marist Mission
Day 3, April 15 - The day of Mystic
17/04/2015: Cambodia
Marist District of Asia
Conference of community leaders
17/04/2015: Brazil
On the path of the mission
Peggy Vivas, Marist voluntary for the mission
16/04/2015: Bolivia
New Brothers get healing workshops before final vows
15 Marists preparing for perpetual vows in Bolivia
15/04/2015: France
Second European Assembly of the Marist Mission
April 14, the second day of the Assembly
15/04/2015: General House
Brothers in a two month course in Rome
Trip to France renews Elderly Marists
14/04/2015: General House
The Dance of Mission
‘It’s as if God’s self were a dance of life,’ says Superior General
14/04/2015: France
Second Marist European Assembly on mission
13 to 16 April, 2015
13/04/2015: France
New Marists on Mission
Evaluation of the II AIMM
11/04/2015: General House
Champagnat Movement of the Marist Family
Towards a “new beginning” for the Champagnat Movement
10/04/2015: Liberia
Marists fighting against Ebola
Marist presence in Monrovia
09/04/2015: Kenya
New Horizons
Authentic and Transformative Leadership for a New Africa
08/04/2015: Ghana
Task of accompaniment, leadership is challenging
West Africa district superior speaks about challenges, re-election
07/04/2015: General House
International Gathering of Marist Youth - Lyon 2016
Combined Letter of the Superiors General of the Marist Family
06/04/2015: Puerto Rico
“New Marists in Mission”
National Meeting of Fraternities of the MChFM
04/04/2015: General House
Computer Systems
New IT architecture for the Institute
03/04/2015: Belgium
Montagne Year
Marist meeting in Mouscron
01/04/2015: General House
April - May 2015
Calendar of the General Council and Secretariat directors
31/03/2015: Switzerland
Fondazione Marista per la Solidarietà Internazionale (FMSI)
States debated the investment in children and adolescents
31/03/2015: General House
Framework for the Identity of the Lay Marist
Proposal by the General Council ahead of the 2017 General Chapter
30/03/2015: General House
The Fratelli Project
Marist Brothers and De La Salle Brothers
28/03/2015: Spain
Monastery of las Avellanas
Meeting of Marist alumni associations (ADEMAR) of the Marist Provinces who works in Spain
27/03/2015: Brazil
New horizons for the Marist Brazil
Ordinary General Assembly UMBRASIL
27/03/2015: General House
II International Marist Mission Assembly
Regional Phase
26/03/2015: Ecuador
Second meeting of the CIEHL in Quito
Interamerican Commission on Spirituality, Brothers and Laity
25/03/2015: Zimbabwe
Thousands Gather at Marist-Jesuit Joint Celebration, including Mugabe
75 years of Marist presence
24/03/2015: Mexico
Presentation of the Graphic Identity Manual of Mexico’s Marists
Marist Provinces of Mexico
24/03/2015: Argentina
Br. Alberto Schönberger
100 years of work work and simplicity
23/03/2015: Vanuatu
Marists Survive South Pacific Cyclone
News from the District of Melanesia
23/03/2015: General House
A new way of being a brother!
French Third Age Renewal Program
22/03/2015: Malawi
Province of Southern Africa
Vocation Promoters meet in Lilongwe
21/03/2015: Colombia
Province Norandina
Meeting of Provincial Commissions 2015 – 2017
20/03/2015: General House
United by the Gift of Being Brothers
Meeting of the commission of the the All Brothers group
19/03/2015: Spain
Compostela Province
Schools begin a path of methodological innovation
17/03/2015: Puerto Rico
Marists, passionate about the mission!
Educators Meeting in Manatí
15/03/2015: Vanuatu
Cyclone hit Vanuatu
News from the District of Melanesia
14/03/2015: Spain
Province of Ibérica
Coping with the Social Issue - Third Forum
14/03/2015: General House
Computer Services
International collaboration in the General House
13/03/2015: Fiji
Projects managers from across the Pacific come together for a workshop
Solidarity Meeting in the District of the Pacific
12/03/2015: Philippines
Meeting of Laypeople
Champagnat Movement gathers to pray, reflect, and celebrate!
11/03/2015: Sri Lanka
An international community
Marist International Novitiate, Tudella
10/03/2015: Mexico
Young People Building a Better World for Everyone
First International Marist Youth Leaders Camp
09/03/2015: General House
Br Hipólito Pérez Gómez
Assistant Director of the Brothers Today Secretariat
07/03/2015: Portugal
Marist Europe
Meeting of the European Team of
06/03/2015: General House
International Charism and Interprovincial Solidarity
Appointments and staff changes in the General Administration
05/03/2015: Bolivia
Heart in Hand
Preparation for Perpetual Profession
04/03/2015: Syria
Sad Anniversary
Letter from Aleppo No 21
03/03/2015: Cuba
Year of Religious Life Celebrated
Religious Life Day in Cienfuegos
02/03/2015: South Africa
Province of Southern Africa
Marist Schools Council
28/02/2015: General House
First March
Memory of Br. Alfano
27/02/2015: General House
Fraternity, responsibility, and far-sighted approach at the meeting
New Models of Governance, Management and Animation – First Stage Completed
25/02/2015: Mozambique
Province of Southern Africa
Marist presence in Mozambique
24/02/2015: Switzerland
Fondazione Marista per la Solidarietà Internazionale (FMSI)
UN looks to Chile through the eyes of their children
23/02/2015: United States
Young Adult Program
Online Lenten retreat
21/02/2015: Guatemala
Province of Central America
Community Animators Meeting
20/02/2015: Brazil
Province of Brasil Centro-Norte
Marist Solidarity Mission
19/02/2015: Mexico
Marist University of Guadalajara, Jalisco
Master’s Degree in School Leadership and Management
18/02/2015: Vatican
Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God (Mt 5: 8)
Message of Pope Francis for the Thirtieth World Youth Day 2015
18/02/2015: General House
Dare to Dream!
International Marist Youth Meeting, 2016
17/02/2015: Spain
II MIMA: European Regional Phase
Notre-Dame de l’Hermitage, April 13-16, 2015
16/02/2015: Brazil
Mysticism and prophecy for a new beginning
Fifth Chapter of the Amazonia District
16/02/2015: General House
Is Religious life in crisis?
Interview of Br. Emili Turu with Aleteia
14/02/2015: Brazil
Reality, advances and prospects
New relationship between Laity and Brothers
13/02/2015: Colombia
Spirit of collaboration and support in America
Interprovincial Novitiate of La Valla, Medellín
12/02/2015: General House
What is between Black and White?
International Commission of Brothers Today
11/02/2015: Guatemala
Arco Norte
Regional Assembly of the Marist Mission
10/02/2015: General House
Fondazione Marista per la Solidarietà Internazionale (FMSI)
Survey of the FMSI Advent Booklet
10/02/2015: General House
Project developing as scheduled
New Models of Animation, Governance, and Management
09/02/2015: Brazil
Marist presence in Brazil
The Interprovincial novitiate welcomes the formators and new novices
07/02/2015: Paraguay
Know more about Jesus and learn to walk with him
Young people from the District of Paraguay
06/02/2015: Venezuela
Just a Tent at the Heart of Our Future - Awakening the Dawn
Seventh National Assembly of the Laity
05/02/2015: Italy
Brother Alessandro Di Pietro’s ‘Vital Space’
Theater play in honor of a Righteous Among the Nations Marist Brother
04/02/2015: Brazil
Inter-American Conference of Provincials (CIAP)
Meeting of the Inter-American Education Subcommission
02/02/2015: Italy
Sergio Mattarella
New President of Italy is a former student of the Marist brothers
02/02/2015: Spain
Meeting in openness
Meeting of representatives of the Marist Works of the Mediterranean Province
31/01/2015: Brazil
Brother Delvino Decezero
26 years as missionary in Amazonia
30/01/2015: Australia
Brother Peter Carroll
New Provincial of Australia
29/01/2015: Brazil
Network of Marist Universities
Course Charisma and Marist educational principles
29/01/2015: Brazil
Vocational School
Continuing professional development course for vocations ministry teams
28/01/2015: Cameroon
Marist District of West Africa
Final Profession of Brother Dinayen Brendan Ghakanyuy
27/01/2015: Italy
Consecrated life as marists
Meeting of the general councils of the marist family
25/01/2015: Australia
A feast for the mind, soul and body
My experience of the Marist Youth Festival 2015
23/01/2015: General House
Blessings and thanks
Birthday of Br Emili Turú, Superior General
23/01/2015: El Salvador
Province of Central America
Perpetual profession of Br. Alejandro Gustavo Herrera Galicia
21/01/2015: General House
Superior General (1967 - 1985)
21 January: anniversary of the death of Br. Basilio Rueda
21/01/2015: Liberia
Ebola Epidemic has gone down considerably
Schools in Monrovia will resume in February
20/01/2015: United States
Arco Norte
Juan Diego International Community in New York
19/01/2015: Kenya
Marist International Center community in Nairobi
Child rights and advocacy workshop
17/01/2015: Australia
Just Living – Hearts without borders
Marist Youth Festival in Sydney
16/01/2015: Brazil
Marist province of Brasil Centro-Norte
Perpetual profession of brothers
14/01/2015: Mexico
Innovation and creativity in education
International meeting in education in Morelia
14/01/2015: Philippines
Province East Asia
Temporary Professed Brothers
13/01/2015: United States
Br. Patrick McNamara
New Provincial of the United States
12/01/2015: Australia
Marist Youth Festival 2015
12/01/2015: Haiti
A Many-year-old Young Country
Five years after the earthquake that shook Haiti
09/01/2015: Vatican
World Congress on Catholic education
Congregation of Catholic Education
08/01/2015: General House
January - March 2015
Calendar of the General Council and the Directors of Secretariats
07/01/2015: Ecuador
Champagnat Movement of the Marist Family
Annual meeting of co-ordinators, delegates and advisers of fraternities and lay groups
05/01/2015: Papua New Guinea
District of Melanesia
Final Profession of Br Sixtus Winduo
02/01/2015: Argentina
Challenging invitations
Letter to the laity of Cruz del Sur
30/12/2014: East Timor
Over 400 fully qualified teachers for Timor-Leste
Catholic Teachers’ College, Baucau
28/12/2014: Scotland
India Village Project
Two Marist Brothers from India visit Scotland
26/12/2014: South Africa
Annual summer camp in Langbos
Past pupils from St Henry’s Marist College in Durban
24/12/2014: Cuba
A visit full of hope
Br Emili Turú visits Cuba
22/12/2014: Mexico
Like a Comet!
Visit of the Superior General to the provinces of Mexico
20/12/2014: Pakistan
Attack on Army Public School
Marist Schools have cancelled the Christmas parties
19/12/2014: Ecuador
Quito, 12 to 16 December 2014
V Provincial Chapter of the Province of Norandina
17/12/2014: Syria
God alone is capable of everything…
Letter from Aleppo No 20
17/12/2014: Brazil
Stay with us, Lord
V Chapter of the Province of Brasil Centro-Sul
16/12/2014: Colombia
Brothers and Laity together
Meeting of animators of expressions of Marist laity
15/12/2014: Nigeria
Province of Nigeria
Final Profession of Four Brothers
12/12/2014: Brazil
Here I am, Lord
Five new Brothers in Brasil
11/12/2014: General House
We Are All Brothers
Letter of the Leaders of 15 Congregations of Brothers
10/12/2014: East Timor
Marist Solidarity
Opened a Primary School in Caicido
09/12/2014: Mexico
Disappearance of 43 students of the School of Ayotzinapa
Letter of the Province of México Central
06/12/2014: General House
Beggars of Light
Brother Superior General’s 2014 Christmas Message
05/12/2014: United States
Called to be more
Retreat at Marist High School in Chicago
04/12/2014: Mexico
Adding up to form Fraternity
XX National Meeting of Marist Fraternities
03/12/2014: Vatican
Year of Consecrated Life
Br Emili at the plenary assembly of the Congregation for Consecrated Life
02/12/2014: Philippines
Marist Institutions of Higher Education: meeting around the fire
VI Assembly of the International Marist Network of institutions of Higher Education
01/12/2014: Cameroon
Journeying in Faith and Hope
Fifty years of Marist Presence in Cameroon
29/11/2014: Guatemala
Province of América Central
X Provincial Meeting of the Marist Fraternities of the ChMMF
28/11/2014: Germany
Province of West Central Europe
Workshop at Freising on Spirituality and Vocation
27/11/2014: General House
Children’s Right to Participation
Daily Reflections for Advent
26/11/2014: Colombia
Inter-American Conference of Provincials
Permanent Council of CIAP
26/11/2014: South Korea
Marists of Korea and Hong Kong
Secretariat of the Laity
25/11/2014: Vatican
Consecrated Life in the Church of today
Year of Consecrated Life
25/11/2014: General House
General Administration
Meeting on the II Marist International Mission Assembly and the opening of the Montagne Year in the General House
24/11/2014: General House
LHermitage, a paradigm?
Spanish, Portuguese and Italian-speaking Brothers - Program Amanecer
23/11/2014: Colombia
Province Norandina
Perpetual profession of Brothers Robinson Emilio Moná Moncada and José Rodrigo Martínez
21/11/2014: Thailand
New Models of Animation, Administration and Government
Regional Meeting of Asia in Bangkok
21/11/2014: Argentina
Province of Cruz del Sur
Retreat of the Fraternities of the ChMMF
20/11/2014: Philippines
Joint Formation Experience
Asia Brothers–Lay Marists
20/11/2014: General House
20 November
Universal Childrens Day
15/11/2014: Syria
Current Situation in Aleppo
Vatican Radio Interview with Brother Georges Sabé
13/11/2014: General House
Towards a New Beginning
Meeting of New Provincials 2014
12/11/2014: General House
Vessels Willing to Become Useful
Final Report: Brother Formators for a New World
11/11/2014: General House
Course Charisma and Marist educational principles
Marist education course offered to the entire Institute by PUCPR
10/11/2014: Brazil
Marist Union from Brazil (UMBRASIL)
Strategic Plan 2021-2015
08/11/2014: Philippines
District of Asia
15 young men from Bangladesh an other 2 countries in the Postulancy
07/11/2014: South Sudan
International Communities for a New Beginning
South Sudan 2015
06/11/2014: Greece
Lycée Léonin
Meeting with the Patriarch Bartholomew I
05/11/2014: Guatemala
Province of América Central
Marist Vocations Camp
05/11/2014: General House
New Appointment to Cmi
Br. Pedro Chimeno
04/11/2014: Madagascar
Training sessions on the rights of the child
Two day course in Betroka on children’s rights
01/11/2014: Romania
Packing ones bags
St Marcellin Champagnat Centre, Bucarest
31/10/2014: Spain
Towards a new beginning
Meeting of the Secretariat of the Laity
30/10/2014: Uruguay
Syrians flee violence
The Casa San José in Uruguay receives the Syrian refugees
29/10/2014: New Zealand
District of the Pacific
Montagne Year
29/10/2014: General House
New models of animation, government and management
European Regional Meeting
28/10/2014: Brazil
Province of Rio Grande do Sul
Youth celebrate youth leadership
28/10/2014: Argentina
Marist education for the XXI century
American Education Sub-commission
27/10/2014: United States
Collaboration for Mission, International
Building Our Juan Diego Community
25/10/2014: South Korea
Province of East Asia
Br. Damaso makes final vows
24/10/2014: General House
European Marist Conference
Meeting in Rome brings together the 5 Provinces of Europe
23/10/2014: General House
Voices of the Fire
Message from the II Marist International Mission Assembly
22/10/2014: Pakistan
Province of South Asia
Final Religious Profession of Br. Biniamine Masih (Ben)
21/10/2014: Spain
European Commission of Communion between Brothers and Laity
Meeting in Roxos, Santiago de Compostela
20/10/2014: Spain
Brothers Formators for a New World
Chronicle of San Lorenzo de El Escorial
20/10/2014: General House
Ex-Postulator General
Brother Giovanni Bigotto (1939 – 2014)
18/10/2014: South Korea
Marist Asian Youth Meeting Experience
An opportunity for Marist youth to explore and renew their faith
17/10/2014: Spain
Province of Ibérica
II Provincial Days for Volunteer Service
16/10/2014: Colombia
Intercultural experience in the novitiate of Medellin
Novices of Australia and the United States in Colombia
15/10/2014: Brazil
Province of Rio Grande do Sul
Brothers Gérson Dresch and Manuir Mentges make final profession
14/10/2014: Liberia
Ebola virus update from Liberia
Ebola has now killed more than 2,600 people across West Africa
13/10/2014: Australia
Province of Australia
Marist Youth Care
13/10/2014: Brazil
Thirty students progress towards the end of the program
The course on the Marist charism and educational principle crosses the Equator
12/10/2014: United States
Living Well: Healthy, Holistic, Hopeful and Holy
USA Directors’ Weekend
10/10/2014: Australia
A year to remember in Cambodia
Reflections from a Marist volunteer...
09/10/2014: Brazil
Province of Brasil Centro-Norte
Laity reach the third stage of the formation itinerary
09/10/2014: Germany
Province of West Central Europe
Marist Centenary in Germany 1914 – 2014
08/10/2014: Bolivia
Inter-American Conference of Provincials
Formation program in preparation for Perpetual profession
08/10/2014: Canada
Why the journey?
Animators on pilgrimage to Notre Dame de L’Hermitage
07/10/2014: Philippines
Province of East Asia
Temporary Professed Brothers in Active Ministry
07/10/2014: France
International Marist Community
FMSI Marist Community in Geneva
06/10/2014: Argentina
Province of Cruz del Sur
Meeting of Brothers from 58 - 75 years of age
06/10/2014: Germany
Present situation and future mission
Assembly of German Brothers
04/10/2014: General House
October – December 2014
Calendar of the General Council and the Directors of Secretariats
03/10/2014: Brazil
Study laboratory on the life, spirituality and work of Brother François Rivat
The Institute Science and Faith of PUCPR and the Sector of Consecrated Life and Laity of PMBCS
03/10/2014: General House
Bicentennary celebrations of the pledge of Fourvière (1816-2016)
Letter from the Marist family congregational leaders
02/10/2014: Haiti
Presence in the midst of youth
First Leadership Camp in Haití
01/10/2014: Peru
Br. Antonio Boldú
100 years of life, commitment and vocation
30/09/2014: Liberia
News from the Community of Monrovia
The situation in Liberia concerning the Ebola Virus
27/09/2014: Kenya
II Marist International Mission Assembly
27 Saturday: Helping the dawn to be born
26/09/2014: General House
The utopia of dawn in the evening of life
Third Age Course in Spanish and Portuguese
26/09/2014: Kenya
II Marist International Mission Assembly
Friday 26: Igniting Lives
25/09/2014: Spain
Province of Compostela
Forum on education and spirituality
25/09/2014: Kenya
II International Marist Mission Assembly
September 25: Challenges and Opportunities for the Marist Charism
24/09/2014: Brazil
Digital culture and the use of technology in education
UMBRASIL promotes a Forum on educational technologies
24/09/2014: Dem. Rep. of the Congo
Province of East Central Africa
Perpetual profession in Bobandana
24/09/2014: Kenya
II International Marist Mission Assembly
Wednesday, September 24th: A new era for the Marist charism
23/09/2014: Argentina
Fraternities 2017: A new birth
National Meeting of Marist
23/09/2014: Kenya
II International Marist Mission Assembly
Tuesday, September 23rd: The young people taking part in the Assembly
22/09/2014: Brazil
Searching together for a greater vitality of the charism
Third meeting of the American Sub-commission of the Laity
22/09/2014: Kenya
II Marist International Mission Assembly
Monday 22: New Marists in Mission
21/09/2014: Kenya
II Marist International Mission Assembly
Sunday, September 21st: Visit to MIC and to the Bomas of Kenya
20/09/2014: Kenya
II Marist International Mission Assembly
Saturday 20 September: Brothers and laity in a new spirit of communion
20/09/2014: Cuba
Who does not live to serve, is of no use for living
Leadership School in Cienfuegos
19/09/2014: Kenya
II International Marist Mission Assembly
Friday 19 September: The fire that makes us burn
19/09/2014: Brazil
Human Rights and Education
The diocesan Marist college hosts a debate on Human Rights in the field of education
19/09/2014: Italy
A new form of being brother
French language Third Age Course
18/09/2014: Kenya
II Marist International Mission Assembly
Thursday, September 18th: sharing the road
17/09/2014: Kenya
II Marist International Mission Assembly
Opening party of the II MIMA: Wednesday, September 17th
17/09/2014: Brazil
The Marists in Amazonia: inculturated mission in favour of life
III Marist Pan-Amazon Meeting
17/09/2014: Mozambique
Novitiate of Matola
Workshop on Child rights
16/09/2014: Kenya
II Marist International Mission Assembly
Tuesday, September 16th: Karibu Party
16/09/2014: Kenya
II Marist International Mission Assembly
A preview of the overall program
16/09/2014: Spain
Marist Provinces with a presence in Spain
Slogan for 2014-15: Opening doors
15/09/2014: Australia
New Models of Animation, Governance and Management
Oceania Meeting, August 2014
15/09/2014: Kenya
II Marist International Mission Assembly
Arrival in Nairobi of most of the participants
15/09/2014: Angola
60th Jubilee Celebrations
Festival involving three Marist Schools and Communities
14/09/2014: Kenya
II International Marist Mission Assembly
A great Marist International and Mixed Community
13/09/2014: Peru
Province of Santa María de los Andes
Provincial Chapter in Santa Eulalia
12/09/2014: Spain
Brothers Today
European retreat in Valladolid
11/09/2014: Colombia
Province of Norandina
125 years of the presence of the Marist Brothers in Colombia
09/09/2014: Syria
To leave or not to leave
Blue Marists - Letter No. 19
07/09/2014: Brazil
Marist bodies chosen as organs of the National Government
UMBRASIL and PJM are elected onto the National Council of Youth
06/09/2014: Kenya
Africa Marist Conference
Meeting of the Superiors of the Administrative Units of Africa
05/09/2014: General House
Marist International Solidarity Foundation
MMI-LAC calls for the protection of unaccompanied immigrant children and adolescents
04/09/2014: Brazil
Annual Meeting of the Champagnat Movement of the Marist Family
Province of Brasil Centro Sur
03/09/2014: Central African Republic
Difficult situation in the Republic of Central Africa
Testimony of a young Marist Brother
01/09/2014: Bangladesh
How can we not believe in miracles if we see them every day?
Marist presence in the tea plantations villages
31/08/2014: General House
II Marist International Mission Assembly
Africa welcomes the participants
30/08/2014: Philippines
East Asia Province and the Philippine Sector
East Asia celebrate jubilee of 5 brothers
29/08/2014: Italy
Marist International Network of Institutions of Higher Education
Working Group on University Ministry
27/08/2014: France
Marists walking together
Preparation for the international meeting of marist youth - 2016 Lyon
25/08/2014: United States
Novitiate of Esopus
Immersion experience at Camp Marist
22/08/2014: France
Province of the Hermitage
Marist Youth Ministry.Promote the formation of youth groups
20/08/2014: France
Drinking at the sources of Marist life
Provincial retreat at the Hermitage
17/08/2014: Chile
Account of childhood, Chile 2014
Launch of the second report from look-out for children and Adolescents
14/08/2014: Kenya
II International Marist Mission Assembly
Nairobi is ready to host the II IMMA
12/08/2014: South Korea
Korea, Land of Martyrs
The Pope’s Visit and the Marist Presence
11/08/2014: Kenya
Provincials Conference of Africa