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2017-11-09: General House
The book “Brothers” reaches the community
Fourth volume of the History of the Institute?
2017-10-10: Brazil - Province Brasil Centro-Sul
2,000 students taking part in Curitiba’s Marist Olympiad
A professional footballer and survivor of airplane crash will light the pyre
2017-09-20: France - Province LHermitage
Video: Bicentenaire mariste à st Laurent (Lagny sur Marne)
2017-09-19: Rwanda - Province Afrique Centre-Est / East Central Africa
Pilgrimage to Marian shrine commemorates bicentenary
Brothers visit Kibeho, Shrine of Our Lady of Sorrows
2017-09-18: Tanzania - Province Afrique Centre-Est / East Central Africa
Bicentenary coincides with 25 years of Marist presence in Tanzania
Three brothers left Mexico for the mission in Tanzania
2017-08-30: Vatican
Vatican Post office commemorates bicentenary
Vatican to sell postage stamps for Marist bicentenary
2017-07-20: Philippines - Province East Asia
NDMU launches Marist Bicentenary Celebration
2017-07-10: Philippines - Province East Asia
Coming Together 200 years for a New Beginning
East Asia Province Launching of Marist Bicentenary
2017-06-26: Spain - Province Compostela
Musical Champagnat y bicentenario, colegio San José- León
2017-06-23: Belgium - Province Europe Centre-Ouest / West Central Europe
Marist Bicentenary Celebrations around Belgium
2017-06-23: Ecuador - Province Norandina
Celebrando el Bicentenario en Loja - Instituto Daniel Alvarez Burneo
2017-06-20: Mozambique - Province África Austral / Southern Africa
Celebração do bicentenário
2017-06-16: General House
Video: The bicentenary and the feast of St Marcellin Champagnat at the General House
2017-06-16: El Salvador - Province América Central
Video: Colegio Santa Ana, El Salvador
2017-06-16: Italy - Province Mediterránea
La grande festa delle Maristiadi
2017-06-16: Canada - Province Canada
Bicentenaire à Château-Richer
2017-06-15: Greece - Province LHermitage
Memory of St Marcellin Champagnat
Greece’s Marist Family celebrates the Bicentenary
2017-06-15: Belgium - Province Europe Centre-Ouest / West Central Europe
Fête Champagnat à Habay-la-Vieille
2017-06-13: Cambodia - District Asia
Marist District of Asia
Champagnat Day in Pailin
2017-06-12: Spain - Province Compostela
Celebración del Bicentanario en la ciudad de León
2017-06-12: Nigeria - Province Nigeria
Bicentenary celebration in the province of Nigeria
2017-06-12: Fiji - District Pacific
Fiji Celebrates the Marist Bicentennial Jubilee
2017-06-12: South Africa - Province África Austral / Southern Africa
Video shown on Champagnat Day Mass at each of our five schools
2017-06-12: General House
Marist Charism in the Social Media
2017-06-12: Brazil - UMBRASIL - União Marista do Brasil
Maristas celebram o Dia de São Marcelino Champagnat
2017-06-12: Canada - Province Canada
Festivités à Iberville et à Château-Richer
2017-06-12: Spain - Province Mediterránea
Musical La Dama del Hermitage - Alicante
2017-06-12: Spain - Province LHermitage
Celebración del bicentenario marista en Vic
2017-06-10: General House
General administration celebrates Bicentenary on feast of St Marcellin
Guests include Cardinal João Braz de Aviz and two Bishops
2017-06-10: El Salvador - Province América Central
Collegio Santa Ana
2017-06-08: General House
To embark in the history and seriously commit oneself to it
Presentation of the “History of the Institute”
2017-06-01: General House
Appeal for Marist of Champagnat to share the Charism
2017-05-26: Canada - Province Canada
News of the Marist charism, around the same table and thanksgiving
The province of Canada celebrates the 200th anniversary of the Institute
2017-05-19: Brazil - Province Brasil Centro-Sul
Recurso para o Bicentenário: 20 propostas de Lectio Divina em perspectiva mariológica
2017-05-15: Colombia - Province Norandina
Marist world: Festival Musical Nacional Marista Bicentenario
2017-05-10: Brazil
The Marist Province of Brasil Centro-Sul inaugurates the Marist Memorial and gathers Marists of Champagnat
Provincial Assemblies in Curitiba
2017-05-05: Brazil - UMBRASIL - União Marista do Brasil
Marist family: promise, fidelity and commitment
National encounter of the Marist family
2017-04-20: France - Province Mediterránea
Provincial Encounter of Mediterranea in Hermitage
‘La Valla, the paths of a dream’
2017-04-05: Spain - Province Compostela
300 youths celebrate bicentenary
Compostela Province
2017-03-31: Spain - Province Mediterránea
Marist world: Concurso Vídeos Bicentenario - Provincia Compostela
2017-03-31: Spain
Joint Celebration of Marist Fathers and Brothers
Marist Bicentenary in Leon
2017-03-30: Portugal - Province Compostela
Bicentenary celebration in Carcavelos
Active members of the new La Valla
2017-03-27: Australia - Province Australia
Marist world: Adelaide Marists commemorate the arrival of Bicentenary Paintings
2017-03-06: General House
A book of living Marist portraits to be published in September
Marist Lives through the Lens
2017-02-24: Kiribati - District Pacific
In the Pacific, Bicentenary celebrations continue
New grotto of Our Lady inaugurated in bicentenary celebration
2017-02-20: Argentina - Province Cruz del Sur
Bicentenary: Salmo para el Bicentenario Marista (1817-2017)
2017-02-17: General House
Preparing June’s celebration of Father Champagnat
General House starts planning Bicentenary celebration held on June 6
2017-02-10: Greece - Province LHermitage
Marist mission marked by ecumenism
The president of Greece participates in bicentenary celebrations in Athens
2017-02-06: Italy - Province Mediterránea
President of Italy thanks Marists for “preparing one for life”
Sergio Mattarella attends bicentenary celebration
2017-02-06: Dem. Rep. of the Congo - District África del Oeste / Afrique de lOuest / West Africa
Marist world: Bicentenary celebrations at Kindu
2017-02-03: Australia - Province Australia
Bicentennial Salve Regina
Marists worldwide participate in a special video to commemorate Bicentenary
2017-01-30: Argentina - Province Cruz del Sur
Recurso para el Bicentenario: Bienaventuranzas a San Marcelino Champagnat
2017-01-26: Spain - Province Compostela
Activity for the Bicentenary: Encontro Jovem 200+
2017-01-25: Colombia - Province Norandina
Marist world: Ecos de la celebración del Bicentenario Marista en Popayán
2017-01-25: Chad - District África del Oeste / Afrique de lOuest / West Africa
Celebrating Marist mission in the District of West Africa
Marists of Koumra Community celebrate the Bicentenry
2017-01-20: Spain - Province Compostela
Marist world: Homenaje Coral Gregoriana a las comunidades maristas de León
2017-01-16: Brazil - Province Brasil Centro-Sul
Bicentenary - Resources: 20 propostas de Lectio Divina em perspectiva mariológica
2017-01-16: Spain - Province Mediterránea
Marist world: El hermano Juan Carlos Fuertes Marí sobre la celebración del Bicentenario
2017-01-13: Argentina - Province Cruz del Sur
Br Víctor Preciado participates in the celebration at the Cruz del Sur Province
Celebrating the Institute’s bicentenary in Lujan
2017-01-12: United States - Province United States of America
What did Marcellin Champagnat have in mind on that January day in 1817 (Br Seán Sammon)
2017-01-12: Madagascar - Province Madagascar
Marist world: Célébration du 02 janvier 2017 à Antsirabe
2017-01-11: Kenya - Province Afrique Centre-Est / East Central Africa
Marist International Center (MIC), Nairobi
The Bicentenary Celebration in Marist Africa
2017-01-10: France - Province LHermitage
The Bicentenary at the cradle of the Institute
Celebration of the Bicentenary at La Valla and at Our Lady of l’Hermitage
2017-01-10: Spain - Province Ibérica
La Valla: cuna, inspiración y espejo - Luis Martínez Chasco, fms
2017-01-10: Brazil - Province Brasil Centro-Sul
Atividades solidárias marcam o Bicentenário Marista
2017-01-10: General House
Video: Bicentenario marista en el mundo
2017-01-09: Bangladesh - District Asia
“The Periphery is today the center of the Marist world”
Brother Emili inaugurates the Marist School in Giasnogor
2017-01-05: France - Province LHermitage
Marist world: Radio Vaticano - Entretien avec le Fr. André Lanfrey
2017-01-05: Australia - Province Australia
Marist world: Bicentennary Celebrations
2017-01-05: Philippines - Province East Asia
Bicentenary Family Day, MAPAC, Manilla
2017-01-05: Mexico - Province México Occidental
Resource for the Bicentenary: App de Oración Marista
2017-01-05: Brazil - Province Brasil Centro-Norte
Marist world: Celebração do Bicentenário em Mendes, Brasil Centro-Norte
2017-01-05: Vietnam
Foto gallery: Bicentenary of the foundation of the Institute in Saigon
2017-01-04: General House
The Marist Bicentenary celebration begins
Marists of Champagnat remember the founding of the Institute at La Valla
2017-01-03: General House
Video: Bicentenario marista en el mundo
2017-01-03: General House
Foto gallery: 2nd January at the General House
2017-01-02: General House
Video: La Valla, icono marista
2017-01-02: Bangladesh
Foto gallery: Visit of Br. Emili Turú
2016-12-30: France - Province LHermitage
Atividade para o Bicentenário: Celebración en La Valla-en-Gier, primer lugar de fundación
2016-12-22: Colombia - Province Norandina
Actividades que se han fijado en el país para el Bicentenario
2016-12-22: Spain - Province Compostela
Activity for the Bicentenary: Celebración del Bicentenario - Colegio Mayor CUM de Salamanca
2016-12-21: General House
La Valla fue nuestro Belén (AMEstaún)
2016-12-20: General House
Gratitude, forgiveness, commitment
Message of the Superior general for the Marist Bicentenary
2016-12-13: General House
A new Marist Dawn, a new Beginning
Prayer for the 2nd January
2016-12-05: Brazil - Province Brasil Centro-Sul
La Valla e a Mística de Marcelino Champagnat - Angelo Alberto Diniz Ricordi e Benê Oliveira, fms
2016-12-01: General House
Bicentenary of the Institute
2016-11-10: Brazil - Province Brasil Centro-Sul
Brasil Centro-Sul launches videos to animate daily activities
One prayer at every impulse!
2016-09-16: France - Province LHermitage
Musical “With you Marcellin”
Converting boys and girls in protagonists of their personal and social story
2016-07-18: General House
23 July 1816
Foundation of the Society of Mary
2016-06-13: General House
Fourvière: the revolution of tenderness
Letter of the Superior General
2016-06-09: Fiji - District Pacific
Marcellin celebrated in the Pacific
Bicentenary of the Marist Brothers was also launched in Suva
2016-05-09: General House
‘Beyond Fourvière… Reflections from Young Marists’
Book released by young members of the Marist Family’s four branches
2016-04-15: Colombia - Province Norandina
Statue of Our Lady of Fourvière travelling from Ecuador to Colombia
Norandina Celebrates the Fourvière Year with Our Lady
2016-02-01: Madagascar - Province Madagascar
Fourvière Year
Encounter of the branches of the Marist family
2016-01-18: Italy
Year Fourvière
Annual Meeting of the General Councils of the Marist Family
2016-01-02: General House
New Video explains four branches of the Marist Family
The Family will celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Fourvière Pledge in July
2015-12-09: General House
Fourvière Song (Maurice Goutagny | Pep Buetas | Alex Blanco)
2015-09-25: Brazil - UMBRASIL - União Marista do Brasil
Fourvière: a colina que reza
2015-09-21: Spain - Conferencia Marista Española - CME
Año Fourvière: Itinerario de peregrinación - Conferencia Marista Española
2015-09-10: General House
Music Fourvière (Maurice Goutagny | Pep Buetas | Alex Blanco)
2015-07-30: General House
Colombia will be the headquarters of the 2017 Chapter
The XXII General Chapter will be celebrated in Rionegro
2015-07-23: Australia - Province Australia
100 members of the Marist Family commemorate Fourvière
Marist Brothers officially begin the ‘Fourvière Year’ on July 23
2015-07-17: General House
Associates for the mission
Fourvière Year - July 23, 2015 – July 23, 2016
2015-07-06: Argentina - Province Cruz del Sur
Marist world: La comunidad marista y los Montagnes en el pueblo de Fraile Pintado de Jujuy
2015-04-24: Australia - Province Australia
Montagne year: Marists and todays Montagne (Br. Harry Prout - Australia)
2015-04-14: General House
The Dance of Mission
‘It’s as if God’s self were a dance of life,’ says Superior General
2015-04-03: Belgium - Province Europe Centre-Ouest / West Central Europe
Montagne Year
Marist meeting in Mouscron
2015-03-10: Canada - Province Brasil Centro-Sul
Les « Montagne » daujourdhui... (F. Gilles Ouimet)
2015-02-18: Spain - Conferencia Marista Española - CME
Marist world: Año Montagne: Itinerario de peregrinación por medio de experiencias (CME)
2015-02-02: Australia - Province Australia
Prayers for the World Day of Consecrated Life
2015-01-21: Spain - Province Ibérica
Video: Bicentenario del Instituto - 2014-15 Año Montagne
2014-12-02: General House
Apostolic Letter to all Consecrated people on the occasion of the Year of Consecrated Life
2014-12-02: General House
Video: 2014-15: Year Montagne
2014-11-27: General House
Video: Montagne: Necesitamos Hermanos
2014-11-25: Vatican
Consecrated Life in the Church of today
Year of Consecrated Life
2014-11-11: Spain
Video: Reflexiones para el Año Montagne
2014-11-07: General House
Video: condivisione su Nairobi e inizio dellAnno Montagne
2014-11-06: Mexico - Province México Occidental
Video: Las Comunidades de Tepic, México, celebran el Año Montagne
2014-11-06: Mexico - Province México Occidental
Marist world: Las Comunidades de Tepic, México Occidental, celebran el Año Montagne
2014-11-04: Spain - Province Ibérica
Video: Inauguracion Año Montagne - Colegio Champagnat Guadalajara, Spain
2014-10-31: Mexico - Province México Central
Marist world: Año Montagne: Colegio Cristóbal Colón de Tepic, Nayarit
2014-10-29: Zimbabwe - Province África Austral / Southern Africa
Montagne Experience - Father Champagnat moved in haste!
2014-10-29: New Zealand - District Pacific
District of the Pacific
Montagne Year
2014-10-28: General House
Video: H. Emili Turú sobre el Bicentenario del Instituto
2014-10-28: Mexico - Province México Central
Marist world: La experiencia Montagne
2014-10-27: Brazil - UMBRASIL - União Marista do Brasil
Video: Bicentenário Marista - UMBRASIL
2014-10-27: Spain
Video Año Montagne
2014-10-03: General House
Bicentennary celebrations of the pledge of Fourvière (1816-2016)
Letter from the Marist family congregational leaders
2014-07-29: General House
2017: Bicentenary of the Institute
Logo chosen for the celebration
2014-05-29: General House
Message of Br Emili Turú, for the feast of Saint Marcellin Champagnat
2017: A new beginning