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Course for formators in Nairobi (2005-2006)

16/12/2005: Kenya - Photo gallery

We begin our journey in our newly formed community to build our future together and to make it alive. At the same time, we are reminded of the aims our Brothers in the Religious Life Commission in Rome, which the three team members have set before us. We strive for the best we can do in the training we are undertaking for Formators. The aims are as follows:
a. Prepare and send out Formators in response to the 20th General Chapters invitation to us to engage in a dynamic process of transformation, refounding and adaptation of the Institute.
b. Each Brother participant will be invited to place his central priority on lighting the fire of passion for Jesus in his life through personal growth, building community and securing useful tools for the task that he will perform as a formator.
We experience the richness of life in our diverse community which consists of sixteen different nationalities. Through prayers, group sessions, community meetings and sports, we share our common ideas, visions and hopes. By doing so, we become open to learn and discern the many directions in which the Spirit is moving us. In other words, we allow ourselves to be transformed by the light we experience in the daily events that give us nourishment especially those moments when we share important things about our life journey and various aspects of our respective cultures.
Our motto, “Building the future together”, offers us many possibilities of integrating new insights grasped day by day and those which are already a part of our personal growth. We see these as good signs indicating the success of the process we are following with the help of our three Brothers in the team and the presenters of the different workshops.
We feel that our growth and strength as a group and as individuals emerge from the activities we do together in the program and the openness we share among ourselves in many things.
We are also aware of the support and the prayers our Brothers in the whole Institute are offering for the success of the course. We thank you all for sharing that brotherly love. There is no doubt that you are with us in spirit as we walk the road in preparation for our future ministries. We place great hope in the work we will be doing as formators. At the same time, we accept the fact that all of us are involved in the work of touching the lives of those people whom we are serving inside the classroom, in administration, the youth, the poor, the sick and those in Formation houses.
We are thankful for the opportunity to widen our horizon in the ministry of formation. We know that we are doing very well in many other areas in our apostolate. However, we are also confronted by the fact that in some Provinces, Districts and Sectors, only few young men show interest in our way of life.
Let us continue to pray that the Lord will inspire the hearts of many young men to join us and so continue living the dream of our Founder Marcellin Champagnat today and in the future.

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