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Profesión perpetua del hermano Jonnel M. Sisneros

27/01/2017: Filipinas

El hermano Jonnel M. Sisneros hizo su profesión perpetua el día 21 de enero en la ciudad de General Santos, Filipinas.

El Superior provincial de Asia del este, hermano Robert Teoh, recibió sus votos en nombre del Superior general, hermano Emili Turú.

Participaron en la celebración eucarística más de 200 personas: hermanos, colaboradores laicos de la misión, miembros de su familia.

El hermano Jonnel M. Sisneros, tercero de cuatro hijos, nació el 24 de junio de 1990 en Monkayo, Filipinas.

Conoció por primera vez a los hermanos maristas en 2006 cuando hacia estudios para graduarse en contabilidad, en la ciudad de Mindanao.

El hermano Jonnel se unió en ese tiempo a los hermanos. Terminó su formación de pre-noviciado en 2008, el noviciado en 2010 y el pos-noviciado en 2013.

Después del pos-noviciado, de 2013 a 2015, enseñó catecismo y matemáticas en la escuela marista de Marikina.

En 2015 y 2016, el hermano Jonnel impartió la enseñanza de educación religiosa en la universidad Notre Dame de Dadiangas.

Antes de hacer su profesión perpetua, hizo un curso de preparación de dos meses en Lomeri, Fiji.

Actualmente, reside en la comunidad de la escuela marista de Marikina, situada en las afueras de Manila.

Abajo puedes leer un relato de la profesión del hermano Jonnel, escrito por el hermano Radny M. Tio.


Take Heart. Towards a New Beginning

The words above suggest no less than the concept of a journey. This journey comes in innumerable forms, revealed to each of us in incredibly unique ways. Each distinct feature is coined differently by individuals.  Some refer to it as perilous and some are hopeful enough to accept it as a gift; but above all, only one thing is for sure, every journey needs a lifetime companion. 

No wonder then why our little Br. Jonnel “Noy-Noy” Sisneros, FMS prized these words and chose them to be the theme for his Perpetual Profession, solemnly committing his whole being to the edifying journey with God in religious life. It was on 21 January 2017 in the Br. James McKnight Auditorium of Notre Dame of Dadiangas University that the Marist Family gathered to take part in this meaningful ceremony.

Fr. Irvin Morastil, OMI, presided the Eucharistic Celebration which started at 9:00 in the morning.  The Provincial Superior of East Asia, Br. Robert Teoh, accepted Br. Jonnel’s vows in behalf of Br. Emili Turu. The Brothers, Lay Marists from different places, members of the Marist Family and the family, relatives and friends of Br. Jonnel have become witnesses to this simple yet very significant step in the new beginning for both for Br. Jonnel and the Institute.

It is indeed very timely for the bicentenary of the Institute to be gifted with another daring soul who commits to keep the spirit of new Marists in mission alive. The congregation’s own two-hundred-year journey, just like any other’s was not an easy one; it wrestled here and there with the different changes brought by idealism, church reformations and millennial paradigms. However, it is more appropriate to veer into the congregation’s response which made it surmount these mounds and humps. 

Br. Peter J. Rodney, FMS, the homilist, reminded the assembly in his reflection about two characteristics of every Marist - courage and love. He said, “Courage is not the absence of fear but the ability to act in the presence of fear… Love, on the other hand, is the opposite of selfishness.” Practically speaking, these are the exact values which Br. Jonnel shows to the Institute when he made his profession publicly. He had courage when he said, "Yes” despite the present and future challenges and he had love when he offered himself totally to the service of the Church. It is an invigorating sign that the Institute will still continue to be victorious in making a history of its own in future generations.

The Profession, therefore, is a true source of joy and celebration for all of us, Marists of Champagnat. Let this joy flow into our veins and fuel us in our journey of taking heart towards a new beginning. May we walk together as one family. May our varied vocations coalesce into one Spirit.  And may the image of a courageous and loving Marist family mark and capture the whole idea of the new beginning.

Bon voyage, Marists!

Br. Radny M. Tio, FMS

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