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03/03/2014: United States


Marist Young Adult Program
                                                                                                 February 2014




Hello Fellow Marists!


Is it just me, or is 2014 flying by? Februarys end is here, and a bit of spring is finally in the air after the intense winter experienced by much of the country. While Ive been complaining about the snow and its frequency, a professor of mine said it best, At least the weather is acting as it should. While it has been intense, winter is supposed to bring cold and snow. But winter will not last forever. Change is natural and a change in season is coming.


School life brings all sorts of things to our lives, as well: papers, projects and tests. With midterms upon us, the semester may be starting to get to us just like a cold, snowy winter. We can just plod ahead or we can take a step back and look at what this season or semester might be teaching us.


There can be a lot of learning that takes place beyond the classroom. It might be worth taking a moment to ask what has changed or grown within you as a result of your school, home and social life this semester. Whats the change happening in your life this winter?


Change is not always easy and our reactions to change matter. If you need to, seek advice from someone whom you can rely upon to help you understand the change that is taking place. You wouldnt ask an English teacher about a Math problem, so ask someone with experience! You can also seek answers and perspectives from scripture and seek more communication with God through prayer.


We cant control change but we can control our reactions to it. How will you react to the change that is present in your life? How can you respond better to similar situations in the future? A new approach can yield new results.


God bless you all, and keep living Marist!


Luis Ramos

Chair, Marist Young Adults Advisory Committee



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If you are reading this newsletter then chances are that youve got Marist yourself but here is an opportunity to spread the Marist message while  helping children in need. The Marist Young Adult Program is selling got marist? shirts to raise funds for the Marist efforts in Jamaica.  To introduce the tee shirt we  are making them available for just $15 until March 15th.  The cost includes shipping and handling.  All shirts are black.  Available sizes are S. M. L, XL and XXL.  Domestic orders only.
To purchase a shirt simply send an email to maristyoungadults@gmail.com   indicating your size , the number of shirts and your mailing address.   Checks made payable to Marist
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Brothers should be sent to:
                Marist Young Adult Program
                PO Box 197
                Esopus, NY  12429




Ready for a change in season?  We may have to wait a few more weeks for spring to come but the liturgical season of Lent begins with Ash Wednesday on March 5th.  There are many Lenten resources available online and, once again, bustehalo.org leads the way with some of the best resources for young adults.  Their showcase resource is their daily calendar, Fast, Pray, Give.  Each day during Lent a link is provided which offers some input for reflection and new and practical ways to undertake the traditional Lenten practices of fasting, praying and almsgiving.  To access Fast, Pray, Give, click on the calendar.  To search Busted Halo for additional Lenten resources, click on the logo above.
Go without your phone to help give clean water to children in need?  That is the challenge being offered by  the UNICEF Tap Project. 


According to UNICEF, 1400 children die from unsafe water or poor sanitation each day.  They challenge you to change that.  For every 10 minutes you dont touch your phone, a sponsor will provide one day of clean water for a child in need.  To take the challenge on your mobile phone, visit uniceftap.org or click on the phone below.  To learn more about the Tap Project and other ways that UNICEF helps kids, click on the logo above.








 Looking for something to do during your spring break?    Thinking ahead to next year?  Consider coming to Esopus and offering your time and talent.  If you are interested, contact Matt Fallon at mfallon03@gmail.com.   



 Take a moment during this year of Marist vocations to find out more about the vocation of a  Marist Brother.  Simply click on the icon above. 




 To obtain a FREE got marist? sticker, email your name, address and cell phone number to smilanfms@aol.com.  Quantities are limited and will be sent on a first come, first served basis.

  Upcoming Events
March 1-15 - got marist? Sticker Contest
March 5 - Ash Wednesday Chat
March 9 - Week 1 - Online Lenten Retreat
March 16 - Week 2 - Online Lenten Retreat
March 21 - Midnight Run - New York, NY
March 23 - Week 3 - Online Lenten Retreat
March 27-30 - MY Encounter/Retreat within a Retreat
March 29 - Retreat outside a Retreat
March 30 - Week 4 - Online Lenten Retreat
April 7 - Week 5 - Online Lenten Retreat
April 14 - Week 6 - Online Lenten Retreat
April 18 - Regional Good Friday Reflection Days
Check out Marist Young Adults on Facebook for specific details and updates.

All chats take place in the chat room at www.MaristYoungAdult.com.
Judi Jean-Leger and Mike Bourie reflect on their call during the February Retreat within a Retreat.
The Marist Young Adult Advisory Committee met via conference call on February 11th. One purpose of the call was to create a new promotional post card...Twelve young adults participated in a Retreat within a Retreat during the February Encounter.  Through music videos, scripture and shared prayer, the group reflected upon their experiences as
Edwin Casimir, Opal Vadhan and Forest Wilson offer their thanks to senior Encounter leader Corinne Crowhurst during shared prayer.
leaders and looked at their call to serve others...Eight Marist Young Adults ventured to Esopus on February 1st to participate in a Retreat outside a Retreat (ROAR).  In addition to offering prayerful support to the Encounterites and leaders, the group looked at their spiritual journey in light of the familiar Encounter themes...Marist Young Adults throughout the country shared Valentines Day cards with patients at the Texas Childrens Hospital...New pictures have been
Kim Luna, Ash Johnson and Aaron Johnson consider a gospel passage during ROAR.
posted in the website photo gallery...Marist Young Adults participated in a social media Throwback Thursday by posting pictures of themselves at past Marist events.

Still looking for more?  Check out the Marist Young Adult Facebook page and follow @maristyadult on Twitter and Instagram for Marist Monday Challenges, inspirational quotes, updates and a few good laughs. And dont forget about the YAP app. available in Apple, Android and Blackberry platforms .






Name:  Catherine Weening
Home Town:  Bayonne, NJ
HS:  Marist HS - Bayonne
College:  Pace University

Interests: Reading (anything,) Writing (just about anything), Eating a Lot (which is totally an interest)

Accomplishments: Marists Class of 2012 Valedictorian, Member of Paces Honors College, self-proclaimed Harry Potter expert

How did you get involved with Marist?

Until my sophomore year I was not very aware what being Marist truly meant until I was picked to attend 2010s Marist Youth Leadership Gathering at Marist College. From then on, I was extremely involved in campus ministry and during my senior year I attended the February 2012 Encounter at Esopus where I was further exposed to the larger Marist family and realized, yet again, how lucky I was to be a part of such an amazing community.

Why are you still involved with the Marist community?

Simply put, I am still involved because I have felt called to stay involved with the Marist community. Im not sure what this calling will ultimately lead to, but I do know that I want to help others discover the Marist spirit and to help them experience the love and acceptance we Marists are called to spread.


Being an active part of the Marist community has become such an important part of my life and I would not be half the person I am without that.

How do you live out your Marist identity today?
On a daily basis I live out my Marist identity by showing love to others through my words and actions. A good attitude and a smile can have a domino effect! I am also a trained Encounter leader and have acted as both a small group leader and a rector at Esopus.

For me, a really important part of being Marist is keeping up with all the connections I have made within the Marist community, which is why spiritual, social, and service-based events are so important for the Marist Young Adult Program.


Do you have a Marist story to share?

Its hard to just pick one! One that stands out in my mind is the first MYA event I ever went to- a Bryant Park picnic in June 2012. I got to meet new people and reconnect with others who I had previously met. Being Marist does not have to mean being in an intensely faith-filled moment every second of every day; it can mean having a relaxing time with others and appreciating the Marist connection.  


For more information about events in New York and New Jersey or to suggest an activity, please contact Catherine at      



myaThe Marist Young Adult Program invites interested young adults to explore further  their Christian faith. Through spiritual, social and service activities, both online and in person, young adults can experience an alive and vibrant faith rooted in the Marist tradition.       

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Website:  www.MaristYoungAdult.com

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