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Floods in the Honiara area


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04/04/2014: Islas Salomón


class=imgshadowThe situation in the Solomons is not good. The floods in the Honiara area are wide spread. Laumanasa is under water about 1to 1and 1/2 m deep. The girls, dormitories at Tenaru are flooded. The road into Tenaru is difficult to negotiate with only large trucks being able to make the journey. The students were evacuated this morning.

The Brothers and postulants at Laumanasa are living in the upstairs part of the main house. The Brothers house at Tenaru is above the water and the Brothers there are providing shelter for others who need it.

There is no power and the phone network is not stable. Please keep the people in the Solomons in your prayers.

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