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Vanuatu Relief Fund MAPS - Marist Solidarity Australia


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18/03/2015: Australia


src= Pam’s destructive force has been felt around the Pacific with severe flooding recorded in Kiribati, Tuvalu and of course the devastating effects it had on Vanuatu. As of the 18th of March, the District of Melanesia Leader and Vanuatuan, Br Jean‐Marie Batick, has been unable to make contact with the Brothers on Espiritu Santo ‐ Br Brendan Sinei from Bougainville; Br Blaise Jai from Papua New Guinea; Br Elie Sangul from Vanuatu; as well as postulant Fereol Melteror from Vanuatu.

The Brothers teach at St Michel Technical College, run the attached boarding house and provide financial and food support for many students who have very little. While we do not know of their current situation, having seen the destruction in Port Vila and elsewhere, we know that the College and the local community will require urgent assistance and/or long‐term rebuilding support.

We have opened a Vanuatu Relief Fund and are appealing to the Marist community to help our neighbours through this catastrophic event. All funds will be specifically designated for the requests to come from the community in the ensuing weeks and months. As we learn more about the situation of the Brothers and their local community we will keep you updated.
To make a donation to the Vanuatu Relief Fund please made a direct deposit to the account below or send a cheque to PO BOX 273, Ashgrove West, QLD 4060. Please note that donations are not tax deductible.

Account Name: MAPS Mission BSB #: 062 000
Account #: 1126 8914
Description: Vanuatu Relief Fund
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