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04/05/2015: United States


April 2015
Dear Fellow Marists,

Its Easter season, a time of new beginnings and rejoicing, which is ironic since this year it also falls during finals season. Not exactly a time of rejoicing for many, and it looks more like a time of endings: end of the semester, end of the school year, and for those graduating, the end of a college career.


Though endings may seem intimidating in the moment (e.g., a paper I have yet to start...), they are also new beginnings in themselves. The end of the school year marks the beginning of summer, and the opportunities it presents. For some that might mean a job, an internship, acts of service, or just a general period of renewal after a semester/year of hard work.


The road to a new beginning isnt always easy. In the days leading up to Pentecost, the disciples felt scared and even hid from the outside world. However, once they received the gift of the Holy Spirit, they were able to go out and spread Christs Word, despite the many obstacles in their way. What kept them going is the promise Christ made to give them that gift and to protect them as they used it.


The many endings and beginnings were facing arent easy, either, no matter where you are in school and in life. This coming month may seem stressful at best and overwhelming at worst. However, each of us has the gifts to make it through, and a community of support behind us-the Marist community!


Good luck and God bless!






Catherine Weening

Co-Chair, Marist Young Adult Advisory Committee



May 8-9 - MSM Senior Retreat  - Esopus (Leaders Needed)
May 22-25 - Marist Youth Leadership Conference
June 4-6  - MYAAC Summer Meeting
June 6-7 - Celebrate Champagnat - Esopus, NY
June 13 - MA Welcome Event
June 26 - NY/NJ Welcome Event - Bryant Park
Other dates for Welcome Events and Service Opportunities will be posted on the website and shared via social media.
A screen shot of the new look of the MYA website.
The big news during the month of April was the well-received launch of the revamped MYA website.  Accolades came from as far away as Africa and Rome.  The easy to navigate new site features more pictures, a FAQ page and a clean look...
And in other news...
Rosie Mulligan and
Luis Ramos lead the
Stations of the Cross
on Good Friday.
A number of  MYAs attended the Triduum at Esopus.  They participated in the Holy Thursday and Good Friday services as well as the Easter Vigil.  The days consisted of quiet reflection, reflective activities and egg decorating.  The MYAs present led the group in the Stations of the Cross, combining traditional prayers with contemporary
Tyler Pereira:
Working hard or hardly working?
music....Although  school schedules prevented MYAs from participating in the LaValla Service Days, several young adults came to Esopus during the month to volunteer their time and talent...The Daily Devos. that began the month gave way to Marist Monday Challenges geared to the Easter season...Special prayers and reflections for Holy Week, Easter and Earth Day were shared via social media...
Thomas Sheil reflects
on the river as a
metaphor for life.
Kevin Macalos, Luis Ramos and Opal Vadhan 
added new blog posts...Announcements, daily prayers and pictures were posted, tweeted, shared or pushed via the MYA app...The MYA Program partnered with Marist College to offer a spring hiking retreat.  Participants hiked the Black Creek 
Preserve while experiencing
Maggie Farag and Adrian Kayanan await the beginning of Taize Prayer.
God in nature and reflecting on the river, mountain and valley as metaphors for their spiritual journey...MYAs joined eighty other members of the Marist family for dinner and Taize Prayer at Marist High School in Bayonne, NJ...And the highlight of the month...
Fr. Frank Dixon baptizes
Luis Fernando Marcellin Ramos III.
MYA Program Co-Chair Luis Ramos received the Sacraments of Initiation of the Catholic Church.  Approximately twenty members of the Marist Family joined the Iona College community and the Ramos family to celebrate Luis and his special day.  Luis chose Marcellin as his Confirmation name.




In This Issue
The new Marist Young Adult website offers a variety of resources to help individuals grow as Marist Christians.  The resources are divided into several areas:  Marist Documents, Marist Websites, Catholic Websites, Service and Vocation resources, Online Prayer and Meditation resources, Catholic News and Articles and General Young Adult Websites.  Here is one resource featured on the MYA site.


Grace Before Meals is centered on one fundamental concept: the simple act of creating and sharing a meal can strengthen all kinds of relationships.
Check out the Recipes 
page for some really great and simple meals for young adults experimenting in the kitchen!




Educate for Change



The home page of the MYA website details the programs I Can Keep Calm... campaign.  One goal of the campaign is to raise awareness and funds for Educate for Change.  To find out more about how EFC helps students in Uganda to continue their education, and to donate to this great cause, click on the image above.


Do you shop on Amazon?  If so, your purchases can also help out EFC.  Visit

Amazon Smile and choose Educate for Change.  Amazon will  donate 0.5% of your purchase to EFC.



Esopus Volunteers


John Varsam and Shaunte Smith prepare for the spring season of the Outdoor Adventure Retreats.


Looking to do some service in Esopus?  To volunteer or to get more information about extended service commitments, contact Matt Fallon at

mfallon03@gmail.com   .



The Marist Brothers  


Novice Brother Jack OSullivan reading and reflecting by the Hudson River.


Interested in learning more about the life and work of the Marist Brothers?  Click on the picture above to visit their website.

The Marist Young Adult Program invites interested young adults to explore further their Christian faith. Through spiritual, social and service activities, both online and in person, young adults can experience an alive and vibrant faith rooted in the Marist tradition.    
Facebook Group:  Marist Young Adult
Twitter and Instagram:  @MaristYAdult



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