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Notre Dame College, Shepparton: Program ‘school of second chances’


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22/06/2015: Australia


“With the highest youth unemployment in Victoria, a ‘school of second chances’ is helping at‐risk teens to get ahead in Shepparton. Teenagers Will Newling and Kacey Charles say they enrolled at the McAuley Champagnat Program (MCP) because other schools were unsuitable after they went through troubled periods in their lives. Now, Will is training to be a landscape gardener and Kacey has her eyes set on teaching. MPC operates in a region with the highest rate of unemployment in the state and the third highest in the nation. According to director Peter Chalkley, it’s a school of ‘second and third and fourth chances’.”

MCP is a program that was established by and is an integral part of Notre Dame College, Shepparton.

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