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Encuentro internacional de jóvenes maristas
15-20 enero

Encuentro internacional de jóvenes maristas<br>15-20 enero



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Estados Unidos: Encuentro de Administradores Provinciales del Arco Norte en Miami

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22 enero

Santos: Vicente, Venerable Hno. Francisco
1881, muere el hermano Francisco, primer Superior general, en el Hermitage
1991 Decreto de la heroicidad de las virtudes del Hermano Alfano Vaser

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18/12/2015: Australia


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Marist Association of St Marcellin Champagnat

It’s ironical that Christmas is often a time of conflict and family breakdown. This isn’t entirely surprising, given the stress that many of us find ourselves under at the end of the year. We rush around trying to complete a whole ‘to-do’ list before 24 December – finishing work tasks, buying gifts, preparing for holidays and festive meals and generally packing in a raft of social events. It’s all too easy to become tired, frustrated and even angry.

Hopefully, we are motivated by a deep and profound sense of gratitude this Christmas Season…for a God who, in his Mercy, gave us a babe to be our inspiration…for a young woman who, with courage and faith, said her ‘yes’ to the unknown…for all those who continue to make the incarnation a reality in our own lives. We are the Magi this Christmas.

Thank you to each one of you for your support and encouragement, faith and hope this year. May you and your loved ones be blessed abundantly this Christmas with the richest gifts of joy, peace and gratitude. Good wishes to all,

Br Peter Carroll

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