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Putting the fun into fundraising at Champagnat Catholic College in Pagewood


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24/06/2016: Australia


Earlier this month, staff and students from Champagnat Catholic College in Pagewood, NSW celebrated the Feast of Saint Marcellin by hosting a solidarity fundraiser, which raised more than $400 for the school community at St Joseph’s College at Mabiri in Bougainville.

Festivities included a competition called the ‘Amazing Race’ with race stages named after a country supported by Australian Marist Solidarity.

Coordinator of Houston house at Champagnat Catholic College, Mr Dorian Kipriotis, said that the Amazing Race included: Marcellin Code Breakers, physical challenges and eating relays. It finished with a seven-team tug-of-war, which was designed by one of the college’s science teachers.

Mr Kipriotis said that he had visited St Joseph’s at Mabiri each year for the past two years and was fully aware how valued Marist Solidarity’s work was to the people in this community.

Congratulations to the school community at Pagewood for putting the fun into fundraising and thank you for your generous support of the Marist Brothers’ work to improve education outcomes in Bougainville.

Please visit our website today, to find out how you can support our development work in Bougainville.

Australian Marist Solidarity

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