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Encuentro internacional de jóvenes maristas
15-20 enero

Encuentro internacional de jóvenes maristas<br>15-20 enero



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Marist spirituality shared and lived in Rwabuye


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19/05/2017: Rep. Dem. del Congo


Marist Apostolic Spirituality was shared on May 1st, 2017. All the staff of Rwabuye Vocational Training Centre, before sharing the festivities of the Labor Day, gathered together. Br. Jean Bosco took the opportunity and presented to them the content of Marist Spirituality. 

“The Christian spiritualite comes from the contemplation and following of Christ. There are different spiritualities. What matters is the following Christ. The ways may be numerous. They are all valid and complementary. They all have the same fundamental identity though with varying intensity: Christian, evangelical, incarnated, paschal, communitarian, universal, marial…”

From the above understand, the participants were introduced to Marist Spirituality which is, simply put, a specificity of Christian spirituality. One may choose to live out Marist Spirituality through vows or by simple sympathy. So, living Marist Spirituality is an essential option, the way of living deeply the Christian spirituality, to follow Christ.

Marist spirituality is filial, fraternal, marial, apostolic and lay. Our spirituality is marial because we learn from Mary the attitudes that nourish our relation with God. We adopt her virtues of humility, discretion, solidarity, family spirit, generosity and devotedness. It is also apostolic because we are sent out on mission to bring about the presence of God among the people. We are apostles of hope and life for the young people and children.

VTC Rwabuye being a training Centre, we give young people the skills that enable them to make the living for themselves and develop. At the heart of our training, is the daily catechism given to the young people from all the walks of life. We present to them the Christ and moral values and the importance of leading Christ centered life. Brief, in whatever length of time we stay with them, we plant in them the seed of being Good Christians and Good citizens. So, the Marist Spirituality is brought to reality with young people in Rwabuye. On the May, 5th, 2017, a group of young people from different refugee camps that shelter people from DR Congo, we awarded the certificates confirming their competences in hairdressing. The staff, sponsors and graduates were happy and optimistic that the future of these ten young people is bright and full of hope. 

It is worth noting that these ten young were trained on the assistance of Marist Brothers: Br. Straton looks for funds to pay their trainer and VTC Rwabuye accommodates them for three months. 

TEN YOUNG PEOPLE CERTIFIED HAIRMAKERS: Horizons are open, the visions are clear!

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