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Marist Camp 2017-2018 Programme


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05/03/2018: Zimbabue


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This year’s Marist Camp programme started on the 27th December-4th January 2018. Each day was filled with activities. There was a lot of creativity from the volunteers.

Marist Camp Zimbabwe, would like to take this opportunity to thank sincerely our Brothers of Canada Province for their continu-ous financial support and for making this year’s camp a success. This Camp could not have been successful without the full sup-port and creativity of our Marist Camp Organizing Committee. Congratulations ladies and gentlemen for your dedication and commitment before and during the camp!!! Well done! Marist Camp is very grateful to Caritas Chinhoyi for donating food items which were used during the Camp. We would like also to thank all the Brothers of the Sector of Zimbabwe who managed to come and assist during this camp to bring joy to the children. We are extremely grateful to our Marist Lay leaders the young men and women who spent a lot of time teaching the campers various activities during the camp and looking after the campers.

A special word of thanks to Daniel and Daniella who travelled all the way from South Africa and came to participate as volunteers during the Camp. Thank you for this act of solidarity and concern to help needy children. Our thanks also goes to the Parks and Wildlife Authority of Zimbabwe who gave us free entry to the picnicking site at lake Chivero. Lastly but not least many thanks to Mr. J. Mukoyi Head of Kutama College for providing us with boarding & recreational facilities, accommodation and the transport to carry the campers and leaders. A special word of thanks to Bro. Ebel Muteveri our Provincial Councillor and Brother James (Sector Bursar) who worked so tirelessly facilitating the bank transfers so that we could timely have funds to run the Camp. May the Good Lord bless you all in abundance. On behalf of Marist Camp Zimbabwe I would like to wish you all a successful and blessed 2018.

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