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First Profession of Vows in Tamontaka


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08/06/2018: Filipinas


An ordinary day made extraordinary

Last May 20, Brothers Dave Becislao and Charles Eduard Palma made their First Profession of Vows, during a Eucharistic Celebration held at the Immaculate Conception Novitiate, Tamontaka (Maguindanao, Philippines).The celebration which commemorated the birthday of St. Marcellin carried the theme; “TO ACT JUSTLY, TO LOVE TENDERLY AND TO WALK HUMBLY WITH YOUR GOD.” (Micah 6:8).

Rev. Fr. Eliseo Mercado OMI, the main presider, began his homily by quoting some important phrases from our Constitutions and Statutes. He addressed the two brothers by saying, “God calls each one of you by name, leads you into the desert and there speaks to your heart. He transforms you and leads you more deeply in his love and sends you out on mission.”

True enough, it is God who called us; not because of our love for Him but because of His love for us.   We who have articulated our "Yes" continue to trust His love by being attentive to His call.  Our Mother Mary taught us, “Do whatever He tells you.”  She is a true mother who leads us to Her Son. Father Champagnat is our model who taught us to be like Mary.

He did not call those who are qualified; He qualifies those whom He called.


Br. Charles Eduard Palma, FMS

From left:  Fr. Danny, OMI, Br. Charles, Fr. Eliseo, OMI, Br. Dave, Fr. Arnold, SM

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