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Matola Noviciate, Mozambique celebrates accumulated birthdays anniversaries!


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23/05/2007: Mozambique


hspace=5Birthdays anniversaries calls for the family celebration. We have a culture here of accumulating celebrations of birthdays. On the 5th May, it was unique as we celebrated the birthdays anniversaries of eight brothers, namely Witman, Reuben, Pisco, Padington, Samson, Tashinga, Antunes and the Master Brother Norbert. As usual everything began with an opening prayer.

David and Tererai animated the entertainment part of the evening which was spiced by poems, brain-teasers, band, story-telling, pop music dancing and compliments with a lot of creativity. It was an a emotional moving evening. The next activity was the cutting of the cake which crowned the occasion as all the celebrants jointly cut it while a chichewa hymn commonly known as, Akhale moyo, was being sang. There was a pandemonium in the hall as as everybody tried to be heard amidst whistling, traditional ululations, handing clapping and body wriggling.

The last but one item was the presentation of birthday gifts to each of the celebrants, After a word from the Master, the ceremony closed with Salve Regina. The gift of life is worthy celebrating and such occasions brings warmth to the community and strengthens family spirit. Bravo the main celebrates. May you live to the years of Abraham.

Simeon Banda, fms

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