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Brother Mario Colussi drills the Second Year Novices


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29/08/2007: Mozambique


hspace=5For three weeks Brother Mario was here at our Matola Noviciate to equip our second year novices with skills that will enable them to be efficient educators in the communities. We have a tradition here that our novices do not have Pastoral experience in the various communities. We attach them to parish communites where they experience contact with youth. Since the noviciate opened here a year ago, Brother Mario has been our constant visiting lecturer. The members of staff suspend their teachings in second year to give him more time to drill the second years in classroom management, how to prepare schemes of work and lesson plan, marking assignments. He uses the book of Saint Mark and presents it in a way that makes our novices feel a high rate apetite of being Marist Educator. He also leading them in the singing practice as you can see in the picture. He leads too Marial prayer using power point presentation with diverse creativity. From time to time he corrects them in pronounciation of difficult English words.
Another day he took us into the Critical Mass media presentation. Bravo Brother Mario for fitting us in your heavy schedule. We are booking you in advance to be our constant visiting lecturers for the groups to come and we always appreciate your great sense of generosity and may Our Good Lord add you more healthy years to display your talents and skills in a more professional way as you did. Thank you for finding us a donor who has enriched our Library. He told us that the same donor has given our noviciate a bit of cash and promises to buy more books for our young men. Thanks former students for being generous to our noviciate. Thank you Mario for arousing interest of former students to have a keen interest in our noviciate. Our prayers will follow you and them. May many people og good will emulate their generosity. God bless.

Simeon Banda, fms.

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