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Teaching Catechism one major occupation of a future Marist


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11/09/2007: Mozambique


hspace=5On the photo there you notice Brother Valia Sabado, a first year novice at Amparo teaching catechism to eager and keen young people. On this day he was teaching the that they can lit CANDLES to one another. What strikes me is the wisdom of Brother Norbert who is behind the success of this work. Imagine on this day he was present in class and he is the one who took the photo while Valia was teaching. If you keen open your eyes a little wider, you will notice the burning candle on a table as a tangible example to help the pupils to come to grips with the lesson.

Champagnat used to accompany the Brothers teaching catechism to the parish hamlets to strengthen them and to instill in them the zeal for christian education. We see here the secret of the elders to instill in the young the secret of supervision, which is to help them how to discipline the class in order to form the pupils hearts and consciences. He once said, Brother you should never lose sight of your pupils, your first duty is to supervise your children to preserve their innocence, and be for your pupils a model of charity, patience, regularity and modesty The novices slways start their classes with a short prayer followed by a hymn. Then comes the time of revising their catechism, and from their answers they try to suppelement or expound them and introduce a new lesson. They always conclude with a short story with a moral lesson drawn from the lives of the saints.

I see that by going back to the book of the life of the Founder and other worthwhile literature left us by our Beloved saint and Founder we can become excellent youth Apostles even today when secularism is in a big competition with religious values and we can win young people for Jesus. Going in pairs as Brother Norbert recommends remind me of the the chichewa proverb which says, Kuyenda awiri simantha., literally meaning that walking in pairs is not because of fear. We can empower and complement one another. Bravo Norbert for being another Champagant to our brothers to be. They will remember this approach and will later multiply it when they will be in your shoes in the future. Saturday is the day dedicated to catechism for our novices here at Matola. William goes with Valia and others go to to a small Basic Christian Community.

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