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Feast Day of St Marcellin Champagnat at St Joseph’s Marist College Rondebosch


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10/07/2008: South Africa


hspace=5Friday 6 June was the Feast Day of our Founder, St Marcellin Champagnat. This year marking the 90th anniversary of the start of St Joseph’s Marist College Rondebosch, we had special celebrations.

1. Holy Mass at St Michael’s Church Rondebosch celebrated by Archbishop Lawrence Henry of CPT. A very pastoral and lovable person he is. When Benedict XVI asked him (in English) privately about his ethnic origins (he didn’t seem to fit into the simplistic white and black categories in the thumbnail history of SA that the Pope had read before seeing all the Southern African Bishops), the Archbishop replied in Italian: Sante Padre, io sono caff’ e latte! One of the old-boys who came to the Mass finished his high school at St Joseph’s in 1933. Now 93 years old, his mind is still as clear as a bell, and he looks like a 70-year old!

2. Then the burial of a time capsule in a 17th-century well discovered on the campus (with messages and souvenirs to be unearthed in 25 years’ time)

3. Followed by the formation of SJMC 90 on the Champagnat Oval at the bottom of the school.

4. Followed by the launch of some 600 blue and gold balloons with good-will messages that flew towards the southern suburbs of the city.

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