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Spain: On going formation for formators of the Province Ibérica in Alcalá

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Saint Paul Miki and his Companions

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2016-02-05: General House
Marist news number 410
2016-02-05: Haiti - Province Canada
Bulletin: Nouvelles en bref - Province du Canada: la mission in Haiti
2016-02-05: Spain - Province Ibérica
Champagnat Movement of the Marist Family
Fraternities Champagnat, Rosey and Saint Fermin Fraternity
2016-02-05: Australia - Province Australia
A Spirity of Mercy - A Marist Lenten Resource (Br. Mark O'Connor)
2016-02-04: United States
Deceased Brother: Edward Breslin
2016-02-04: Vatican
Foto gallery: Consecrated Life in Communion: International Encounter
2016-02-04: General House
“We are present where people have open wounds”
Br Emili participates in a panel on Consecrated Life
2016-02-04: United States - Province United States of America
Deceased Brother: Thomas Lee
2016-02-03: Brazil
Receveid book: A Misericórdia e os Maristas de Champagnat (Brasil Centro-Sul)
2016-02-03: General House
Children in Latin America
FMSI Cono Sur
2016-02-03: South Africa - Province África Austral / Southern Africa
Bulletin: Marist Brothers | Irmãos Maristas - Province of Southern Africa - Província da África Austral
2016-02-03: Canada - Province Canada
Bulletin: Périphéries 2/1 - Province du Canada
2016-02-02: Brazil - Province Brasil Centro-Sul
Marist world: Campanha Defenda-se lança vídeos de autoproteção contra violência sexual em linguagem acessível
2016-02-02: Spain - Province Ibérica
Bulletin: La Asociación Espiral Loranca
2016-02-02: Sri Lanka - Province South Asia
Bulletin: Province of Souty Asia - News and annoucements
2016-02-01: General House
Marists join 5,000 for closure of Year of Consecrated Life
Brothers attend seminars on consecrated life and an audience with Pope Francis
2016-02-01: Canada - Province Canada
Bulletin: Nouvelles en bref - Province du Canada
2016-02-01: Madagascar - Province Madagascar
Fourvière Year
Encounter of the branches of the Marist family
2016-02-01: Australia - Province Australia
Marist world: Year of Consecrated Life - 29 November 2014 to 2 February 2016
2016-01-29: Brazil
Receveid book: Carta sobre a oração (Ir. Basilio Rueda | Ir. Ivo A. Strobino)
2016-01-29: Brazil - Province Brasil Centro-Norte
Debate on vocational ministry
Third vocational Marist school
2016-01-29: Kenya - Marist International Center - MIC
Bulletin: Marist International Centre (MIC) Digest
2016-01-29: Peru - Conferencia América
Preparing the III Continental Encounter of Marista Education
The Americas will further elaborate plan for evangelizing education in April
2016-01-28: Australia
Receveid book: 2016 Oceania Marist Religious Calendar (Oceania Council)
2016-01-28: Brazil
Receveid book: Natureza Viva (Ir. Sebastião Antonio Ferrarini)
2016-01-28: Argentina - Province Cruz del Sur
Raising awareness for the need of child protection
Brothers of Cruz del Sur look at the effects of abuse on victims
2016-01-27: Guatemala - Province América Central
Marist world: Primer Encuentro Nacional de Pastoral Juvenil y Vocacional
2016-01-27: Argentina - Province Cruz del Sur
Bulletin: Abriendo Caminos: 2do número de la Revista de la Provincia Marista Cruz del Sur
2016-01-27: Spain - Province Mediterránea
Bulletin: Hoja Informativa 226
2016-01-27: United States - Province United States of America
Marist world: Kairos Retreats are happening in the Province of the USA
2016-01-27: General House - FMSI
Marist International Solidarity Foundation
FMSI thanks its donors
2016-01-26: Spain - Province Compostela
Deceased Brother: José García López (Prov. Compostela)
2016-01-26: Mexico - Arco Nord
Arco Norte commission meets in Guadalajara
Work tool for March meeting in Quito on its way
2016-01-25: General House
Traveling in religious life
Published book reveals conversation with Br Emili Turú
2016-01-25: General House
Foto gallery: Birthday of Superior General Brother Emili Turú
2016-01-25: Brazil - Province Brasil Centro-Sul
Marist world: Missão Solidária Marista no Brasil Centro-Sul
2016-01-25: Belgium - Province Europe Centre-Ouest / West Central Europe
Deceased Brother: Frédéric (Julien) Pellegrin
2016-01-24: Spain - Province Mediterránea
Deceased Brother: José María Mateo Cumba
2016-01-23: General House
The Institute Celebrates Superior’s Birthday
Superior General turns 61
2016-01-22: Philippines - Province East Asia
East Asia holds Second Province Assembly
65 Brothers and Laity gather from across Asia
2016-01-22: Philippines
Foto gallery: 65 Brothers and Laity gather from across Asia
2016-01-21: General House
Bulletin of the Secretariat of Laity 11
2016-01-21: Guatemala - Province América Central
Marist world: Programa Pueblo de Dios (RTVE) - Insituto Tecnológico K'Itché
2016-01-21: Canada - Province Canada
Marist world: ENFIN UN DISQUE!
2016-01-21: France - Province LHermitage
New Provincial of L’Hermitage due to start in August
Brother Pere Ferré reflects on the paths of the Province
2016-01-21: Australia - Conferencia Oceania
Marist world: Video about the Oceania Brothers Gathering in Brisbane
2016-01-20: Spain - Province LHermitage
Deceased Brother: Julio Galdeano Echávarri (Prov. L'Hermitage)
2016-01-20: Spain - Province Mediterránea
Deceased Brother: Ángel Sáez Ruiz (Prov. Mediterránea)
2016-01-20: Mexico - Province México Central
Brother Basilio Rueda on his way to Sainthood
Diocesan process ends and his canonization cause is passed to the Vatican
2016-01-19: General House
January - March 2016
Calendar of the General Council and Directors of Secretariats

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