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Letters of Marcellin - 061


Br. Marcellin Champagnat

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We can easily imagine what difficulties Brother Théophile might have shared with his superior. From what we know about him (cf. biographical sketch), the teaching profession did not really suit him, because he did not have much education, his health was not very good, and going from tailoring to teaching at the age of twenty-four was certainly not an easy transition.

My very dear Brother Théophile,

Courage, dear friend, everything will improve with time, and besides, God will definitely be our reward. So why worry? Let us act as if we were sure of total success, and give all the honor to Jesus and Mary. You have your troubles, or rather, it would be better to say, you dont have any, and here you are worrying! Nobody is making any remarks to you, so bless God for that.

I like Perret very much; if only we could accept him! I assure you I would gladly receive him; lets wait a bit.

Dear friend, tell Brother Sylvestre how much I love him. I am infinitely grateful to him for all he is doing in Marlhes for the love of God. Pray for me.

A Dieu,


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