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Letters of Marcellin - 089


Br. Marcellin Champagnat

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The copies we have are reproductions of the original written by Fr. Champagnat and duplicated by some lithographic process. They are undated, but in the first volume of Circulars, the text is dated 21st January. This may be the day it was written, not the day it was sent, as we know from the letter of that same date to Bro. Louis-Marie (L. 86). Cf. also Bro. Avit, AA, pp. 209-213.

My very dear brothers,

I ask you, in the sweet names of Jesus and Mary, to receive the Rule which you have wanted for such a long time. I do not intend to oblige you under pain of sin to observe each article in particular; however I will tell you that you will enjoy the peace and consolation of your state in life only to the extent that you are very exact in observing your entire Rule. Fidelity to your rules will guarantee your perseverance and thus assure you of an eternal crown.

Whoever complies with them will find life in them.

I leave you in the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary.


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