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Letters of Marcellin - 195


Br. Marcellin Champagnat

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More than likely, the Founder wrote this note very quickly, to send with the package of items that he had bought in the
capital. That explains the absence of the usual polite phrases.

Paris, 7th June 1838

Be very careful with all the items in the boxes you have received. I do not want Bro. Stanislas to hang the chandelier I sent him. I think it is too beautiful for us, but we will talk about that. As for the pictures, they are very expensive and represent a lot of money; it is important to store them away until we have discussed where to put them.

The Minister wants brothers for St-Pol (Pas de Calais). As you can imagine, I did not hesitate about making a binding promise despite our situation, since the critical condition in which we now find ourselves leaves us no alternative. We will need a certain number of brothers, since St-Pol is a sub-prefecture. I think I will soon know the outcome of all the steps we have taken. All the documents have arrived. Mr. Delebecque told me that the file would go to the Council of State in two or three days. This is a major point, but it is not everything. Mr. Sauzet told me that on the council there are several followers of Voltaire who are alarmed at everything, who see invading church-
men everywhere. It is still completely true to say we are in the hands of Jesus and Mary. Pray to them, dear brothers, that the holy will of God be done and let us try not to want anything but what God wants. Let us leave the question of success in his hands; he knows what we need better than we do.


My best to you, my regards to Frs. Matricon and Besson.

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