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Letters of Marcellin - 232


Br. Marcellin Champagnat

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Despite all our research we have not been able to identify the recipient of this letter, since the second sheet with the address has been cut off. The indication that he was to replace Bro. Jean-Baptiste is not enough to go on. We do not know for sure the latters assignment for the 1837-38 school year, before his departure for St-Pol-sur-Ternoise. From one of the account books we can tell that during this period he made several trips to different schools of the brothers. We can deduce from this that he was acting as a Visitor, but we cannot find any confirmation of that either, anywhere. The same account book gives no indication that any brother made several trips during 1839, so even that weak trail disappears in the sand. Besides, it was not unusual for the Founder to send brothers home to their families to regain their health, although that fact is not generally mentioned. In any event, the lack of a name does not detract from the value of this letter.


Notre Dame de lHermitage, 5th December 1838

My very dear brother,

We have been counting for a long time now on seeing you arrive here. You told me the doctor thought that short trips would be good for your health. We need you badly to fulfill that task. The departure of Bro. Jean-Baptiste for a distant establishment has led us to look in your direction. You have depended on men long enough, dear friend; now depend on the help of Jesus and Mary. I will embrace you, I hope, within a week, knowing as I do your prompt obedience.

My thanks to the doctor who took care of you; my best wishes to your parents, and my respects to your parish priest.

A Dieu, I am all yours in the Sacred Hearts,


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