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Letters of Marcellin - 242


Br. Marcellin Champagnat

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It seems that the question of the group of poor children who had been admitted to our school in Charlieu has not been settled (cf. LL. 219 and 234). Moreover, since the nine-year lease signed in 1829 has not been renewed, the brothers have had to return to the abbey (Annales de Charlieu, AFM 213.8, p. 15). We cannot be totally sure whether the Founder actually made this trip, but we may presume so, judging by the payments made by Bro. Dominique (200 francs for Charlieu) and Bro. Cyprien (100 francs for Semur) on 3rd March (AFM 132.2, p. 111). It was no doubt the Founder who collected this money during his trip, for he certainly did not go just to Charlieu. We still do not know whether things were worked out in Charlieu, for the annals do not mention anything about it. Bro. Louis will visit Charlieu on 5th June (LC, p. 128) and the Founder will go back there again at the end of December on his return from his trip to Vauban (Annales, AFM 213.8, p. 15).

My very dear brother,

I expect to come to see you in a few days. I will discuss with you what would be the best thing to do. Meanwhile, you and your fellow-worker do everything you possibly can. Mary our common Mother will not refuse you her help if you ask for it with confidence and perseverance.

I am delighted, dear Brother Dominique, to learn that you have many children.

I will bring you a watch. I dont know which is the one you gave me during the vacation.

Give your fellow-worker a lot of encouragement. Give Brother Andéol my very best wishes.

Things are going fairly well at the Hermitage. We already have a number of sick brothers who have come from the establishments. Let us all pray together for them so that God will help them to make holy use of their condition.

A Dieu, dear Dominique. May Jesus and Mary be with you.

I have the honor to be your most humble servant.

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