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Letters of Marcellin - 248


Br. Marcellin Champagnat

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This letter, like LL. 244 and 247, is evidently a reply to one of those letters which a brother had to send to the superior every four months (Règle, VII, 2). As for his brother, who was expected to enter the novitiate at the Hermitage at any moment, according to the registers we have he never came.

23rd March 1839

My very dear brother,

May Jesus and Mary always be the sum-total of your resources. They are well acquainted with your name and your needs. None the less, do not stop telling them about them, nor counting on their powerful help. I grant you permission to receive Holy Communion on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, as before. I also grant you permission to use all the objects placed at your disposition.

Your brother has not yet entered the novitiate but we expect him any day now.

You should have no doubt how much I wish that God will bless you and everything you do, and that because of you he will bless the establishment where you are and all the brothers with you.

Pray for the prosperity of the mission in Polynesia and unite yourself with those who pray for the same intention.

I have the honor to be all yours in the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary,


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