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Remembering Chris Mannion, Marist Brother (1951-1994)


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Chris Mannion / Joseph Rushgajiki

This small booklet captures something of Chris Mannions spirit. It contains excerpts fro his writings as well as fro a number of letters of tribute that have poured in since his untimely death on July 1, 1994.

Each of us knew Chris in a diff way. For Terry Harry Catherine and A nne Marie he was a member of the family- their son and bro the same was true for the Awas - his adopted family in the Cameroon.

Chris was also a brother - in a very real way- to his Marist Bro and the wider Marist Family. To others he was a friend, a teacher, a listening ear, a Novice Master, a fellow teammate, a Provincial or General Councillor.

Always, though, in the midst of the many roles he had in life, Christopher Mannion was Chris. His untimely death has caused all of us to pause and consider who he was fo us and what he meant in our lives. In the short time that he and I served together in the General Administration I grew in aff for him and came to value his love fo his Bro and his insight and capacity fo hard work. Chris was a man of fiery passion, simple courage, deep spirituality. Now that he is gone, I know that I, for one, wil miss him very much.

As you read through these pages I hope that youll find something of the Chris Mannion that we knew; the one who lives on and always will. We were blessed to have him fo the time we did; now that he is gone, hed want us to remember him as full of life- living with passion and commitment.

In this booklet Chris writes, No matter what the future holds I have had a life of great breadth, experience and richness. Chris, my dear bro we are all grateful for having been part of that life - knowing you have been a gift beyond measure.

And now the time has come to let you go to the Fullness of Life- pressed down, full measure, running over. May you rest in Gods everlasting peace.

Bro Benito Arbues FMS Superior General, 1993-2001

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