The organs of the International Marist Network of Institutions of Higher Education are the following:

  1. The Council.
  2. The Executive Committee of the Council.
  3. The working groups.

The Council is the driving organ of the International Marist Network of Institutions of Higher Education and is composed of the  rectors  of each of the IHE members or a designated representative.

The  functions of the Council are:

  1. To identify areas of opportunity for the reciprocal working and reinforcement of the institutions  composing the Network.
  2. To maintain a permanent communication point with the General Council of the Marist Institute, to attend to specific questions that assist the same in the carrying out of their major objectives.
  3. To propose the agenda of priorities for the inter-institutional work of the Network, including the discussion of strategic topics of Higher Education and revision of the proper Statutes.
  4. To appoint the Executive Committee at each meeting.
  5. To define the advantage and opportunity of creating inter-institutional working groups, in the light of needs detected during the work meetings of the Council.

The Executive Committee of the Council is composed of :

  1. A Co-ordinator,
  2. A Secretary, and
  3.  Three Councillors (members).

The functions of the Executive Committee of the Council are:

  1. To follow up on the resolutions of the Council, and
  2. To co/ordinate the preparation and the  realization of the meetings of the Council.

The creation of working groups will be decided by the Council. Such groups will be composed of:

  1. Members of the IHE, in accordance with the availability of human resources with the profile required for the tasks to be performed.
  2. A co-ordinator, elected from the members of each working group, whose functions are:
      a- To convoke the group to the collective work.
      b- To follow up on the agreements made.
      c- To inform the Executive Committee of the Council on the progress of the work assigned.
  3. A secretary who will support the co-ordinator in his functions, specifically in keeping a book of the minutes of each meeting and the communications which are received.

The working groups have an operational term fixed by the time required for the accomplishment of the objectives which required their creation.

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