Higher Education with the charism of Marcellin


The International Marist Network of Institutions of Higher Education is a weave of works of the Shared Mission of brothers and lay persons which operate in various Provinces of the Marist Institute. Each IHE is a node of the network, with drives that are multidirectional in its inter-institutional communication, and unidirectional in relationship with a co-ordinating node for specific tasks and functions collectively agreed upon.

The Marist charism, poured out on the Church by the Holy Spirit through Saint Marcellin Champagnat, shapes our desires, being, and occupations in such a way that we know we possess a clear, valuable and particular educational proposal.

Executive Committee

Brother Manuir Mentges, Pro-rector of Graduate and Continuing Education of the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS), president and member of the Committee - representative of Portuguese speaking; Brother David Hall, dean of the Catholic University of Australia, representative of the English language; Br. Roberto Mendez Lopés, rector of the Marist University of Querétaro, representative of the Spanish language.

Peru 2019

VIII Assembly of the Marist International Network of Higher Education took place in Lima, Peru. With the theme of building bridges in a fragmented world, the assembly aimed to strengthen the reflections and dialogue between the different Marist actions of higher education on the five continents (Read more)

Our history

* VII meeting - 2019
* VII meeting - 2016
United States
* VI meeting - 2014
* V meeting - 2012
* IV meeting - 2010
* III meeting - 2008
Spain * II meeting - 2006
* I meeting - 2004

Instituto Superior Marista

Buenos Aires - Argentina

El ISMA es un Instituto de Nivel Superior que abre sus puertas el 12 de abril de 1971 como respuesta a una necesidad de la comunidad. Nuestro Ideario Educativo se fundamenta en una visión integral de la educación, que busca conscientemente comunicar valores. Utilizamos una metodología pedagógica peculiar que Champagnat y los primeros maristas iniciaron y que era innovadora en muchos aspectos. (Read more)

Instituto Superior Marista

Marist Polytechnic Nigeria

Enugu - Nigeria

(Read more)

Marist Polytechnic Nigeria

Notre Dame of Marbel University

Korodonal City, South Cotabato - Philippines

Philippines (Read more)

Notre Dame of Marbel University