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Our Lady of Mercy
1836: Saint Marcellin and the first Marist Fathers professed their religious vows

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23/09/2014: Kenya
II Marist International Mission Assembly
Opening party of the II MIMA: Wednesday, September 17th
(FMS Champagnat) The grand opening party IIAIMM started by summoning all the participants of the Assembly with the African drum rhythms. The road to the party is accompanied by the movement of the whole body.
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23/09/2014: Kenya
II Marist International Mission Assembly
Tuesday, September 16th: Karibu Party
(FMS Champagnat) The morning of the second day was spent in an atmosphere of tranquility. The central commission devoted hours in finalizing every detail.
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23/09/2014: Argentina
Fraternities 2017: A new birth
National Meeting of Marist
22/09/2014: Brazil
Searching together for a greater vitality of the charism
Third meeting of the American Sub-commission of the Laity
20/09/2014: Cuba
Who does not live to serve, is of no use for living
Leadership School in Cienfuegos
19/09/2014: Brazil
Human Rights and Education
The diocesan Marist college hosts a debate on Human Rights in the field of education
19/09/2014: Italy
A new form of being brother
French language Third Age Course
17/09/2014: Brazil
The Marists in Amazonia: inculturated mission in favour of life
III Marist Pan-Amazon Meeting
17/09/2014: Mozambique
Novitiate of Matola
Workshop on Child rights
16/09/2014: Kenya
II Marist International Mission Assembly
A preview of the overall program
16/09/2014: Spain
Marist Provinces with a presence in Spain
Slogan for 2014-15: Opening doors
15/09/2014: Australia
New Models of Animation, Governance and Management
Oceania Meeting, August 2014
15/09/2014: Kenya
II Marist International Mission Assembly
Arrival in Nairobi of most of the participants
15/09/2014: Angola
60th Jubilee Celebrations
Festival involving three Marist Schools and Communities