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News about the II Marist International Mission Assembly


The country holds its II Marist Mission Assembly


Marists of Paraguay met in Coronel Oviedo to reflect on a previous international meeting held in Nairobi which aimed at encouraging Institute members to be missionaries in their own countries.

This assembly did not intend to repeat moments lived in Nairobi, but rather to take advantage of the encounter to analize ‘Voices of Fire’ – the final message of the II Marist International Mission Assembly,” read a statement released to the general house in Rome. 

“Above all, we have taken up the challenge to bring to our region the perceptions that were discovered in Nairobi,” added Mirian García and brother Rubén Velázquez, who wrote the statement. 

The Paraguayans met on May 23 in a Marist house of the city.

“The testimonies shared by brothers and laity in new scenarios have inspired and challenged our dreams and allowed us to see the real opportunities that we have to continue to give answers to the insistent call of the General Chapter to ‘Go to a New Land’,” they remarked. 

“Joy remains in us for having shared a family gathering, as signs of life and fruitfulness of the charism,” they stated. 

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